35 Yrs Old.. Mother of 4 Beautiful Kids 18,9,6,3 (In Need of Tummy Tuck) - Miami, FL

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I finally made up my mind to get a tummy tuck...3...

I finally made up my mind to get a tummy tuck...3 natural births & 1c-section...My kids totally stretched my stomach to the point where I don't see any results from working out @ the gym.. I wear a girdle faithfully everyday to hold in my stomach (so tired of wearing girdles)... its so embrassing for someone to ask how many months pregnant are you? I got to the point where I played along with being pregnant (people can be so cruel) I can't wait to finally join the flat side
Countdown 06/24/2014 TT, MR, Hernia Repair

Pictures of the Tummy

Had my pre-op appt
Count down time!!!
6/24 is coming so fast
I'm getting nervous!!!
Plz keep me in prayer RS friends!!

Waiting for lab results (nervous my iron is too low) :-(

Waiting for lab results (nervous my iron level is too low) :-(
Praying I don't have to reschedule my date 6/24
22 days away
Please let my results be okay
Any suggestions RS Family!!!!
Please Help!!!!!!

labs results are back

My lab results are back
My cbc is off
Need to see specialist to get cleared for surgery. ..im so pissed
My ps said I still have time to get my levels up
Plz say a prayer for me
Rs family

My Blood level is 10 (need to be 12) I'm considering changing my surgery date

My blood level is 10 (I'm anemic) I need to be a 12 for surgery 6/24..
I went to specialist whom started me on strong dose of hemax pills twice a day for 1 week (If that doesn't bring up level) The following week He will give me iron thru IV For 3 consecutive days to bring level up for surgery 6/24 I'm thinking of changing my surgery date.. In don't want to feel stressed out before surgery trying to get my levels up super fast

I changed my surgery date (its official)

I changed my surgery date (its official) my New date is July 10th!!!
I have few extra weeks to bring up my iron levels for surgery
Without being stressed out rushing

My period came 1 week early (stress)

My period switched up
And came 1 week early (stress)
Which means I will be on my period day of surgery (I'm soooo pissed) did any of my RS family have there period during surgery? Should I change my date again 7/10
I dont know what to do! !! Not happy! !!

"My Nerves" I had a bad dream last night

I'm getting super nervous
I had a dream last night
My results were not Good
I was crying in my dream
When I woke up I was holding my stomach.
Must be my nerves RS family

Countdown time 7/10
Please keep me in your prayers!!!!

Anemic!!! My CBC level is now 10.8

Anemic!!! My CBC level is now a level 10.8
Thank you Lord!!!
I started off with level 8

happy 4th of july

Happy 4th of July
RS Family. ..Enjoy!!!!
Countdown until my surgery 7/10
6 more days to go!!!!


I'm on the way to the Hospital
Showtime today
Plz keep me in your prayers

I made it to the Flat-side

I made it to the Flat-side
I will update you more later
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is very informative and caring I feel comfortable with him

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