5'7 202 Lbs Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr. Sergio Alvarez - Miami, FL

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I received a date for January 3rd, the price was...

I received a date for January 3rd, the price was $4100. My Coordinator Lizbeth told me to put a $300 deposit before Friday 9/24/16,after Friday the price next year will be for $4800. She told me for the best results loose 7 pounds but my goal is to loose 20. I never knew my body looked this bad. I can't wait to have some ass lol

Where Did You Stay if You Chose Not to Do a Recovery House?

Where did you stay if you chose not to do a recovery house? Me &
my boyfriend will be flying out Monday 1/2/17. I was thinking bout a
hotel next to spectrum but how will he cool for me ? I'm also
considering RENTING from AIRBNB . Any suggestions ? Also if anybody knows of a good cheap nurse , please let me know


I'm going to loose 20 pounds so I can have better results. These are my wish pics. I'm going to send them to my coordinator & ask her if Dr. Alvarez feel these are realistic.

Shit Just Got Real Lol

Okay so I paid $300 today to lock in my price and shit just got real lol. There is no turning back now ! I can't believe I'm really about to do this ! I'm looking for hotels close to spectrum if anybody knows of any since my boyfriend don't wanna do the Airbnb thing. I've also came across my ultimate wish pic

Have anybody stayed at Love Shows a Recovery House in Miami???!

Have anybody stayed at Love Shows a Recovery House in Miami???! I don't see any comments on their page on ig & they have a really package deal that includes all supplies including a boppy pillow & 3 massages. I'm a little skeptical, has anybody stayed here ?

Weight Update !!

Current weight is 198. It's been a while since I've been under 200 pounds. I originally started off at 214. 3 more pounds to go until I reach the weight spectrum wants me to be at. 18 more pounds to go until I reach my goal !!

I wish I had a friend who was doing the procedure with me

I wish I had a friend who was doing the procedure with me . It's literally all I think about and I wanna talk about it. My friends get tired of talking about it. I know because they always change the subject lol. If anybody wants to text or email let me know

Official Date

So apparently the $300 deposit is to lock in your price , I called Lizbeth with a few questions and she asked if I wanted to lock it my date which is a $500 deposit. So technically I still owed $200. My date is officially locked in lol . Spectrum only requires your hemo to be at 12. Also i have the nexplanon birth control (arm implant) she said I don't need to get it removed just let the anesthesiologist know the day of my SX. I'm currently looking for cheaper flights lol right now they're $438. One of the dolls I met on ig informed me of this app called hopper it lets you know when the flights are going to drop in prices & when they'll go back up. Download it ladies, if anybody wants to follow my SX Ig page it's @alvarezdoll2017

Update on RH & Flights

So I'll be staying at Love Shows Recovery House, GOLD PACKAGE
$(7days 6 nights= $1575)
3 meals(Home cooked meals)
24hr care, Daily Laundry,WiFi,
Transportation(airport/doctor), Minisnack Bar, (3)Dresses Socks,Slippers,
All Recovery Supplies, Abboards, Lipo Foams, Prescription Pick up, Beach Day and 3 Massages. I'll be making my deposit once I book my flight ! Im tempted to do so now lol but I'll wait. I wanted to make a payment on my SX but Spectrum Is closed due to Hurricane Mathew ???? Lord Be With Miami especially Future & Recovering Dolls, Surgeons, Coordinators, Recovery Homes & everyone who's away from home. Still watching my flight on hopper it went down to $380 but I missed it. It should go down again a little cheaper.

Natural Booty VS Booty Greed

I see alotta of Post Op Dolls who've said they want a natural booty going for round 2. I guess they got booty greed & I know Ima be the same way lol. I feel I'm already wide so I don't want alotta hips just a little. Hips not laterals ! & I want projection ! An upside down heart no shelf !!


So I scheduled a doctors appointment for today because I have history of anemia & i wanted to see what my levels were so when I take my labs December 5th there is no problem. They did a finger prick & my hemo was 11.7 but they also went a tube of blood to the lab for more accurate results. Alvarez requires a 12 so I'm not too far away. I've been taking 65mg iron the last 10 days & she said that isn't enough so she prescribed me 325mg , 2-3 times a day as well as stool softners because they make me constipated lol. I'm shooting for a 14 many dolls says your hemo drops while flying & my flight is 5 hours.

