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Hello All, I have recently had a Mommy...

Hello All,

I have recently had a Mommy Makeover (Breast lift/aug and Tummy Tuck with Hernia repair). I read a very good post about ten things to know about surgery/recovery and thought it may be good to share my most important things.

1.) Choosing a doctor:

This was a mission for me. I know everyone says that you should look for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I did look at a lot of them and ended up going with someone who wasn't certified. Why did I make that choice? Because I had a bad hernia that needed to be fixed. He was the only one in all my consultations (about 15 in total BCPS) to tell me what I already knew about my hernia and why it needed to be prepared. The other doctors I'd seen were oblivious and also had no idea how to work with my insurance company so that I'd get reimbursed for the hernia repair. In further investigation of him, I found that as a general surgeon, the majority of his prior surgeries were abdominal surgeries and also that many insurance companies won't pay a doctor that has Plastic Surgeon attached to his title and will insist that the hernia repair come from a general surgeon. He also did an excellent job on my friend's Mommy Makeover three years prior. It was just an added bonus that his cost was about $3000 cheaper than all of my other quotes. So my advice to you is to talk to many, look at their results, talk to references (they can be the people you see waiting for their follow up appointments if you don't know any personally), and look into their medical history to see if they have a clean record. In the end, be patient (because you can't turn back after it's done) and go with your gut.


Get a lot of exercise, eat healthy (PROTIEN!), drink lots of water and take multivitamins. DO NOT SMOKE!!! Doing so will really interfear with your healing. It could also cause complications. If you have smokers cough, you will really suffer. After a tummy tuck and muscle repair the LAST thing you want to do is cough or sneeze. OUCH! The better in shape you are, the easier your recovery will be. I am a witness. I am one month post op and attribute my continuing recovery to that. Also, because I was read in a lot of places that Vitamin E is not good to take before surgery as it can thin your blood, I discontinued my multivitamin two weeks before and two weeks after just to be on the safe side. Have your recliner or where your going to be sleeping ready to go before you get home. If you are like most, you'll be coming home the same day as surgery. Preparing that was the best thing I did because the first day was a bad word. Shave your private parts. It is not fun to let someone else do it while prepping you for surgery. Buy some old lady house dresses that open from the front. They are inexpensive, comfortable, easy to put on/take off, and are easy to clean (you never know what stains (blood/secretions could come out and get on your clothes). Do your best to get your meds before surgery. My doctor's office wouldn't give it to me before surgery. I had to wait for my husband to bring me home and then he had to wait two hours for the medicine. It would have seemed like the longest time in my life, but I still had pain pills from my c-section and used it to hold me over until I could take them. It is good to also have Neosporin on hand to use on your insicion/drain openings to help them heal. You don't need to use a lot. No matter how scared you are, stay positive and understand that the operation is only the first step in your Mommy Makeover. I purposely didn't post any before or after photos because I believe that it will take a year before I really see the results I want to see. It takes a while for the swelling to completely subside and even longer for the scars to completely heal, flatten and lighten. When I hit one year, I'll post my pics. Until then, I plan to update my recommendations as they arise throughout the year.

Post Surgery:

For me, the first few days where the most difficult. Don't expect your beginning results post op to look like the end results. If you get your breasts done, they are going to look BIG due to swelling, so be prepared. It really hurts to try and use your stomach muscles. If someone is helping you get up, don't pull on their arms to assist you. Have the person get behind you and push your back until you're in an upright position. Then you can use your legs to stand up. If you are laying down and need to get up on your own. Bend the leg that you're going to put on the floor first towards your chest. Put your hand that is on the same side under your leg then use your leg muscles to lift you up instead of your stomach muscles.

Be prepared for your stomach feeling tight and it being difficult/impossible to stand up straight. When explaining how it feels, I say it feels like someone ironed my skin to my stomach. At one month, I feel like my skin has adjusted for the most part, but I have this feeling still in my upper abdomen. It eases daily.

Eat healthy and avoid salt. I have read that you should also stay away from refined sugars, but I suffered from low blood sugar for a couple of days so I had to eat some. I did replace with real fruits as soon as I could. DRINK WATER ALL THE TIME. Just keep a water bottle near you. After my TT, I wasn't hungry and didn't eat/hardly drank for two days. One the third day, I felt like my lights were going to go out, I called the doctor and he told me that it sounded like I was dehydrated and possibly hypoglycemic. I started drinking lots of water, Gatoraid, got some sugar in my system and started to feel much better. The water also helps A LOT with the swelling.

