47 Year Old getting Liposuction with Possible Fat Transfer - Miami, FL

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I had a breast augmentation/ implant done by Dr....

I had a breast augmentation/ implant done by Dr. Ortega last year. I live in New York and decided to do it in Miami because the price was right and I had a sister living in Miami who would let me stay at her place post surgery. I now want to get liposuction with fat transferred to the buttocks. I sent my pictures in and I was told I didn't have enough body fat.

I Went for Anther Liposuction, Dr. Ortega Recommended Tummy Tuck Instead

I was a patient of Dr. Ortega a year ago, got an breast augmentation. I decided to return to him for a BBL/Liposuction. I live in New YORK City and I did my research on the procedure, so i was ready!!! I had sent my pre- op pictures to Stephanie ( the consultant) and she said that Ortega didnt think...from looking at my pictures, that I had enough fat for Lipo. But since he needed to see me first, he would determine the best option. I was told I needed to gain 15 pounds of fat! I am a healthy woman, who works out, and a weigh about 165 lbs...I wasnt happy to think I had to put on extra pound but I decided I would indulge on foods that I would not normally eat to pack on the extra weight. Well..On August 24th, I arrived for my pre op. I was nice toe see Dr. Ortega gain as I feel confident that he will listen and do the job. But then he said that I do not have fat...I have a lot of loose skin, and that no amount of workout or crunches would get rid of that stubborn skin that rolls over when I sit down..Now my back story. I am 47 and have a 24 year old son. I have always worked out and never had a big stomach. I was concerned of the skin that rolls over when sitting and wanted a more sculpted curve around my waist to a achieve the FABULOUS at 50 look in 3 years, haha! So when doctor Ortega suggested a tummy tuck, I literally cried! I came all the way from NYC, thinking I was going to get one thing, only to be told.."thaat's not going to work for you" He said that he was not forcing me to do something that I do not want, and explain the skin that I had was a trouble area. I never did any research on tummy tucks and felt the need to make the biggest decision of my life right there and then. SO I if he could remove as much fat as he could between my thighs, arms, Uppr back and transfer to my butt. He said he could do a mini tummy tuck as well. During that meeting, I called my fiance who was in NYC to get his feedback. My guy told me that I shouldnt do it and to come home if I am not comfortable. "You look fine just the way you are" he said. That was sweet, but i knew that I needed to do what would ultimately make me happy...so I agreed to the mini tummy tuck with fat transfer and BBL. Ok...I did it, I'm alive, I survived and I am now 7 weeks post op. The pain was excruciating, I had to sleep on my sides!!! I had the drains hanging out from the left and right sides. I felt as if I was in shackles.. I couldnt wait for the 16 days to come to have the drains removed. I couldnt find a doctor who would remove them for me in NYC...But luckily they came out on their own. But thats when I developed Seroma. I looked 6 months pregnant!!! I sent Ortega video to ask if it was normal, and thats when he directed me to return to have the liquid drained. I was told that some ppl develop this and that it is not life threatening and that with aspiration, it goes away. I continued to wear the garment and a board to help flattened my stomach. But by the time I went back to see Ortega, the seroma disappeared! He said it could have been the board that helped and to keep massaging to help the bulge go down. Today my tummy is much flatter but I still have a little bulge that I hope goes away. He told me to give it 2-3 months and that my stomach will be flat. So let's check back in December. If it does not go down, I will be an unhappy camper. I still highly recommend Ortega, He is personable, and gets the job done.

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