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So tomorrow I start my first out of 9 treatments...

So tomorrow I start my first out of 9 treatments of laser hair removal on my bikini area and underarms. I went in for my consult on Tuesday the 10th. I was quoted $3615 for my bikini full plus plan with free underarms. The bikini area package is basically everything that shows on the outside of your bathing suit. I chose the bikini FULL which is the entire area up to my "goodies". I made sure to ask if they go inside of the lips for those of us with "fatties" lol (i apologize if im a bit "much"). Well the bikini full package is just that - and the bikini full PLUS- includes up to the butt crack. Plus free underarms with this package. This also includes a lifetime guarantee. Okay- so here are some of the fine details.. the package of $3615 includes 9 treatments. Each treatment is scheduled 8-10 weeks apart, and anything after the 9 treatments is included in the price BUT you have to pay a copay each time you want to come back. Its a small portion. Ill ask for the exact amount tomorrow and update this. I was placed in a 12 month payment plan- I'm a 23 year old female with no credit. The payment plan is $723 down- and $241 a month. Obviously- with better credit, the better the payment plan options. Tomorrow is my first treatment- lets see how it goes. If I left anything out- feel free to ask :)

...i should add. I'm of Hispanic origin. female. 23. with dark, coarse hair. a lot of ingrown hairs, irritation, bumps. I shave most areas on my body and hair grows back within a day or two. I attached some before pictures.

Oops, ideal image not body details

It's actually ideal image not body details. My fault lol. So I asked what the copay was for touchups with the lifetime warranty after the 9 included treatments- it's $50/armpits, $90/bikini plus. I start tomorrow :) lets see.

One treatment- so far so good

I went in to do one treatment and let me tell you how painful it was! For starters I'm not the sensitive type. I have several tattoos and piercings- & none compare to the pain of laser hair removal. I have a rib cage tattoo that starts underneath my very sensitive breast area, going down my ribs all the way to my hip bone- all done in 6hrs one straight session with no breaks. AND LASER HURTS 10x more. I have two permanent dermal piercings on my bikini area on each hip bone, tongue piercings, nose, dermal on the bone of my ring finger!, tattoos on my fingers- AND I WOULD STILL DO THOSE ALL OVER AGAIN and it will be less painful than laser. Did I make my point? This ish hurts. Well they started with my armpits- each poke of the laser made my nerves tense and react in so much pain. The first armpit took about 5mins of painful laser shots one after the other. As far as tattoos go- there gets a point where you feel some numbness. NOT the case with laser. Once she did both my armpits- I was literally shaking thinking about them opening up my privates and applying that amount of pain to it. She started with the most sensitive area- the bone where your lips meet (right at the top), then worked her way around the bikini area- it went on for about 20mins of pure torture. The shock of the laser literally made my body jump in seizure mood each time she poked. I mentally tried to focus- nothing helps- your body just JUMPS in shock- legs kicking. I was scared shit less for my more private areas- when she opened up with the tongues- it was actually the most relieving moment. No pervertness intended- but it wasn't so bad. Then she asked me to roll over- time to laser my booty crack lol. She asks you to hold it open yourself. A little hard to do when your shaking. Each zap!- you let go & or grip deeper onto your cheeks. This went on for about 5-10mins. Afterwards- you see NO results. There is no pain in between the shots or afterwards. Just the moment you get zapped. So you walk out of there just fine. They say it takes 7-10days to see hair fall out but that wasn't my case. I never literally saw hairs dying and falling out. I waited a week then decided to shave. After I noticed that it took longer for the hairs to grow back. About a week- before my pubic hair would grow back in 2days. My underarm hairs every day. The second time I shaved was 2wks ir so after my treatment. This is when the results were more evident. I haven't seen hair grow back in my underarms since. There are a few I can count with one hand that are so light in color. Before my hairs were coarse, and dark that after a couple hours of shaving it looked like hairs were growing back already. Well I'm extremely glad with my results so far.

Little update

They offer prices per treatment for those skeptics. I remember them being less than 200 depending on the area. cant say exactly for now. But the price I paid includes the 9 treatments PLUS a lifetime membership. To an established facility with sooo many business not only in my area but around the whole united states. Many salons and other facility may provide a lifetime guarantee aswell- but how many salons truely stick around that long? lets get real.
Ideal Image

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