18 Year Old BBL After Weight Loss - Miami, FL

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Hey lovelies ! I wasn't sure if I was going to...

Hey lovelies ! I wasn't sure if I was going to post a review here because i was scared of anyone recognizing me hahaha! But I thought if it can help when person then I'm satisfied! I'm an 18 year old ( yes I know what you're thinking, WHYY YOURE SO YOUNG ), well I have lost a total of 90lbs (so far) and I wanted to treat myself for my accomplishment since my ass disappeared completely after the weight loss. I did gain some confidence from the weight loss but at the same time I feel like a brick wall. That being said , if you don't agree on an 18 year old getting a BBL , then simply ignore this review :). I'm Paying for this all on my own as well! I have worked hard to change my life and this is just the beginning! Stay tuned lovelies!


Hey lovelies ! So I'm scheduled for the 27th of January and my birthday is the 26th so I'm getting the best birthday present ever!! Hahaha, anyways I was just gonna talk about the payment process with vanity , I'm not a big fan. You basically deposit money into their Bank of America account and then call them and let them know or send them a picture of the receipt, anyone who has dealt with vanity had an issue or is it ok? Let me know ! - xoxo

Pre op pics

Hey lovelies ! I finally gained the confidence to post some before pictures ... It's a little scary to think a bunch of people are about to see my naked body haha. Anyways , this is the body that I worked hard for , 90 lbs after , my ass is gone and my boobs are deflated ???? I'm still losing weight which is awesome , if I thin out more ( fingers crossed ) I'll update you guys with more pictures ! Thank you all for joining me on this journey ! ( excuse the happy trail ????)

Staying realistic

God is this too much to ask for ? Hahaha of course it is . It sucks when u walk by a mirror and see all your hard work look like this. I'm having a hard time accepting that with weight loss comes curve loss. I love that I lost so much weight but it sucks that with weight loss comes sagging and stretching and flatness. I also I'm trying to keep the realistic Mindset,I don't want to have high expectations and be disappointed, I'm trying to condition myself to accept and trust my doc, have a good day ladies '! Stay positive and realistic Xoxo


Hey lovelies , I found an old picture of me before the weightloss and it got me super hyped for my soon to be transformation ! They asked me to lose 10 lbs before the surgery but I ended up gaining 6!!! I need to get back on track as soon as possible !!! Also excuse the dumb caption of the picture i was intoxicated haha. Good luck everyone !

4 days away!

I am beyond excited I cannot SLEEP! does anyone have any suggestions of what I would have on me the day of the surgery and any tips? Thank you loves

Hell of a ride

Ladies, I hope you're all having a wonderful day, I just wanted to share a couple of words and before and afters to help some of you out in the future. First of all, this is A BIG DEAL, recovery takes FOREVER, youre gonna be uncomfortable, itchy, cranky , constipated , and annoyed , and that's How it's gonna be for a while. The first three days after surgery are MISERABLE, I cried like a little baby from the pain and felt like I had been ran over by a truck. After a week it gets better and I'm just overall excited to see how everything heals. Anyways , dr fisher is a delight , funniest most honest guy you'll ever meet , and he totally achieves what you ask for. Here are some before and after. FYI I strongly suggest the cell saver !!!!!
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