5'8, 145 Pounds, 23yr Old, Breast Lift with Implants - Miami, FL

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So I've been looking into getting this procedure...

So I've been looking into getting this procedure done for a few years now. I've actually had a couple of consultations before with different doctors but they were rude and rushing me. So that was a red flag. I almost went through with one of them but a sudden move came and I needed the money for that which was really upsetting because I was so close. Now looking back I'm glad that I didn't go through with it because I would have gone way too big. I found Dr. Ortega on here after seeing his results on his patients I was like yesssss. My breasts don't have any upper pole fullness.. Or lower. They make me feel really self conscious and I'm always in a push up bra which doesn't even help because honestly like what am I pushing up. I don't even like being topless in front of my boyfriend, even though he doesn't care but I do. I've waited for this for sooo long. Right now I'm in the process of setting everything up with Ana, my care coordinator via email since I work full time and I'm just too tired to call once I get home. Just have to pay the deposit to lock in my date which I will do next weekend. So excited! Oh I forgot to mention I live in NY and will be traveling to FL. Most likely alone, unless bf joins me. Will upload before pictures and wish pics tomorrow. :)

Before pictures ????

Some before shots. Just no fullness and I definitely need a lift.I got quoted 5k for silicone, but I'm not sure whether I want saline or silicone! I used to be so set on silicone but I like the thought saline now. Is there really much of a difference? Hmmmmm. Well I have a week to decide because I'll be making the deposit next weekend!


So my boyfriend will be joining me which means I don't have to stay in a recovery house, alone. So excited. :)

Wish pics!

A girl can dream lol

More before pics

Trying to lose 10 pounds before! So far so good. I'm financing my surgery and got my care credit card today in the mail. Exciting. Will pay the deposit soon and hopefully have a date set. I'm so happy my boyfriend is coming with me. He's the best.

Date set and deposit paid.

January 20th!! Gives me time to save up for the stay in Miami! So excited! Now it feels more real that it's actually happening. I had a couple of consultations a couple of years ago in the past. The first was terrible. I took a bus for like 11 hours and get there, find out that I wouldn't be able to have the surgery because I needed a lift that I wasn't aware of and the doctor was so rude and was asking me personal questions about what I do for a living. (Trying to sniff out if I had enough money for the lift) and then proceeded to tell me that what I was doing with my life wasn't good enough. So unprofessional. The next one was okay but rushed. I had to cancel it because I was moving countries. Now almost 2 years later here I am and its happening. I've wanted this for so long. I can't wait. :)


How do you ladies deal with it? My boyfriend told his mother about my BA (with my permission) and that he'd be accompanying me to Florida and she had plenty to say. She went off on me. She asked me why I was doing it and that I didn't need it and why would I go to an out of state surgeon. I'm pretty sure that's my business. She even said I wouldn't be able to breast feed, which is untrue. I mean it's worse than how I describe it. I'm just really bad at emphasizing stories lol. She was trying to sway his decision in joining me. I feel like everyone has that kind of person in their life. Regardless, I'm not changing my mind.

Recovery house

So my boyfriend might not be able to join me. I was reading that I'd have to stay in Miami a week after surgery? I don't know why I was under the impression it was 4 days. He won't be able to stay that long. Has anyone stayed at a recovery house? What are they like? Are they expensive?


I didn't realize how expensive recovery houses were. I saw 1k+ for a week at one house and the others aren't pretty far off that price. I mean the reason why I am traveling to Miami is 1. It's affordable and 2. I love the surgeon. I really hope my boyfriend will join me! 4 days is the max he can go because of his job. I really can't cough up at extra grand. Fingers crossed. Anyways I'm so mad at myself. I gained 5 pounds over thanksgiving! I was doing so well. I got to 139 and now I'm back to 144. Losing weight sucks. It doesn't help that this is in the break room at work! Literally every day. I have a pretty strong resistance game but come onnn. I'm only human.

Surgery no more

For anyone who was following my review I'm actually not getting it done in Miami anymore. Going with a doctor that is closer in NY, where i live. I literally felt like I was a number and not a person. I know they're extremely busy and popular but still. I also feel more comfortable being in my home state. Found the perfect Doctor and he's so knowledgeable. So far I've had a phone consultation with him and I have an in real life consultation next Monday so I'm really excited. I might do a new review but we'll see.

So glad I didn't go to Miami

I guess fate was on my side. I lost my 500 deposit which was ridiculous. There was such a lack of coordination from everyone. I didn't even get to speak the the doctor. All red flags so I just decided to cancel. I wanted to be closer to home so I found a new doctor who was fantastic. I've had my breasts done now, I'll be starting a new review. :)
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