Dr. Ghurani is AMAZING!! 122 lbs. 5'5"

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So I'm only about 120 pounds right now, i worked...

So I'm only about 120 pounds right now, i worked out 6 days a week for over a year and lost about 35 lbs but still my body isn't what i want it to be. So i stopped exercising completely and have been trying like hell to gain some weight back for this surgery, but i can't seem to do it! (Go figure)... but dr ghurani said i didn't need to gain anyway. Sooo im less than 2 weeks away, getting nervous and excited... not sure what to think yet!

before pic

So i took a couple pics in one of my loose fitting dresses im gonna need for recovery... cant wait to take an after pic! Wanting a smaller waist and more of an hourglass shape. I don't have much fat and im not looking for a nicki minaj booty, just a lil extra sumthin! Lol

some before booty pics

I'm hoping im happy with the results, i feel like i don't have much to work with! But ive been trying so hard to gain a lil weight, my stomach is definitely not as tone as it was a few months ago.

7 day countdown!

So I'm slowly gathering everything I'm going to need for get surgery, I'm not going all out, just getting the necessities really.... I've been ordering stuff on Amazon and picking up from random store as I'm out n about. The list of stuff you need is really actuall small. But here's some pics of some things I've ordered so far.

Starting to get really anxious!!

Can't believe I'm leaving for Miami in 6 days! At first this was just a fantasy, but I'm going through with it! So here's a photo I took the other day, I'm not nearly as big as I used to be, but I'm starting to get my love handles back....

Wish pics

Regarding piercings.....

Does anyone know if I can wear some plastic barbells during surgery??? Cuz I recently got my nipples pierced and they're not completely healed yet and I really don't want them to close up, I know it says take all your piercings out but I wond if they'll allow me to wear the plastic ones..... If anyone knows lmk please, thanks girls!

I'll be leaving for Miami in 2 days!!

So it has been a hectic past few days, between getting everything packed up and situated to leave, it didn't help the crazy phone calls I've been getting from spectrum! First, on Thursday night I received a call from a christy, asking if I could move my surgery date to Thursday! She said dr ghurani was not going to be in on Tuesday! I'm like, are you serious?? There's no way I could move it... I have the hotel reservation, then my friend that took time off work to watch my kids, my other friend took time off work to drive me and take care of me.... Plus I had this time requested off! I've already paid everyone for their time and help, there is just no way I could have done it.... So she wasn't happy about it but was like ok I'll see what I can do. So I called my coordinator Emily and was like, I have to give you guys 30 days notice to move/cancel or anything to my appointment, so how can you guys try to give me 4 days notice??? That's unacceptable! She says don't worry about it, you keep your sx date it's fine... I said ok Ty. I then get a call Friday, yesterday, from a Sheila, asking if I did my blood work.... Of course I did, 2 weeks ago when I was asked to. They said ok Ty. So then I get a call back saying they called labcorp and they had no record of me there, and they would have to postpone my surgery! I said bull shit I've been to labcorp 10 times this year alone! So I drive down there, labcorp tells me they have not and cannot even call them there, they can't be reached on a phone, which I realized when I tried to call, so she printed out the paper saying I was there on the 22nd of October and an LCM # to give to them. I called them with it and I kinda feel like I got a little bit of an attitude from her when she sighed and said, I already have it but go ahead and give it to me again.... After that call I received one more with a few questions and FINALLY saying I was cleared for surgery..... What the hell! So after me being stressed out as all hell for the last day and a half, everything is hopefully falling into place and nothing else should happen to mess it up! Lol what a day....

Pic update

Here's some pics before I started working out, while I was working out, and then now since I've stopped for a few months now... I'm not quite as big now as I was before, but I'm definitely not as fit as I was a few months ago either! I'm not ashamed of myself and idc if ppl see my face or not lol. I was happy with my body while I was working out, I just hate that I lose my boobs and butt when I do it. I want to keep them but still have the small waist that I want, that's why I am doing this. I don't have a lot of fat but I think I'm going to be satisfied with my results. I just can't wait to be where I wanna be to start working out again and look even better! I have a goal to be at by 30 and I plan to meet it!! :-)

more pics...

I love reading thru other ppls reviews and seeing lots of pics so heres a few more current photos... 3 days pre op!! So stoked for tuesday!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I can't believe it's already here! I have to be in the office at 7:30am for my consult. I finally get to meet dr. Ghurani!! I was a little upset that I didn't get to meet him today, but it's ok! We're staying at the red roof plus hotel near the airport, it's about 100 a night, I wouldn't recommend it lol but it's somewhere to sleep so I'm good with that! My friend will be taking lots of pics when she picks me up to update you guys! So I'm gonna take some before pics in my few dresses I got for recovery for comparison! Wish me luck my bbl sisters!!!

