I Had 2 Previous BBL's, So I Got a Tummy Tuck because of the Loose Skin (performed by Dr. Fisher)...- Miami, FL

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I'm going to have a tummy tuck done because of the...

I'm going to have a tummy tuck done because of the leftover loose skin after having liposuction from two previous BBL's. Anyone interested in having a travel buddy and staying at a location from Airbnb (more cost effective than staying at a hotel or a recovery house, especially with splitting the costs), let me know!!

Background Info

FIRST BBL: performed by Wilberto Cortes in Houston, TX (terrible results/experience, you can check out separate review I did on him)

SECOND BBL: performed by Dr. Fisher in Miami, FL (I also did a separate review on him)

Below is the most recent post from my review of Dr. Fisher:

Overall Vanity was ok. They were very disorganized and cancelled my pre op consultation from the day before surgery to right before surgery :-/ It was definitely stressful dealing with them in the months prior to surgery. They have a huge turnover rate of new employees/coordinators and your coordinator will most likely vanish in thin air. Fisher was friendly and the girls at vanity will call you for 1 week post op and each month after surgery to check on you, which was a plus, given Vanity's track record.

I will say this, it is best to find the right BBL surgeon for your 1st BBL because things you aren't happy about after the 1st BBL will still linger after the 2nd BBL. The 2nd BBL will add more fat, but butt dents, loose tummy skin etc will still be there after 2nd BBL, if they were there after the 1st BBL, so try to find the right surgeon the first time around. With that being said, I wish I had gone to Dr. Fisher for my 1st BBL.

Currently, one of my butt cheek sticks out more than the other and I have dents in my butt, however these existed after my 1st BBL, but since I got more fat added they are even more apparent now. Also, I now have more loose skin in the lipoed areas, including my entire abdominal area, my back, and my arms, since those areas were lipoed for round 1 and for round 2 BBL. The more lipo, the more loose skin, so these are some things to consider before doing round 2. To be honest, these things are in no way Dr. Fisher's fault. At some point between 6 months post to 1 year post, I will officially decide whether or not Round 2 was worth it but so far, I'd say it was.

I do plan on fixing my butt dents and my butt assymtery issue at some point, but for now I will fix the easier issue, which is my abdominal skin laxity. I am getting a tummy tuck with Dr. Fisher, so stay tuned!

Link to Round 1 BBL review and pics:

Link to Round 2 BBL review and pics:

Just pics for now, detailed review to come...

I was told that the belly button looks like this initially, but will become smaller and more natural looking within a few months...

More pics

Just a quick update for you all... I still have my drains in because I'm draining over 25 ccs per 24 hours. I will update you all on the hell Vanity put me through, once I get the energy to type it all because it's alot. Having these drains in and not being able to lay or sit comfortably (because of the drains and fear of stretching the incision) is not fun, but manageable. Actually, the incision looks pretty good so far. I thought it would look worse. I will post more close up pics of the incision and of my belly button, as they heel more, especially since I didn't see any close ups of those from his other tummy tuck patients on here...so stay tuned!

Vanity Cosmetics and their Schemes

I apologize for the thesis below, especially since most of you are doing as much research as possible and the long reviews can sort of slow down that process because it takes more time to read, which then leads to skimming, and potentially missing out on crucial information. But, I just wanted to share everything with you all now that I am finally able to sit comfortably and type it all!

