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Hi im a 19 yr old female. 5'4" 200 lbs. I want the...

Hi im a 19 yr old female. 5'4" 200 lbs. I want the Brazilian butt lift procedure. I want too get rid of my "tire" and "lumpy butt". A tire is a ring of fat around your mid section, such as love handles and belly. And a lumpy butt is a confused butt that's not round. Lol sad life. The way i got this unflattering figure is by 19 yrs of parents and grandparents force feeding junk/soul/fast food. And entire summer breaks of playing my play station. My senior yr of high school i tried excersize n becoming a vegetarian it worked fine. I lost a ton of weight. But i still aint have the booty i thought i had. lol.
So now i want to start my journey to big jiggly booty land. I researched common doctors on rs like fisher, mendietta, cortez, The DR, perry, and salzhauer. But i narrowed down on the most reasonable doc. Which is dr perry and dr salz aka dr. Miami. I'm trying to get in touch with both wish me luck.
I would love for their vets to give me advice on traveling for the procedure, supplies, time off from work, payments, etc

dr. miami

Soo i got in contact with dr. Salz office. I was told the bbl cost is $7,000 and extra areas of lipo cost $750. Since my height and weight is 5.4 200lbs i am over the bmi that he wants. so i was told to weight 185lbs. Sad life. Lol.
Like most Americans we have a new yrs resolution of weight loss. I basically failed my resolution. Which means i am forced to get healthy if i want the procedure.
Soo im going to start by drinking green smoothies i use them as meal replacements. I drink it through out my morning, surprisingly i have no cravings for vending machine junk. my recipe is 2 cups spinach, 1 banana, 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup of grapes, 1 cup of steal cut oats, 1 cup of apple cider. To make it sweet.
Wish me luck

dr. Perry

So i received my written quote from dr. Perry. Which was 9600. He says i have good skin which will retract after the lipo. I was shocked he didn't tell me to lose any weight. I also talked to nana on the phone. She told me that i can massage myself after surgery, there is no nurse to help on the first day. She recommend that i bring a friend to help for the first day To supervise and make sure i dont pass out. Nana was very nice on the phone.

salama vs perry

Im soooo confused. I love the way both doctor paitents turn out ????. But salama has mixed reviews which bothers me. And dr perry reviews are all perfect. Salama is less money anyway.. idk help any suggestion ladies help!

Dr. Osak Omulepu

Sooo i just made my deposit and booked my date for dec 14. ?????
Im waiting for vivian to send my contract thru email. My 34 bmi is good. But ima still loose weight.. she say i have to stay for 5 days.


Im not over packing/wasting money???? so I'm bringing only items that i was told to bring.
Maxi dress????
Slip on shoes????
Antibacteria soap????
Arnica gel/pills
Gauze / maxi pads
Toiletries/ tooth brush/female urinal ????
foam roller instead of boppy pillow
pick up prescription in florida ????????????

is dr omulepu board certified surgeon? help

Is dr omulepu a board certified surgeo . I cant find his name on thd website. Help.


Hey. My job is having a red cross event, so i took advantage. I wanted to know how my iron levels are. They pricked my right hand (that shit hurt!) My iron level was at 12.5. Which wasn't high enough. So i had a choice to try my left hand, my results were 13. So that was good and i gave my blood. I actually don't know the level my iron should be for surgery.

No negitive comments pls

Lol this is how my body looks. I have a big gut that hangs a little. But it can be camouflaged by sucking it in and a good outfit. I have extreme back fat and love handles. You can see how much fat i have in the pic where I'm grabbing it. Also im getting my hump back removed (Extra fat on back of neck). Hard to take pic of hump back.
Also i keep trying to contact my coordinator vivian at spectrum. But i never get a reply. I got approved for medical financing no paitent left behind. But they say dr omulepu doesn't accept that loan.
I can pay the procedure off with my own cash. But i didn't want to penny pinch and i know there will be unexpected cost. So that's why i wanted the loan for $2500...

Also my procedure is right after my college finals. Which is my dads birthday. He constantly tells me to take a vacay. But idk how ima tell this fool im going on a vacay to miami to get a bbl. Ugh. My boyfriend keep trying to secretly tell my mom about the bbl. One time she got the hint and told me. Dont do it your fine the way you are. My grandma is fascinated by all the fake butts on reality tv lol. And she told me i should get a butt. My grandad will make me the laughing stock of my family. I told my sister. She was supportive but i can tell she was creeped out.
so I'm really thinking about writing my parents a letter about where I'm going. Give my sister my location dr name and recovery house number.
Wish me luck

Switching to Ghurani

Soooo. Im switching to rami ghurani... i like the butts he gives. And the natural looking lipo. I seen some of his reviews. But their from last year. No new ones. It cost $7,999. Im salty ima have to switch the date tho. He doesn't work on Monday's. Also ima have to lose 20lbs to be 180lbs. Which its fine with me cuz my fat it's covering my beautiful collar bone which i haven't seen since high school vegetarian days. Also im scared ima have to take more than a week off work. . Like can i just tell them i want one week of vacation withh pay. Then 1 week of no work no pay? Idk who to ask at my job about that? Idk.

No patient left behind

I'm so salty. I just got declined for the medical financing. First time I applied I got accepted. Then let it expire. Now I resubmitted the application they declined me. Wtf arg!


Soo I feel completely defeated about this bbl. My boyfriend thinks my priorities are fucked up. I found out I Gotta pay for school out of pocket, I have to use my bbl money for a education... smh. Also I have to find a new place cuz I can't stand living with nasty roommates. And I don't want to recover around this messy roommate. I don't have time for that tf. Ugh. I just wanted this bbl before my 21st bday in march so I could turn up in a skin tight sexy outfit. Instead I'll be a lumpy space princess (fin & jake)

So my school will be done May 2016. Seems sooo far away. Ugh. It will give me more time to save n pick a doctor. Mcadoo patients have been coming out beautiful. Or I could be thirsty and get my bbl during spring break. But Miami will be packed during that time, and I won't be able to sit for class after the bbl.
Also I will exercise like crazy to get a good body first before the bbl instead of starving myself. I guess I Gotta take the good with the bad.
I'll still be lurking on here. But this will be my last update till I'm ready for bbl

Medical tourism to Dominican Republic

Hey I decided that I will get my money worth if I go to the DR and get bbl tt full liposculpture to waist flanks ABS back and armpit area. Thinking about adding thighs. I know if I goto Miami ima have loose skin. So tt it is. I'm still in the process of saving. So I'm hoping to go on vacay around the end of summer towards Thanksgiving, we will see. I really want to be a cabrall doll but he has alot of fees that's not included. I'm set on almonte cuz she has all inclusive package which is easy for a newbie
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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