19 Year old Rodriguez Pena Doll May 5th 2016❗️❗️❗️❗️ - Miami, FL

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So I've been on this site for quite a while now...

So I've been on this site for quite a while now and from everyone's reviews I decided to go to Hasan at Vanity. My mom went to him last year and she's got great results. I go and put down my down payment of $1,500 on Friday and also get my consultation. I'm overweight for my height (5'1, 174lbs) so I was told to lose 20lbs.

Desperately need to lose weight ??????

Anybody know any diet supplements, foods , remedies that can help me lose 15 pounds in 50 days ???????? All you vets out there somebody has to know.

Confused ...

So I called Vanity today and spoke to Jenny she told me Hasan wasn't there today and won't be for the rest of the week . But his assistant will be able to meet with me on Friday ????smh idk how to feel about that his assistant won't be doing my procedure so she really isn't who I wanna see. But as long as Hassan gets to evaluate me sometime next month I won't be so crabby. Starting to have second thoughts about this place .

Switched to Dr.Cabral

So after a couple days I was able to get in contact with Dr. Cabral he quoted me for 3800 for the lipo and bbl and I booked the date April 4th 2016. I'll be booking my flight tomorrow and I've already reserved my room at the Recovery house.

DR here I come.

So I confirmed everything with Dr Cabral. My Sx date is on the 5th of April now and I booked my flight for April 4th-April 14th and I'll be staying at Maria's recovery house. Now just looking for a buddy kinda didn't wanna go by myself. I'm just very excited I'm ready for Cabral to snatch this waist hunny lol . I want the miracle watts or lira galore look so bad

I love my best friend ??

So my best friend was so committed to going to Hasan but I finally talked her into coming to DR with me. Yes yes yes so she's looking into going to Cabral, Duran , yily or Molina . So I've been helping her get a quote for like 2 days I don't think they're there on the weekends. So better hope for tomorrow. I want to start buying supplies but I'm not sure where to start

60 days until I become a Cabral barbieeeee????????

Okay so I'm counting down the days and I have so many questions still.... Like do do Cabral patients have to bring someone along to stay the night with them after surgery ? Because I know yily says you have to or you must pay $50 extra to have one of the nurses there...

Hey dolls

Still counting down the days I have 57 to go (sigh) lol just ordered my booty buddy I purchased some of the vitamins listed in the email Cabral sent me most of the medicines have to be prescribed. But my friend is letting me buy some percocets off her lol so as far as pain medicine I'll be sleeping like a baby

Where are you Barbie staying in DR ?

I booked my recovery at Maria's recovery home. She had the best deal going on. Any of you gonna be there in April. With this experience I'd love to meet new people.


I'm so obsessed with cabrals work. Like how long do you guys think is long enough to stay down there ? I see girls come back after like 6 days???? I booked my flight for 10 days but I think I might extend it. It's 12:50am I'm up looking at asses lol . Cabral told me to come a day before to do my labs. So as soon as I land basically I have to go over there because I have my sx. Next day. How long did you guys wait before you started working out ? Or maybe even got a tattoo ? I really want to get my back finished ... Some people say wait ATLEAST 6mos post op.


So I've gotten some things already medicine wise and my booty buddy also came today. I'm looking to buy garments now . I love shopping online so it's kinda fun but I'm just so indecisive. I seen some nice garments on Amazon and beauty bella vita

More supplies

I ordered my lipo foam and creams a female urinal ,etc I had a question about the tourist card I see a lot of people getting . Is it really important when going to DR ?


So how long does the swelling really take to go down ? I'm getting sx on April 5th and I might have to go to Jamaica around Memorial Day but I refuse to go if I'm still in pain lol. My grandma turned 107 last week and my dad is taking me to visit her (like every year) anyways I wanted to be in a nice 2 piece on the beach ????????

Stressed out

So I have like a month until my surgery and I'm sad cause I found out my hemo is only 10.9 and idk how the hell I can raise it to atleast a high 13 because I'm getting extra areas lipo'd so I can't have the lowest which is 12. Might have to push my date back and I know he booked like crazy he's probably already full for the month of April and May . I just wanna cry

Might need a surgery buddy

Hey are any of you barbies staying at Maria's RH any Time in April? More preferably the beginning of April? Thinking of either pushing my date back . But I most likely won't if my hemo is high enough.

Bye Negative bitches

Please keep your negative and unsupportive comments to yourself I get enough of that from my family as it is. I don't wanna hear that shit my mind is made up . Don't come at me with it unless you Tryna catch these hands. SIMPLE. almost every surgeon I can look up has a death or two .

Hemo update

So ladies I just couldn't wait to share this with you but I know you read I check my hemo last week Tuesday and sadly it was 10.9 I checked it today it was 11.9 . Omg I was so happy . I haven't had to drink beet juice or anything lol. I just ate 4oz of medium rare steak once a day. And I've been taking my iron pills 3 times a day and my folic acid , blood builder , b12 and calcium pills only once day but instead of water I've been taking it with orange juice lol. Like y'all don't understand how depressed I was thinking I had to postpone my surgery , but yeah anybody having trouble raising your hemo . RED meat helps a lot . I don't eat pork so beef is what I eat EVERYDAY

Switch doctors lol

So I switched from Cabral to Rodriguez simply because since I just decided to to get this surgery in January I haven't been able to save so much because I aslo just bought a new car . I've been hearing plenty about cabral both bad and good but his results are completely the best but Rodriguez has been delivering lately and his quote includes everything except a RH . He quoted me 3600 for arm inner thigh full back and full stomach lipo with BBL . and fat also in hips as well. And I think chin lipo. While cabral quoted me 4800 for all that . Rodriguez also writes back next day or same day so that was a plus . I didn't wanna go by myself so I pushed my date to May just so my bestfriend can come. Does anybody know how I can contact dr Rodriguez assistant so I can send her my deposit to lock in my date ? Nobody speaks English when I call his office phone.

Been gone for a while

Hey for any ladies that have been following my page yes I got surgery I am now 3months post op I'm never really on this thing but I ended up going to Rodriguez Pena in DR in May . I got lipo and BBL if you want to see pictures and my full review etc my name is Mayablicious1 on IG. I have a review on marias RH and just my whole experience period with pre op and post op pics. I'm currently planning my round 2 for November I'll be going to Colombia for breast work and more lipo . My current measurements are 34-27.5-47 feel free to contact me on IG to see more recent updates love you dolls
Miami Physician

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