Round 1 Vanity Cosmetic BBL Pop

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Barbie on Fleek #DollMaker Dr. Fisher

I am 5'7 and weigh 190 one beautiful little boy which cause me to gain 60lbs the reason why I chose to have BBL to remove my belly fat and to get a fat ass lol... I have been through so much shit with Vanity coordinators three out of that I have been through out fired and the one I am dealing with now is a Bitch I will deal with her when I go to Miami, but any ways I am so happy that I am goin to Dr. Fisher my first choice was Dr. Duran in DR until I ran across this girl in walmart with a huge ass an little waist I had to ask her where did she buy that ass from lol... She finally gave in and gave me Fisher info and I know from looking at her ass he is the man for me. My date is set for April 16 BBL love handles, flanks, bra line and full abs, I got a package deal back in Oct. (off season) now the price is double from what i am paying. Also i might get lip and forehead fillers to have that full Barbie look lol.... I will get my Breast augmentation and lift high profile 400cc Saline under the muscle with Dr. Fisher 6 weeks after my BBL in June I am paying on that now,I paid in full for my BBL in Oct. but kept pushing my date back (work related).
I am training my waist now with my waist clincher while working out and wearing it all day i order my garment with butt out and one butt in with my form pads and other supplies.


Sorry for the errors my son keep jumping on me, I have been through 4 coordinators at vanity and 3 of the 4 got fired.

My big but

Before pics

I can't believe this was my body before surgery lol Flat Ass
Miami Plastic Surgeon

can't wait for my new booty

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