Follow Up Doctors Appointment

So after my doctor sent my blood to the lab, my hemo came back at 12. She told me I didn't need to continue the iron but if I chose to I should only take 325mg 1 time a day . Ima continue it because I don't want it to drop. Ima take it 1-2 times a day. I was originally considering staying at Love Shows Recovery home but I think Ima go to Curvy Angels . It's $175 per night & $60 per night for my guest . She also sells Diane fajas for $90 & her dolls get a discount for massages at MyBodyContour. They're $75 if you wanna purchase extra, but her package comes with 2. So I'll be saving about $325 staying with her, the only thing is I'll have to purchase my own dresses & things which i prefer anyways. Follow my sx instagram: alvarezdoll2017

Curvy Angels Recovery House !!!

Has anybody stayed here ? I saw her get into it with somebody on instagram where she ended up putting the dolls out in the hurricane, I thought that was very unprofessional ! Also I heard somebody say something about her food being salty ? Lol the food pics she post on instagram aren't very appealing either but she is moving from a condo to a house & she's having a $100 a day special ! You can't beat that lol I'll have to pay for my own bbl pillow, massages & etc but it includes basic supplies. I'm thinking about taking advantage of this offer ! If you know anybody or have stayed her please let me know !

Recovery House & Supplies

Okay Dolls so I booked Curvy Angles Recovery Home for $930 , I'll be staying 6 days. It's $100 per day for me & $55 per day for my sister. This was the best rate I've found so of course I took advantage of it . I've order my lipo foams, ab board and lumbar molar ( back board ) from shapedcurvy.com. Their Ig is @shaped_curvy. Shipping takes about 4 days to get to California. I ordered the butterfly ab board covers more area than the regular ab board, the package was $70 but they were having a 10% off special which basically covered shipping. I found an affordable BBL pillow, not boppy ! BBL pillow it's $60 for the regular size and $65 for the extra large. The Ig is @bblbumbooster and the website is bblbumbooster.com. You can follow me me on instagram @alvarezdoll2017. Until next time Dolls


I've been online shopping around for supplies, the female urinal on amazon is like $6.39 for the cheapest one, I found the same exact urinal on Ali express, of course shipping is going to take longer but I have time :) Also i brought a black Maxi dress on Ali express as well for $9.36 including shipping and 2 pairs of compression socks for 1.85 each. Idk what size is going to fit best so I brought a Medium and XL lol. Come to think of it Ima also order a Dark Blue and Burgundy Dress. Can't beat the price.

BBL Bum Booster Pillow

So my bbl bum booster from Instagram: bblbumbooster and website bblbumbooster.com just arrived. It cost me $66 with shipping ( 10% discount ) she has them all the time. It's the same pillow as the bbl pillow I kid you not ! It's super firm, but soft. I love it, I placed it right under my butt and as you can see it's elevated a few inches. I highly recommend this pillow. Feel free to ask me any questions, follow my Instagram at alvarezdoll2017. If your requesting me from a personal page just dm me and let me know you got it off RealSelf because normally I don't approve personal pages.

More Supplies

So I purchased my zip up Robe from Walmart for $7. Also purchased some more dresses on Ali Express. I have received 2 outta 4 . The quality is great and it was cheap. I'm waiting on my compression socks and urinal.

20 Days Left

Shit is starting to get real ladies , I have 20 Days left. My blood work was cleared. I'm scheduled to have my Medical Clearance on December 19th with my PCP. I'm currently between 196-198 . I wanna be 190 for surgery. I mainly update on my Instagram page. Follow me @Alvarezbeauty. Feel free to dm me, ask questions and etc.

Alvarez No Longer Operating At Spectrum

Ladies when I say I'm pissed ! I'm highly upset. Dr.Alvarez is no longer practicing at Spectrum. They're trying to stick me with Ortega for the same price. He gives square bootys ! I refuse to go with him. They also said I can go with Ghurani, but id have to pay $1900 extra like wtf , my sx is in 2 weeks. That's not an option. Alvarez said he's honoring deposits we paid at spectrum but half of my sx is paid off. I have to wait til Monday to see what's going on, ugh

New Doctor !!! Dr. Rami Ghurani

As y'all know Alvarez isn't at spectrum anymore so I had a few choices, either get a refund back from spectrum and go to his private practice or switch to either Ortega or Ghurani. Y'all know how I feel about Ortega Square booty giving ass ! He was most definitely a know. I Looooove Ghurani, he was actually my first choice so of course I'm going with him ???? I've signed my contract. Luis from spectrum said I've been cleared but I haven't received my email yet so I will be calling in the morning. 11 days til I fly to Miami and 12 days til surgery. I'm excited ????
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