19 Years Old One Daughter (4) 5'2 137lbs - Miami, FL

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Hello today I did my consult with dr Ortega he's...

Hello today I did my consult with dr Ortega he's so nice and I'm excited to under go my procedure I smoke so I have to wait 4 week until I'll be able to get surgery I already have my date oct.24,2016 I'm superrrr excited hope all goes well I smoke a lot but I am going to stop today sept.20,2016 they told me it has to be 4weeks no smoking if you have been smokin thru can keep the deposit that sucks lol but I'm game

Got cleared by urgent care to get my surgery and went down to lab corp yesterday as well

I got my testing done I have 23 days until surgery ????????????????????????????

I'm officially an ORTEGA DOLL

The people at spectrum aesthetic are sooooo lovely I love my ending results any questions just ask I just got surgery yesterday

Could've been better

I wanted to feel really snatched it's been 11days post op but I really only feel a slight difference idk maybe it's the swelling but I had a nice body before I was expecting a noticeable difference I don't I have to ask my sisters do they think it look good I mean it's ok but I just feel like he gave me a body I give myself in photos u know when u suck Your stomach in and poke ur butt out when ur posing lol but I wanted a tiny waist and bubble but I have a nice butt but I honestly wanted him to be more aggressive when taking out my fat I think I may wanna do a revision in 2017 im not disappointed but I'm not totally satisfied could have been much better

These are some extra pics


I really feel like I should've just saved my money I barelyy notice anything I really think I still look the same even my friends say it's not a big difference compared to the girls they post on Instagram I really hate that I wasted my money I wanted a very curvey shape tiny waist n bubble butt I don't think I have either I really have to pose to make my butt appear to be bigger I went thru all this pain for nothing ???????????????????????????????????? please don't say I look great because this is kinda how I looked before there's really no difference

I'll upload before pics so u guys can see

All of these are before
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He super nice and sweet and blunt

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