I got to Vanity three days before my surgery because I wanted to consult with the doctor, since I was told he does not work on Wednesdays and my surgery was on Thursday, so I saw him on Tuesday for my pre-op. Months prior to my surgery, when I booked my date, I called and said I wanted to get a tummy tuck and that I had a bbl 6 months prior. Returning customers get discounts, so my coordinator said that I would have to pay $2800 for the TT, so I made a transfer from my bank account to their bank account for $2800 that same day. Well, once I got to vanity, Claudia Fuentes (manager), claimed that I had to pay $4500 for my TT and I explained to her that I’m a returning customer and that my coordinator gave me that price. She said the tummy tuck is originally $5000 and that $4500 included a $500 discount. I was shocked, furious, devastated, all in one. I knew Claudia was foul since my bbl, but I didn’t know if it was to this extent. I spent almost 30 minutes in the office with her trying to see what I could do and she wouldn’t budge. She pretty much told me, in a calm yet rude way, that she could charge me whatever she wants and that she is choosing to charge me $4500. I don’t know if she wanted that $50 commission that I saw on her screen when she showed me her computer screen of the supposed discount I was receiving by paying $4500 or what, but she was definitely very matter-of-factly in a cold and heartless way. Some people take pleasure seeing people in situations like these and I honestly believe it was gratifying for her to see me squirm. I felt helpless and wanted to tell her a few words, but that wouldn’t help. I felt tricked and deceived. My pride was like get up and leave, but my loose abdominal skin said otherwise, not to mention what a complete waste it would have been to just leave and return back to my home state. Anyhow, I was left with no option but to pay the difference. They had the driver they use to bring girls to and from their RH take me all the way to their Broward location because they did not accept debit card transactions and only accepted direct transfers into their account at the Miami location. *That’s their conniving way of preventing you from putting a stop payment on the transaction if you pay by debit.* As soon as I got back home a week later, I called my bank to file a dispute with them and explained everything. My bank credited me back the extra that I paid and they are conducting an investigation into what I told them about vanity and vanity’s bank has 30 days to respond. I also provided them with tons of websites that provide information, customer complaints, and news stories about Vanity and their money-hungry schemes.

I got to Vanity on Thursday morning at 7am and they called me in the back at about 8am. They had me take a pregnancy test and then the medical staff woman took my pictures. When the doctor came in, he took more pictures. I don’t understand the point of taking pictures twice? Oh, and they take face pictures which doesn’t sit right with me. I asked why they do that and he said they take face pictures so they know who you are. Whether you realize it or not, they take face pictures :-/ They did that for my bbl and for my TT. After taking pictures, he marked me up, we spoke, and then the anesthesiologist came and put the IV in. We walked into the freezing operating room and then they had me lay down, face up. I told the anesthesiologist I was cold and he was like what I’m giving you will make you warm. In my head, I was like how is that possible. Then I realized that he was actually giving me the anesthesia. Lol. I don’t know what was the point of lying and saying this will make me warm, instead of telling the truth and saying this is the anesthesia.

I woke up the same way I fell asleep: freezing cold. Then, I needed to pee and the lady was pulling me up so hard and was shouting for me to get up. I was like why are you yelling at me and she made a rude comment about how the only thing I had left to do, were my boobs. She was so rude and was very rough when helping me up. I told one of the other ladies how terrible she was. She’s going to talk to the wrong one that way and there’s no telling what the person might do. The lady told me that everyone complains about her. So everyone complains about her, yet she still works there? Hmm. I bet if she knew I had someone with me, especially a man coming to get me, she would not treat me that way. They treat you with great respect when they know your family is with you, and especially if you are with a man. While I was inside of the bathroom, I called an uber to come and get me because I came alone. I got back to the post-op room and wanted to step outside for a little because it was so cold inside and the lady once again was yelling at me and telling me to sit down and not to go anywhere. I told her I was cold and she yelled that it didn’t matter and that I had to stay inside. A few minutes later my uber arrived and I was so happy to be out of there. I got lucky with my uber driver because he was so nice, opened the car door for me, took me to get my prescriptions, and was just really pleasant.

The next day, Friday, I had my post op appointment. A week later, I had my one-week post-op appointment. I got there at noon and waited three hours to see him. While I was in the waiting room I met several people. One girl, who is Dominican and speaks Spanish, told me that they told her whatever she can pay for her TT is fine and that was a big slap in my face, especially considering what I went through with Claudia Heartless. Language, culture, and other similarities among people, connect people. The fact that she speaks the same language as them, automatically puts her one step ahead in terms of privileges that she will receive as opposed to me since I speak other languages, with Spanish not being one of them. Then, I met another girl who pretty much explained to me how the day previously she cursed out everyone in vanity and explained how they treated her, increased prices on her etc. I met another girl who went through the same exact thing as I did and they increased the price on her once she got there too. Several people I met were complaining about how they had their surgery appointments scheduled for later in the evening and got there on time and had to wait like two hours just to have their surgery started and would end up leaving vanity at like 2am. They leave their front door unlocked all night long which is concerning, especially since they’ve done so many people wrong, who’s to say what can happen. Oh vanity, they never cease to amaze me…

