Switched to Dr.Ghurani from Dr.Fisher (:

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Searching for a doctor has been tough! I've went...

Searching for a doctor has been tough! I've went from dr.miami to dr.yily in Dominican Republic and to dr.walkrisrobles. But now I stumble upon Dr.fisher in Miami, I love love love his work and he is affordable, his prices aren't stressing me out. Now some of his patients have a wonderful shape after the surgery, and others have kind of flat butt, its big but it's not fully rounded lol it looks like they sat on it. I'm waiting from a call or email back from his office for a quote, I went to his website and gave them my cell number and email on Saturday night and tomorrow's Monday hopefully I'll here back from them soon. Here are some wish pics

Soon to be FisherDoll

I'm so excited! I talked to my patient coordinator from Vanity (shari) today and she's amazing, she's very friendly she answered all my questions. This morning I called her back (i missed her phone call yesterday) and she greeted me and sent me an email telling me to send in my pictures and to fill out some general information. I did all of it and she called back in about 2.5hrs, she let me know that my wish pictures are realistic and it should be no problem to reach my goal. she went over my problem areas, then quoted me $5,500 for a bbl. for the date August 12th or the 15th i need to make an $1,000 deposit, which i'll be doing tomorrow morning. she also quoted me $1500 to stay in vanity recovery clinic for 7 days 6 nights and that includes everything. i did research and i won't be going to vanity after surgery.

Dr.Jonathan Fisher is board certified.

While I was doing research on him I came across a lot of different pictures of him being certified

About me !

I am 19 almost 20. I feel like it's time for me to do something for myself and my self confidence. I've always thought about this surgery since I was a junior in high school! I started doing lite research and recently I told myself it was time for me to find a doctor. After high school my highest weight was 175 and so I started exercising and eating healthy I went down to 155 and now I'm down to 150. I plan on losing 5lbs just because the summer is coming up and I don't want to be any bigger. But Shari from vanity said I needed to gain 10 which is no big deal I gain weight easily. I really want a more feminine body, I'm built up just like my dad tiny legs no booty and a bigger top half. I hard to go shopping even after I lost the weight because nothing helps compliment me. So now here I am choosing dr.fisher about to get ready to go make that deposit and get my surgery date !

Future FisherDoll (: August 12th 2016

Super super excited ! But I have a question, I take CLA (it was helping me lose 10lbs) but now it's helping me maintain my weight, should I stop taking it now or should I stop taking it towards June? I think it told me in the instructions when to stop taking supplements lol I'm going to read it again. Buuuut I wonder if I can still workout LIGHTLY ? because when I don't workout I get cranky and I feel sluggish ! I need to be active

Nothing's really happening

Nothing is really happening right now, I'm just doing research on stuff I need to buy for my surgery. And dolls that are on here you guys can also follow me on SX account on Instagram I'm more active on that!
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