19 Yr Old College Student Actively Seeking The Perfect Butt - Miami, FL

I told myself I wasn't going to do this review,...

I told myself I wasn't going to do this review, but I've changed my mind due to the need to vent. Hopefully my experience can help someone else out there looking for a better bum have an easier path than I am. I've always had an issue with my butt. Not a major self esteem issue because I'm definitely not the type lacking in confidence. I have never been the stick thin girl, but I've also never aspired to be. I have decent sized boobs, recently lost most of the stomach I had leaving me with just a slight little pooch, and big thighs which I've always loved. I'm about average height standing at 5'6 and currently 148 lbs ( I think). I'm black and white so growing up around my white friends because of racial stereotypes I was supposed to have a butt right? It didn't help that I was also often mistaken for hispanic and latina women are known for their curves too right? *rolls eyes*. Anyways I had decided I was going to Spectrum Aesthetics with my school refund money cause why not? Turns out that would have been a HUGE mistake. Long story short they are wayyy too wishy washy and hard to get in touch with to be trusting with thousands of dollars in advance. I finally came across Dr. Blinski and I just KNEW that's who was going to do my surgery. I mean seriously the man does amazing work. His price was $6200 and that was higher than before but it was worth it to me. I've just been waiting for school to start so I could get my refund and secure my date of next summer with a $900 deposit. They advertised that the $6200 price would be going up after the end of December. You could imagine my shock today when I went to look at all the before and after photos and I stumble across a post saying after SEPTEMBER 1st their price will be going up to $7,900. Man I was devastated. I won't have my money until the week after. So here I am..back to square one. Looking for a new doctor. Oh, joy.

Some before pics

So I used to weigh about 10-20 lbs more. Mostly in my midsection. I went to bootcamp last summer and haven't put the weight back on since. So here's the plan: I leave to go back to school in a few days. I don't want to be unnecessarily fat for two semesters, so since I won't be doing the procedure until NEXT summer I'm going to get in shape again. Then a few months before I'll gain all this weight back and then a little more so I can be bootylicious ???? this time next year I'll be killin it in this onesie ????????????????

Quick little update

First things first I was lying to myself about my weight. Turns out my scale was being nice and subtracting an extra 5 lbs. I actually weigh 157 right now lol. So I called Blinsky's office and worked something out with them so it's looking like I'll be going with him after all! Fingers crossed. I should be putting a deposit down tomorrow.
These are the pictures I sent to his office

Wish pics (;


Anybody know what happened to dr Blinski's Instagram page? It's like it's gone.

I didn't give up!

Plan revisited and revised. Instead of rushing things, I'm going to give myself a more reasonable amount of time to save money and plan. I think I'm going to go with Dr. fisher in Miami. He's done some great work, the price is reasonable, and my amazing boyfriend has even agreed to help me pay for it. I'm going to consider this procedure a graduation present to myself seeing as my expected graduation date is spring 2019. I can't wait!
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