The swelling that you have in your stomach will last a while so it is very important to stay away from sodium. Also, you want to have some cocobutter on hand. I had no stretchmarks, but noticed some creeping up below my navel where I had the most inflammation. I also noticed that my skin was dry. The skin needs to be moist to adjust to it's new position. Plus, you don't want to end up seeing stretchmarks when your skin deflates. Where your compression garment. Don't spend a million dollars, Walmart sells one for $15 that will go toe to toe with any of them Get the one that opens at the breasts and goes to the knees.

Keep your scars clean and dry. Don't lift anything too heavy or strain yourself. You don't want your scar to move too much and create more scar tissue. Remember that just because your scar has closed, doesn't mean that it's healed. You'll see what I'm saying when your scar seems to burn from the inside months later. That is why it looks worse before it gets better. Your scar at 4 months will appear a lot worse than when you'd first gotten your surgery. Prepare yourself because this can add to your depression post op. You need to keep a "This too shall pass" attitude. I have had a number of scars and have healed very well. When I had my c-section, my scar faded so much that you had to search for it to find it. I was breastfeeding and didn't want to use any creams in fear that it would effect my milk someway. So I lived by making sure to take my vitamins daily, massaged the incision regularly and didn't put any pressure on it by lifting anything too heavy too soon. This is also why it is important to sleep in a lawnchair pose. My bed is so much softer than my couch and it takes more effort to get out of. I found that after 3 weeks, when I tried to sleep in my bed, I could feel my TT incision pulling on the sides and it was uncomfortable. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, so back to the sofa I went.

Steristrips really help. My scar had closed, but I was still very sore at the ends (about two inches in). I got some surgical tape from Walgreens, put it on the edges and the pain quickly subsided. I think the less your incision moves, the faster/better it will heal.

Massage REALLY improves the appearance and healing of scars. Your scar is on the inside as well as the outside. As soon as your scar has no soreness when you touch it, start massaging. For your breasts, it is important NOT to start massaging too soon. I was so uncomfortable, I did that and think I almost busted a stitch. Wait a couple weeks. Youtube has some great videos for this. Massage makes is more difficult for scar tissue to build up. The scar will be flatter and fade better with massage. DON'T SLACK UP ON IT!!!

Get Silicon Sheeting!!! It works wonders!! Before I start, I'd like to say that I have a history of scars healing well. Everyone is different. However, Silicon Sheeting is the first line of defense for burn victims and other deep scars by doctors. Oleeva sells a good one for your TT that is reusable (they all are really) and fits over your whole scar from hip to hip for about $100. ScarGaurd sells them also and are less expensive, but they the longest strips are only 8 inches and you'd have to buy two. You'll probably save about $30 if you go this route. ScarGaurd also sells an inexpensive silicone sirem for about $30 dollars. After surgery I noticed that certain areas of my scars where healed/closed faster than others. I started applying this to those areas and I am seeing results. The other areas that are still healing/closing like where I had my drains and you can't cover that up with the long strip until that heals. You probably won't believe this, but I part of my scars on my breasts have lightened up considerably. I am really starting to see results on my TT scar as well. I can only what imagine what it will look like after a year.

If you are having muscle repair, listen up. You are going to feel that for a long time. They have tightened your muscles and your muscles have to adjust to having stitches in them. They have to heal also. SNEEZING IS A B!$(H! When you have to sneeze or cough, place your hands, with your fingers pointing downwards on your stomach/pressing just above the navel and push in a little. This will help reduce your pain. Everymorning expect to feel tight like you worked out the day before and are really stiff. After two weeks, I started walking (at a snails pace), doing my pilates breathing and that has really helped. Massaging my stomach has also helped a lot. I do a little light massage on my stomach and smooth out the hard parts in the middle. That is why you should eliminate crunches from your work out routine. Crunches will make your stomach ball up in the middle and your stomach will not look flat. Yoga/Pilates help you strengthen your core and tones the muscles by lengthening them. It is really good to find a real Yogi instructor. After my twins, when I was 130 lbs overweight, I walked everyday and went to a really good Pilates instructor (much better then the Pilates class at the gym). My stomach was in my lap and in six months it was all the way up again. Pilates works wonders. I'm a witness.

Also purchase some numbing cream. You can also get this at the pharmacy. As the swelling goes down, your skin may be sensitive in some areas. This will ease the pain from bruising also. I find that the skin all over my abdomen and my chest (especially where my anchor lift scars are underneath) are still very sensitive and sore.

Lastly, just remember RECOVERY IS A LONG PROCESS. You will be taking off of work for about two weeks but it will take longer to get back to your old self. I am a month out and I still can't handle a lot of cleaning. I can't lift anything too heavy. I am very lucky that I work remotely and there is nothing that requires any physical activity other than typing on a computer and talking on the phone.

I hope my post has helped someone and I'll update in a couple months!

Oh, I forgot to talk about one of the most...