14 hours post op...

Sorry j didnt update sooner ladies, the first 8 hours were pretty rough. I need to get some disposable pads cuz i have bled through so many sheets and towels, it's crazy! I have to empty my drain every 30 mins. I'm in a medium size compression garment which he provided and he is going to get me a small one too for when the swelling goes down... so anyway, on to the good stuff! Dr. Ghurani was so sweet! He answered everything before i could even ask! And ive always got 101 questions lol. He kept asking if i was sure i didnt have any, he said "i don't mind taking an extra half hour to make sure you are comfortable and I've answered all your questions." I was really speechless. He made me feel so comfortable, he was so confident, he only books 1 bbl for an entire day just so he can take his time and perfect it. He surpassed my expectations by far, i am already so pleased with my results! I can't wait to feel a little less nauseous to take some better pics, but i have a small waist and a big ol booty!! Soooo, heres a few pics my friend took while i was miserable lol!

16 hours post op...

The pain has gone down tremendously! I think I've only taken 1 percocet today in halves. The pain is tolerable right now. The nausea has subsided today, but i get dizzy when i stand for even a few minutes. ... they say i should walk 5 minutes every 2 hours but i cant do it just yet. Physically i can, but the dizziness is too much. My eyes are swollen a little. I've only thrown up once but i took too much percocet. I just ate some kfc, i ate a pretty good amount too. So here's a couple pics we got today, I've still not felt good enough to get up n try on one of my dresses i got, to get some good pics. But i promise I'm going to get some soon! So here's a few from earlier, we propped up some pillows with my boppy pillow so i could get off my stomach for a lil bit cuz man it was hurting! Lol

My friend is such a champ! And looks amazing! Xoxo

I knew she was nervous going in but when we went in before the surgery to consult Dr. Ghurani, he was so professional and you could tell he was extremely excited to perform this procedure on her. Keri and I had a million and one questions and by the time the Q&A came in the conversation. There was none because he was so thorough in that fact that he had already answered all the questions we would have had asked. I'm a former nurse and I was completely satisfied by everything from his professionalism to bedside manners to his absolute concern for his patients. He gets a 15 on a scale of 1-10 in my book! Keri looks absolutely amazing! I'm so pleased and excited with her results, also she is doing well. The first 8 hours or so we're a little rough on her but she got out of surgery yesterday at around noon, and out of recovery at 3pm and she layed in the back seat on her tummy while I drove back to the hotel. She was quite nauseous and really pale, but I helped her walk into the hotel room and got her set up on the bed. She was still pretty sleepy but was responding to me very well. She really is a champ and I'm so proud of her! She's handling all this so well. We will continue to take pics as soon as she feels well enough to get up. Thank you all for supporting my best friend through this and good luck!

pic update!

Im slowly feeling better and better as each day goes by, hopefully I'll be ok enough to take care of my kids when i get home 2moro. So here's some before and after collages!

more pics....

My friend got this one of me bending over to fix my pillows and i was like damnnnnn! Lol!

I'm already so pleased with my results!

I've had many PPL tell me I didn't have enough fat and I needed to gain weight, well Dr. Ghurani Is so good I didn't need to gain anything! I wouldn't want it any bigger than it is now, actually I think I'll be happy once the swelling goes down a little. I can't wait to get these drains out and get some good pics! Good night everyone!

750cc per cheek...

Wow. I didnt ever imagine id have that much! Dr ghurani even stated, idk where it all came from but i pulled out 3 liters of fat! I was like omg! He put 750cc in each butt cheek and some in my hips also. This past day was so crazy though! I'm going to update tomorrow when im not so tired but here's a few pics with no garment after my first massage and shower! And man it felt great!

5 days post op...

Well, i should be feeling a lot better by now but ive had a few issues. Ive been so bed ridde. I couldnt even get on and talk. So my sx was tuesday, i was supposed to come in Wednesday for a massage and get cleaned up. Well, i was so out of it i couldn't remember if i was supposed to come weds or Thurs, so i called tuesday morning and asked.....

From there i was put on hold, told id be called back, etc. No call back or answer, they had no idea. They asked is something wrong that u need to be seen? I said well my drain in the back isnt draining at all. They said thats normal as long as the other was draining fine. I said yes... i said i can't make it but to the bathroom n straight back to bed... so she said well dr ghurani is only in tues and Thurs, so just rest and come in for your post op follow up tomorrow. I said oh ok, what time? She asks what time did they tell you? ? Well I wouldn't be asking if i knew. She had no clue whatsoever. She said well you'll get a call to confirm it.

