5'7 Brazilian Butt Lift 155lbs. Miami, FL

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Well I guess its time that I started my own review...

Well I guess its time that I started my own review since I've been reading everyone else's on here for years! I've wanted a big butt for as long as I can remember and wanted the brazilian butt lift ever since I heard of its existence on DR 9021 on the E! channel! I've always been tall and thin and just love the look of curvy "thick" women. Well, I hit 25 and finally my metabolism slows down. Problem is, I'm gaining weight n all the wrong places! This is not what i've had in mind! well, all the better for my desired bbl! Since I've been wanting this as long as I have and considering how much it costs I figure go big or go home! I want a big ASS! kim k, nick minaj results! (ok I know thats a little much but you get the idea. ill be telling my doc to go as big as possible with how much fat i have) So, so far I've had a consolation with Schulman, I really liked him and his results, problem is he's very pricey. I was quoted 13500 and thats not including arms which I've recently decided I want. So now I'm looking at Salzhauer problem with dr miami is I have the money now, I want the surgery now and I understand he has about a 6month wait list? ugh I have a 'virtual consolation' in about 2 weeks I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that miraculously he'll have an opening for me in May (yeah right, right?). I guess I should start putting my feelers out for any one who has an upcoming date with dr s who wants to postpone it about 6months?? ehhh??

Del Vecchio?

Ok, so reading reviews on here and watching Dr miami's popularity and wait list grow before my eyes I'm starting to accept that dr salz is no longer a possibility. I've been wanting this for so long and now that I have the money theres no way I'm waiting a YEAR! I'm not getting any younger and I'm sick of being fat! I've put on damn near 20lbs for this surgery, I need to put it to good use asap!
Which brings me to Del Vecchio.. thank you to @boomingtail for the recommendation! I checked him out, really liked his work, emailed him some nekid pics and he called me himself within a couple hours! Contrary to what i've read on here I found him very personable. Maybe their office has been reading all the bad reviews about his demeanor and decided to step it up! lol but it seemed genuine to me. Maybe I'm just used to the east coast attitude. He spent a good time on the phone with me, answered all my questions and said his coordinator would email me the next morning with a quote. I will say the quote took a week to get but I did notice from his instagram that he was out of town so I won't hold it against him. I was quoted 9300 but it didn't say what areas of lipo that included. Dr DV did give me the impression over the phone that he would do as much lipo necessary to give me the results i want (2000cc). I told him i wanted me chin lipo'd too and he said that it wouldn't be included in the bbl cuz its only a couple of tablespoons of fat and isn't gonna impact the size of my ass which makes since. However, I cant tell if the chin lipo is included in the quote, its not itemized. I will say though that I like his approach of taking fat from wherever he needs it in order to give desired results unlike every other dr I've come across that tags on another grand for each area. He said he'll take fat from wherever he has to but I don't want it taken from my thighs. I think thats one sure way to spot a fake ass; little chicken legs holding up a big ol donkey booty looking like they're gonna snap! I'll have to remember to ask him if he still thinks he can get 2000ccs without my thighs. Ummm thats all for now just waiting to here back from his coordinator if the quote includes chin lipo or not! any input or advice is appreciated. Im pretty sure I've read all the DV reviews on here but if any one wants to point me towards a particularly good (or bad) one that would be great!

Hughes Brazilian Butt Lift

Hey guys I wasn't originally planning on doing a review but at this point I'm really in need of reassurance ???????? I'm almost 8 weeks post opp and I'm starting to think I just wasted over 13k. I chose Hughes because I've seen first hand that he gives amazing results! I was so excited when I woke up and was told I got 1500ccs!! And was in LOVE w my ass until about week 5 then it started going down and down.., and down ???????????? literally I feel like this is not a $13000 ass. Even my friends and family say they can't really see a difference. Please you guys give me some feed back! I've been reading reviews for years

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