Finally, Yuliet Rojas, his assistant called me but then I waited another 20 minutes inside of the room for her and the doctor! Why call me in only to have me stand in the room and make me wait some more? Anyway, the doctor said I was draining too much and that I had to cancel my flight. He said TT patients are supposed to stay a certain amount of time in Miami. I told him that no one told me this and that I wouldn’t be able to cancel my flight. Why was I not told this when I specifically asked when I put my deposit before I booked my flight? Yuliet and him were pretty much like I should stay longer, as if it would that easy for me to change my flight. The doctor left and Yuliet said she would be back to remove the belly button stitches. Why couldn’t she do it right then? It wouldn’t take that long. Oh and I don’t appreciate the fact that they can’t even give you a piece of gauze or bandaid when they remove stitches and your blood is dripping down your leg. Like wth? All they say is wash it with soap and water. Why can’t I get something to at least cover up the exposed incision? Like really? I have those things just not at the appointment with me…geez. Anyhow, back to what happened after they left. I waited another 30 minutes for her to get back! I really was so over them at this point. While I waited, I called my airline and ultimately, I could not change my flight. Anyway, my drains stayed in and even if I was able to change my flight to stay a few days longer, as they suggested, it would have been a waste because I was still draining 75 ccs three weeks post. One of the employees there said I should have vanity pay to switch my flight and I told her to tell them that and she said she couldn’t because they would take that money out of her paycheck. I also got my abdominal binder that day and the lady was like the system said you received your ab binder. I told her the system is lying because I did not receive my ab binder. I had it with them and I really could not deal with another one of their games but she did end up giving me the ab binder. After that, I was supposed to have two free massages with them. Last minute, they tell me that since I had a TT, I could only be massaged for an hour. Again, why wasn’t I told this before I was promised two free massages? I didn’t believe them at all. I think the massage lady wanted to go home because my appointment for the massage was at 5pm and she probably did not want to leave at 7pm, since each massage is an hour. During the so-called massages, she hinted to the fact that she wanted to go home, in the little English that she spoke. She used cocoa butter from the drugstore :-/and she didn’t do anything really. She honestly was just rubbing which I could have done myself. Are they even licensed massaged therapists?? No really, are they? Because that “massage” was sad. I guess it all worked out that I was only allowed an hour because I probably wanted to be out of there more than she did. Thankfully, for my bbl, I had much better and actual lymphatic drainage massages even though the person who did them treated many others and me poorly. Now I see why they say massages at vanity are garbage. In all, I was at vanity from noon until night.

For my bbl, I also had a morning appointment and they called me the day of my surgery in the afternoon, a week post-op, a week after that, and every month until 3 months post op to check on me. They also sent me instructions through the portal and by email prior to my surgery. *For my TT, they did none of that. They only called and left me a voicemail a week after surgery and that was it. That tells me one of two things, either they cater to their bbl patients or they don’t treat you the same once you’re a returning customer.* It also bothers me that you can’t reach the doctor directly and that you always have to speak to his assistant. If he could call to follow up, that would be even better, but it just will never happen at vanity. Regardless of whether results are good or bad, your patient should always be able to reach you and if they can’t then that is not ok, even if we paid $1,000 or $10,000 to have the surgery done. *Even if his results are good, I really have to ask why he would stay at a place like vanity even though he knows what’s going on there?* I called and spoke to Yuliet last week about fluid collection I’m having and the call dropped after a few minutes. She called me back twice, because I heard the voicemail messages once I got reception. I called her back and the lady who answered the call, said that Yuliet said she would call me back and to this day she has not called me back.

After having been at vanity twice, once for my bbl and once for my TT, I’m more able to see things about them that I might not have seen the first time I dealt with them. One girl on here said that it is the patient’s fault if they had a bad experience with vanity, but that is not true. Everyone is different and some will have better experiences than others. But what is certain are all the commonalities among the different reviews. Vanity is consistent about their schemes but inconsistent in their prices and their customer service. They treated me way differently the second time I dealt with them than the first time I dealt with them. Had I ate healthier and kept my body right, I probably would not have to deal with them in the first place. Now that my body looks much better than when I began this body transformation journey, I will continue to eat much healthier and continue to stay active like I recently have been. I will use all of this nonsense that I went through as my motivation.