Oh, I forgot to talk about one of the most important things, SEX!! LOL I read everywhere that you have to wait for a month. Needless to say, I didn't make it. Don't worry. Nothing is broken. So my advice is if you can't wait, take it easy. I've finally made it a month and there are a couple moves that I can't quite do yet. But, progress is definitely being made. When, although I'm very happy with my results, you man thinks you're hot despite what ever scars/defects you think you may have, = very hot night. Phew! Thank the Lord. LOL It is honestly a really cool experience to share with your man (granted that he's supportive). My man took care of the kids, cooked, went to work, came home cleaned and cared for me; added bonus that we both really liked the results. Just wait until you're like me, on the couch with your granny dress wide open (children sleeping of course), massaging yourself. This definitely made me fall in love again. Not to mention that he's sleep by my side on the sectional for a month. You'll remember this post when it happens to you.

Boy, today is the day that I have seen the light...

Boy, today is the day that I have seen the light and am very thankful to my doctor. I wanted to know if I had necrosis because I had some delayed healing where the "T" part of my BL incision is. Phew! I think I have a damn near microscopic amount compared to the people I saw on the internet today (many pics on this site). Now I understand why education is power. All of my reading and preparation helped prior and continues to help me. Today I saw a lot of people who's incisions opened up. I felt so fragile right after my Mommy Makeover that I could see where my TT scar was raw/seamingly open in certain areas. I followed my doctor's instructions, along with doing what I needed to do that no doctor told me other than not to smoke (eat right, take vitamins, get moving, look at yourself all over naked everyday monitoring my healing) and my complications are minimal.

This leads me to today's post, Raw Manuka Honey. This stuff is a dream come true. As I mention above, I have been having a problem with my "T" healing completely one month post op on both sides (a little more on the left). I just knew as long as my TT scar was taking to feel completely closed, that my breasts should have closed. I can't even measure how small the openings are/where but I knew they should have healed. I had been putting Neosporin on them in that area from day one and it seemed to help somewhat, but it just wasn't working anymore. It was like I came to a standstill. When I texted my PS, I sent him a pick and he told me to use Neosporin. But I had read about Manuka Honey and all of it's benefits. I put some on a piece of guaze w/surgical tape and put it on the areas that still were taking forever. In one night, the little pinhole I had under my right breast had closed and I could see a big difference in the left. I had one more area that was very close to healing where my drain was, and that sealed right up. I think it helps because more than Neosporin because it debrides the skin gently and takes out all the icky stuff that's slowing things down. I think I am going to be good in a couple of days. I hope somebody reads this and puts Raw Manuka Honey on their necessity lists.

Today I am very happy. All of my open holes are...

Today I am very happy. All of my open holes are closed. My Manuka Honey worked like a charm and the "T" part of the incision in my left breast has healed. Phew! There is nothing like waiting, when you don't want to. It's like I've been waiting so long to get this done so I am anxious to run the streets. Recovery will put the breaks on that for sure. I am also very happy because I have moved off of the couch and am back in the bed. I still can't really lay on my stomach because I feel like I my body won't let me stretch out all the way, but everyday my skin feels more back to normal. My walking is helping along with lots of water and my diet, so all of the swelling is gone. When I first got my TT I was scarred that it wouldn't look flat, because I looked like I had a lil' pooch from the swelling. My clothes are also starting to feel better. I'm not sure if I'd mentioned this before, but I have three sons (twins age 5, younger son age 4). My pregnancies were hard on my self esteem because I was 140, 5'6 and ran 5 miles a day before I got pregnant. I had a thyroid problem (sort of like gestational diabetes) and I went up to 167 lbs the day I gave birth to my twins. I lost 40 lbs of it the day they were born and managed to loose another 75 lbs before I got pregnant again. I had a very large hernia due to my twins (born 7 lbs each) and my stomach literally looked like it had been split in two. If I laid on the bed, it looked like you could part the Red Sea, with all of my loose skin sinking in the whole while you could see my muscles split in two. I ate right, did Pilates and a lot of walking/exercise and am now back to 165 lbs. I have been walking everyday for the last 3 weeks and should be cleared for higher impact exercise in a week. I would really like to loose another 10-15 lbs, because I look really great around the 150-155 range. I feel great exercising now because my stomach feels so much better and I am not working it so hard. When I had my hernia, I was always holding my stomach in because it was so uncomfortable to let it hang out. I felt like it was actually harboring my weight loss because I was constantly working that area and other areas weren't getting worked as hard. I felt like my body giving all of it's energy to my stomach and no where else. I had never had a big belly and I just feel so back to normal now. Thanks to my PS. He was the best.

I have to make a correction when I put my weight...

