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Hi, I just had my procedure done and thankfully...

Hi, I just had my procedure done and thankfully everything went well. I have some swelling in the arms and armpit. I also had an inner thigh reduction. I have to wear a girdle which is also known as a compression garment. The surgeon and staff was great and have called to check the status of my surgery. I am sore and experiencing some discomfort, which by the way, is normal.

Dear Real Self: From a scale of 1-10, I feel my...

Dear Real Self:

From a scale of 1-10, I feel my results are about a 6. Not completely satifisied...the surgeon said, "I will give you the results you're looking for." Not true...I feel that not every surgeon is dexterous in completing every procedure possible. He or she may say they can; however, not true. I think some surgeons are amateurs and try to master what they are earger to gain. Although my surgeon is board certified and has been in practice for many years, brachioplasty is not his expertise! That is what I have to share with my readers. He is an excellent surgeon, but this was not his thing... :- / As far as my lipo, did not turn out as I expected either, for example, I do have some rippling. Is that normal? For some of you who take the time to read my review...Can you please respond? I am hoping things do get better. Nonetheless, it is was it is and there is NO way I am going back to complain or invest anymore money to gain what he did not provide. I just don't think surgeons should not preach or say they can master something when it fact, he or she can't.
I think as far as my arms they look slimmer from the elbow to 1/3 up the arm; however, my arms at the very top are wide and when I extend my arms out, they still are rather big. Not as much wobbly, but the surgeon did not provide what he and his assistant would do for me. So as far as dissapointed, I am soley because I trusted him and I really thought he would give me my end results. I should of expected it, but once I was set, it was too late to turn back. He did seem hasty in showing me before and after pictures. And in fact, would not give me the pictures in my hand to look at...That should of strucken me as odd, needless to say, it should of given me the red light with my decision. To keep continueing my search for the right surgeon. I do regret not going with this one surgeon which I am more than sure he would of given me my end results and that would be with Dr. Craft at Miami Institute. He has done my tummy tuck in the past and he is very professional. Also, they are other surgeons there for whatever procedure you're looking for. People who are interested, I highly recommend to look into this facility and what he or she can offer.
Now going back to my arms, I still will wear the sleevless blouses, but not content with how my arms look at the top. Can't scream and pout, it wouldn't solve anything. Just happy that I don't have a horror story to tell! LOL! I have to thank God for that! I really see it this way...I kind of bought my self 3,000 worth of time before I really focus on that area again, but in another 8 years. I find a surgeon or Dr. Craft to give me the satisfaction I was looking for. Even my husband says that I didn't get my money's worth. But oh well, what can I do? Just accept it and move on. I think it hurts more financially because I invested so much money. Especially, I invested so much with the expensive massages on my inner thighs. OUCH! I did have indentation on the left; however, it did improve. As mentioned before, I still have rippling there :-( Thinking about getting a tighter girdle and exercising...hoping it improves with time. Anyway, that is all I have to share with my Real Self followers. Becareful and cautious with whom you decide to do your surgery! And make sure he or she takes their time with you. And if possible, better yet, go with someone your friend, coworker, or family member knows--who has gone through the procedure your looking for. And then, you will know for sure that surgeon is an expert in that area. Oh, can I edit my ratings given prior to sugery? Anyone? Please notify how to edit these comments.

Bye for now and if you want to respond or give your feed back...Please feel free and thank you! Good Luck to all who are looking to have a procedure done!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is Board Certified and has been in the field of cosmetic surgery for many years. The office is located in Sunset and has a professional setting. The staff and surgeon was very concerned with my needs. I yet have to see the end results; nevertheless, I am content with how the surgery went and I am feeling well. Will provide more feed back one results are revealed. Wish me Luck!

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