Things to consider:
They switch their prices like no other and depending on who you talk to, you will get a different price, which is still subject to change once you arrive there. I believe they treat people of the same nationality and people who speak their language better and offer them lower prices. I also believe that when you go with someone and especially with a man, they treat you with respect. A lot of the stuff I went through, I probably would not have, had I gone with someone. I see how great the women who bring men, get treated and I firmly believe this. They have a huge turnover rate of their employees, which is a bad sign in itself and their employees disappear after you pay. I could go on and on and on, as this is only the tip of the iceberg with them. Then you have doctors allegedly not doing their own surgeries and getting help from assistants, and sanitary practices, but that’s a whole other topic. Given that they run schemes and games on their customers. Why can’t customers do the same? I’m not saying to stoop to their level but two can play that game and customers can be better at their game than they are. Maybe customers can call vanity and speak to different people, on different days, from different phone numbers (or block their own phone number), and call their three different locations (even if you want surgery done at the Miami location, you can still have a coordinator at another location). Customers can even use that privilege of speaking their language to get a good deal or have a friend who speaks their language to call or even threaten to go to spectrum as a way to get them to lower the price. These are just a few tactics that came to mind. It’s time for vanity to meet their match and have someone beat them at their own game. LOL!

A few links I gave to my bank about vanity not following their refund policy:




Other random thoughts:

Is it just me or do customers in the waiting room at vanity stare a lot? Lol.

And I didn’t realize how much people don’t speak English in that area of Miami. I really felt like I was in a different country, especially when I finally had to resort to speaking Portuguese to communicate. I know that’s a different language, yet similar, so it actually helped a little (just an observation)…

Close up belly button pic

I'm liking the flatness so far, but I still have swelling which is normal.

I started scar therapy at one month post, though I did start using oil on it at about three weeks post. I've been using everything I read about online to make the scar flat and to have it lighten up. I will continue to do scar therapy until it's barely visible (probably 1-2 years post) or longer if needed. My scar has been looking worse since my Dec 3, 2015 post, but that's because it's healing and has to go through the process of looking bad before looking better. Doctors on here say at six months post is when the incision looks it's worst.

My belly button still looks like a coin slot, but I'm praying it will start to look more natural.

Close up TT incision pics

In the first and second pic, that's not a compression garment, it's a body slimming suit that I got before I ever had any surgeries, so that I'd look better in a dress. If fits much looser now of course. I cut off the thigh compression part that it had.

In the third pic, I tried on the corset that I bought after my second bbl. I haven't even worn it much, but since I have a short torso (even though this particular corset was designed for people with short torsos), it hurt my hip bones when I wore it for a little after my second bbl and still now when I wore it for a few. I guess I would need a custom made one, given my bone structure, and not an off the rack one.

As for my TT incision, one side looks thinner than the other. The side that healed faster didn't experience as much stretching as the other side that took longer to close. Since that side stretched more because it took longer to close, the scar is thicker. I'm going to put anything and everything on this scar so that as time goes by it looks less and less visible!


Needle/Syringe and Corset

If anyone needs sterilized hypodermic needles and syringes that are still packaged, to drain a seroma that no other doctor will drain for you because you're not their patient, then inbox me. They came in 50 and I only needed a few to drain my seroma, but the rest are still packaged and I don't need them.

I'm also wanting to get rid of this corset because it doesn't work for my short torso.

Valentine's Day Lingerie

I'm still swollen and am patiently waiting on my final results. I realized that no matter how much lipo you get, no matter how much you work out, or even if you get a TT, your bone structure (i.e. ribcage), has a lot to do with the flatness of your belly. Your belly can only be as flat as your ribcage allows it, so if your ribcage is wide, your stomach won't be as flat as it could be like if your ribcage was narrow. If your ribcage is narrow, then your stomach will be much flatter. I guess that's why some people have gotten their ribs removed lol...Wearing a corset for an extended period of time, like 12-24 hours per day, is another option that can move the ribs and make them more narrow and less wide, so I'll have to get a custom made corset to do so, since my off the rack one felt uncomfortable.

The same applies to body shape post bbl. I wanted low hips when I had my bbl's, but I have a short torso, so low hips would be impossible because my bone structure would not allow it since my hip bones are high, due to my short torso...It's interesting how you have to learn these things on your own, through experience, when your doctor does not tell you.

Oh, and I'm going to do reasearch on umbilicoplasty surgery, just in case my belly button shape remains to resemble a coin slot.
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