I have to make a correction when I put my weight gain up to 167, I went up to 267. I am sitting here very happy because I was able to lay on my stomach comfortably for the first time since my surgery. Wow, that felt good. That along with the fact that I don't feel any pulling feeling from side to side of my TT incision. I also am able to reach for things above my head with out my body feeling tight; telling me, "Hell no girl. Call your husband or forget about what you need right now" LOL. I feel like I'm entering the second phase of my surgery. Which is the "What the hell do I do with my body now?" phase. Now that my breasts and my stomach look great, I need to get this butt and these thighs in shape. I am so happy that I am cleared for exercise. I am not over doing it, but on Monday I am going to start doing Pilates twice a week. I have to (happily) keep up with my husband. He's so fine. Sorry to get off track, he does that to me. Hopefully my third phase will be "I'm ready to go shoppin' cause I think I look so good." LOL I have to say that a Mommy Makeover is a lot of work. It's not just you go in messed up and come out ready to run the streets. I feel like I have to eat healthy and exercise properly more than ever. Not only just to be healthy, but to justify why I spent this money in the first place. I hate to waste money, so I knew that I was going to take care of myself afterwards. Plus, like many mothers, there is always something else that I should have spent my money on.

Hello Everybody, I haven't updated my post in...

Hello Everybody,

I haven't updated my post in while so I thought I'd check in. I am healing pretty well. I am a little irritated with the stitches in my breasts. They are supposed to dissolve, but it is taking a while. But, they look beautiful. My TT scar on the ends has still been a little annoying from time to time. I find I feel it pulling if I am sleeping on my side the wrong way. I saw my PS recently and he said that he didn't like the way my scar was healing in my BB and TT and said he might want to inject keritol (?) in it. My BB doesn't look bad to me; no worse than I expected (as I read it is difficult to get right often times). My stomach looks amazing, so I'm not too pressed about it. As for my TT scar, he said that it isn't kelioding but a kin to it so he wants me to use Mederma to see if that helps. I don't see my scars healing any differently than any thing I read or from any other scar I've had. I have to do some research in to Keritol and see if I would want to do that or not. I've heard that it changes your skin a little and the scar doesn't look right all the time. Plus, from everything I have read, at six months is when the TT scar looks its' worse and then starts to lighten up over the next six months.

During my visit, I saw my pictures that they took of me the morning of my surgery. I must say, what a difference. I am very happy I decided to get a lift, am happy with my breast size and my stomach looks so much better. I didn't even think the doctor did lypo on me, but they showed me the fat they sucked out from where the doctor did lypo on my sides above my hips. I had no bruising really, so I wasn't sure if he'd even done it. I am still planning to wait until a year post op before I post pictures, but I am very excited to see that day. I have been exercising and have lost about 12 lbs since my surgery and have done quite a bit to lift my butt with exercise; just now seeing the backside results (Thank you Jesus!). At almost 41, I wasn't sure if I could do it. I am so happy with my results, I don't see myself stopping short of my plan to be in great shape by May, 2013.

One Year Post Op

Hello everyone,

Well it has been a year. I am getting ready to post my pictures soon. I am still very happy with my surgery. My only problem is a boil or something I have right on my nipple. I have to go back to my doctor to see what the deal is. I am not really 100% satisfied with my bb scar because it is dark, but I'm heard that it will lighted up soon. I am seeing a little progress. My scars are starting to lighten up too.

I have to say that tt scar was the most difficult part to recover from. I am just now to the point were I can't feel it pulling on the sides. I read that a tt is the biggest plastic surgery that you can have, but I didn't understand it until I did it. I am so lucky that I work remotely and didn't have to go to work. They say you can go back to work in 2 weeks, but that is some bull as far as I am concerned. I would advise anyone to do their best to rest up for a month. It takes several months for you to fully heal. But, it was worth it to me.
Miami Physician

I found my doctor through a friend's referral. I was very hesitant to use him, because he is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Also, his price seemed so much lower then the other doctor's that I'd seen, it kind of scared me. I didn't want to go to a chop shop. But in my investigation of him, I found that he's a general surgeon, but has spent the majoritiy of his career doing abdominal surgeries. I had a very bad hernia due to my pregnancy with twins. It was way past the normal diastasis that comes with pregnancy. I knew that I needed to fix it before I ended up with back problems or it became larger. I also knew that is should be covered under my insurance. Dr. Bass was the only doctor that even noticed my hernia and to tell me everything I already knew about it/why I should repair it. He even knew how to work with my insurance company so I would get reimbursed for that part of my surgery. Many plastic surgeons don't work with insurance companies at all, are unfamiliar with the process and flat out don't want to help in fear that the insurance company will renig and won't pay (as they have the right to change their minds at anytime; even after the procedure has been performed). His office didn't come with a lot of the frills I'd seen at the other offices, but I am very happy with my results and saved about $3-4000 compared to the other doctors in my area.

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