53 Yr. Old, Four Kids, in Need of Tummy Tuck. Miami, FL

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Well, I've finally decided to have a tummy tuck!...

Well, I've finally decided to have a tummy tuck! I'm in the research stage right now. I will be traveling to FL for my procedure (live in u.s.) and was wondering if you have any suggestions for great Drs or equally valuable advice on Drs to stay away from. Thank you in advance. I will post before pics when I get a date.

Extended Tummy Tuck w/ lipo on flanks

Hey Ladies, I'm booked! Just scheduled my surgery for June 29 with the master, Dr. Ortega at Spectrum. I am a 53 yr old mom of 4 with the stomach to prove it. This will be an emotional journey but I have found wonderful support on this site. Will keep you up to date on my journey!

Tummy Tuck 29 days and counting!

Hi all,
29 days til surgery! My surgery is scheduled for June 29th. I can't wait. I'm definitely nervous and have had some pretty weird dreams so for now, I try not to think about it. When the day gets closer, I'll probably be a mess, but I am not turning back. This procedure is long overdue. I workout regularly and could do stomach exercises til the cows come home and never have a flat stomach. Four kids later, it's time!! Support, words of wisdom, advice, I'm open to it all. Thanks in advance!

Can't wait! I am 53 years old with four grown...

Can't wait! I am 53 years old with four grown children. I have contemplated this procedure for years and am finally taking the plunge! Looking forward to more figure flattering clothing. I'm too self conscious of my stomach right now. Will keep updating as my date approaches and will follow up with before and after pics!

15 days and Counting!

I'm getting so close to my TT date. Stocking up on loose fitting comfy dresses to make life easier. Will probably save most of my shopping til 2 days before as I will be traveling to Miami for surgery so will buy things when I get there. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I will upload pics soon of before, but can't wait to show the "after." Stay tuned

FOUR Days and counting!

Hi all,
In just four short days I will be having my TT surgery. I am so excited to be getting back to my pre baby shape. I'm not too nervous. I will be meeting with Dr. Ortega on Tuesday for my own piece of mind. Stay tuned for updates! Woo hoo!!!

Tummy tuck one day post op

Hey all,
Just a quick update. One day past op. I definitely feel better than yesterday. And looking forward to Friday, two.days post op. Going to sleep now, rest works wonders,

5 days post op Tummy tuck

Ok, so yesterday was not a great day. It started out fine but soon enough I began have serious trapped gas and bloating. I didn't dare take my binder off because it felt as though my stitches would literally tear. Long story short, today is the fifth day and I'm back on track. I stopped my pain meds and am just taking Tylenol for pain as needed. I couldn't be happier with my results! Dr. Ortega is the "bomb!"
I still have much swelling but it already looks a amazing and I can't believe it's actually my stomach that I'm looking at! Finally, here are some pics. I will post more recovery pics later.

11 Days Post op

Feeling pretty darn good. Recuperating at home now. I went to a cookout last night and even did a little dancing. I also made 11 centerpieces for a baby shower that I will be attending today. You definitely have to listen to your body. It will definitely tell you when it's ready for a rest. My drains are still in, will prob be removed on Wednesday. The only real pain I feel the super tightness in my stomach, and occasionally in my abs when I don't get up properly. I am almost completely upright now. I will say, I didn't take into account the pain you will feel in your back (lots) to compensate from not being fully upright. I ice my belly at least once a day because it just feels good. Will post new pics once my drains are out. I'm still not used to my new body yet and feel as tho I'm looking at someone else! Would do this again in a heartbeat, just glad I don't have to!

17 days post op

Well I'm making great progress! I have always had a high energy level and I am feeling pretty energetic at this point. I went back to work 2 weeks post op. I am a florist and am on my feet all day. I worked a 5 hour shift for my first day back. I will say, my back was definitely starting to bother me, but I took Bayer back and body and it truly is a wonder drug. Took the pain away. When I got home, I was done for the day. Not that I was tired, but I knew that my body needed down time. I put my feet up for the rest of the day pretty much, and iced my belly. I have been icing it every day, late afternoon and it makes me feel so much better. The tape on my stitches is still there and I will let it fall off on its own. My drains were removed (by my husband????) at two weeks and they are starting to scab up. Today I did some weeding in my garden, planted some window boxes and cleaned my craft room. Not bad for 17 days post op. Every day is a better day and I'm looking forward to the day my belly isn't swollen and I can begin exercising again. I'm not going to rush that though, I've come to far to have any setbacks. Will post some updated pics soon!

26 days PO

Hi All
Am finally posting some updated pics. Things are moving along great. I went kayaking on Saturday, relax, I didn't actually paddle, well I did a little just to see how I felt but I was in a double and my husband did almost all the work. went to a concert on Sunday and was totally fine. Shopped for a few hours today and no problems. At 3 weeks I started wearing spanx type undergarment with my binder over them and although snug, I feel so good with them on. It's even helping the puffiness in my scar. The binder is like a security blanket (even tho u should be wearing it) because it gives me confidence as far as accidentally bumping my stomach. I just bought scar away strips which I will be trying for the first time. I like the idea of them because you are not putting clothing over the wet gel. Does anybody have any comments good or bad about it?

12 weeks

Just wanted to post some before and after pics. Truly amazing! I feel great, still have swelling but I know eventually that will stop, I'm trying to be patient. I really have no limitations at this point. No regrets!!

Dr. Mel Ortega is the bomb! I did so much research on Drs and tummy tucks. I new for sure that I would def have the surgery, I just had to find the right dr. I conversed with quite a few folks on real self, and that sealed the deal on my choice of Dr. Ortega. I couldn't be happier with my results and I'm only 11 days post op. Dr. Ortega has a wonderful bedside manner. He made me feel completely at ease and his staff is super friendly if not a bit disorganized. The only criticism I will make is: I wish the website was more organized or that after your surgery they gave you a packet containing home care for after surgery and what you could typically expect. I was told many things of which I knew I wouldn't remember and could not find my answers on his website. If you want to save paper, it would be helpful to have a link for all patients post op, with answers to all questions per your type of surgery. Just saying. One other comment, I called his office twice over the weekend after surgery and nobody returned my calls. I was in his office on Tuesday for a follow up and when I got back to my hotel, I received a return phone call from my weekend message. Not cool! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ortega as your dr of choice!

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