So i went in Thursday in a wheelchair, couldn't walk, my blood pressure thru the roof, weak as hell. They said it would be a long wait, that they were busy. I slept on the couch in the waiting room for 2 hours when finally my friend was like what the fuck?! 2 hours, she needs to be seen by the doctor or were going to the hospital! As theyrr explaining theyre sorry how busy they are, dr ghuranis nurse christy just so happens to walk by and see my friend! She takes us right back, wondering where weve been, she calls dr ghurani and hes in there within a minute flat. He was so irate about the situation that he fired the lady on the spot at the front. Christy never even received a message to call us. And he apologized greatly for about an hour, he gave me an extra free garment, 140 value, some supplements, the lipofoam, all kinds of free stuff. He was very satisfying and professional.

So he checks my drain, it wasnt working. He had to remove it. They contacted the lymphatic massage lady and arranged for me to go to her house straight from there. I felt so much better afterwards... thats about all the strength i have for right now sorry but ill be on later. Thanks for following! :-)

Doing better everyday...

So my 5th day post op is over and i figured id do an update on how everything has been going. Today was my first day with my children back. My blood pressure has been back to normal, i sleep fine aside from being a tad bit uncomfortable, but im used to sleeping on my belly so it's not too bad. Im thinking about getting me a cheap lil chair i can cut the butt out of to sit in after a few more days... i was able to clean n do some laundry today, which was good. I havent been as drained as in the past few days. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow, which hurts like hell, but the swelling goes down and i love it! They do ultrasounds first, lymphatic massage and drainage, then some type of thing that stimulates your nerves. She also told me they do stuff after for any excess skin or stretch marks, which were there prior to surgery. Its about an hour long, 85 bucks, but well worth it. I fell asleep last time lol. I personally have had no issues with eating although i was nauseous at first, ive been eating regular high protein food from day 2. I go back Tuesday and my drain is barely draining so i think he will take it out, which I'm excited for! Well thats it for today, thanks for following ladies goodnight!

2moro is 1 week post op, pics!

So I'm hopefully getting my drain out tomorrow, my back one is infected like hell, idk what he's gonna say... guess we'll find out! Here's some pics!

been trying to update.....

This site has not been letting me update or add pics so I'm gonna try again.... im 17 days post op today, you literally get better every single day. I do 2 massages a week, they hurt but are crutial to your recovery. My place i go to does radio frequency and ultrasounds to speed up recovery and improve results. They're great, 85 per session, so if anyone is on the treasure coast that's interested ill give u the info. So I'm driving now, on my boppy pillow, my butt is almost not hard at all anymore, it even jiggles! Lol and it's dropped a lot, starting to look like a real butt now! Here's some pics!

3 weeks post op!!

Ive got one week left til I can sit on my butt! Its so crazy how much its dropped and how much better it looks now. I'm so happy with my results already. Im still doing one massage a week and im going to miami on Thursday to have a check up. Maybe have some fluid removed from my back. I'm slowly getting the feeling back in my stomach and back, everywhere that was liposuctioned. The fibrosis as they call it at the massage place, gets better after every session. Well heres some updated pics!

37 day review...

I'm getting a lot of feeling back in my stomach and back. Haven't started working out again yet, but i can drive with my boppy pillow and sleeping is getting easier lol.

50 days post op stomach update

So u guys have been asking about how my belly is doing. Now i didnt have much fat in my stomach to begin with but i did have love handles and back fat. He took 3 liters from somewhere, ijs! Lol so heres an unedited pic of my stomach, 7 weeks post op, remember the scars are from previous pregnancies. A little lumpy but hell, it doesnt look worse than it did before!

some comparison pics....

So my butt is not hard at all anymore! I'd say it took about 6 weeks at most for it to be all soft like a real butt. It's still nice and firm though, not saggy. Here's a few side by sides, before and after.

So its been about 5 months....

Didn't think the healing process would be this long! But finally all the swelling is gone, no more massages, no more garments. Well that's about it! Here's some updated pics...


Thought I'd throw some new pics in here, over 8 months post op, still looking great, it was a hell of a recovery, havent worked out a bit, been dealing with some health issues (not related to the surgery) but here they are!
dr ghurani

I met Dr Ghurani the morning of my surgery, i was nervous, excited, confused, and anxious. The second he walked in the door i felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort. He was very pleasant, educated, and professional. He assured me and answered every question i had before i even had a chance to ask them! He didnt rush me, he was polite and calm. He was there holding my hand for the IV cuz i was nervous. He was genuinely concerned about my needs, concerns, and results. He did a great job, i am already very happy with my results and i would highly recommend him to anyone interested in a BBL, he is definitely a miracle worker!!

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