BBL Coming Soon, Trying to Find the Right Doctor! HELP!!

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Hey babes!! As like most of you I have stalked...

Hey babes!! As like most of you I have stalked this site for months and i have finally decided to get BBL. I have visited Dr. Hughes for a consult and even put down my down payment to secure my price, only to change my mind and get my money back, (which took over a month-i've heard horror stories about how rude Adam is but during my consult he seemed super nice and sweet and told me if i changed my mind i would get my money back immediately-WRONG. I had to call them so many times it was ridiculous, which kind of rubbed me the wrong way.) Anywho, I got my money back while I tried to make my decision. I have since consider a few other doctors. 1. Dr. Salzhauer (Miami) I like his work ALOT, however my butt is kind of high already and I've noticed ALL his patients right after surgery have super high/deformed butts and that scares me a bit. I really like his price though approx 7k. (plus travel and hotel expenses) 2. Dr. Sejal Patel (Beverly Hills, he does really natural looking bbl's and since I have a nice size butt already I thought he would be a good choice, but he cost approx 12k. 3. Dr. Dass (kind of hit or miss, i've seen some i like from him and some I don't). 4. And last but not least Dr. Hughes, who I love his results but have noticed a lot of his patients have lumps/bumps in the stomach area due to the aggressive lipo which really concerns me, I want my stomach to be smooth and my butt to be soft! lol HEEEEEEELLLLP BBL Sisters! I plan on having my surgery March/April 2015 so I'm bikini ready by summer! Lol I will post pics soon.

Still Undecided

Ok so… I've had my consult with Dr Dass who has a very professional office and calm demeanor. He seemed to genuinely care about my wish and wanting to get to know me as a person. Which I thought was very very nice! Im debating between him & Dr Salzhaur (Miami). I haven't had a consult with Dr Salzhaur but I love his results. Decisions….. decisions…. I wish I knew of more Dr Dass patients because I have noticed a lot of reviews either don't have pics or seem really fishy and don't have any long term updates.. I want to make a decision based on real reviews and don't want to need a round 2.

Finally Made A Decision!!!!! -Beverly Hills ,CA (Dr Dass)

I know you all are tired of my indecisive self, I have officially decided to get Smart Lipo with Dr Dass because the recovery time is better for me than full blown BBL (since I already have a nice size butt). I'm really excited, I've met with Dr Dass and his staff twice and both times they have been VERY accommodating and have answered all of my questions and thats is something I look for in a PS. I'm going to do the Smart Lipo with a little bit of fat into the butt (like my Real Self buddy Callsmebabydoll did her second time around). She's been my booty angel!!! Lol no matter how many questions I ask she's always there and I appreciate her and all of you for your support!!! I'll be scheduling my surgery date as soon as I get my request for time off approved. I just got approved for my Care Credit and am ready to rock and roll, surgery will be in Jan/Feb before All Star weekend hahaha. Will be updating again soon loves xoxo

Medical clearance

Hi ladies!!!! I need your help!! I'm having surgery next month and I need to get my medical clearance. Kaiser won't do it because it's a medical procedure outside of Kaiser, does anyone know anywhere in Southern California that can do a medical examine/clearance?????! Thanks
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