35 Yrs Old 4 Kids Umm Id Like my Body Back

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I've found real self very helpful in my journey...

I've found real self very helpful in my journey for a doctor. I have 4 kids and I was always able to get my self together but #4 did a number on me :)! Any way I've been looking into doctors for the past 3 yrs. I thought dr Hernandez in DR was amazing and had my heart set on him till I found DR- Lipo! I book my surgery today even tho I have about 8 months to go! :)

Change my date!!!

I wa able to switch my date from May 18,2016 to December 11,2015!
I'm so excited but so nervous but I ant wait! I have 4 kids and I just want my body back and so I can get back in track with taking care of me! I've always had a boxy shape so finally I will have a nice shape! Too excited :)

Changed my date :)

In going in March for my sx :) I'm hoping to find more ladies going to Dr Lipo!!

Change my doctor :)

So I'm going to DR. I'm working with a consultant company and they got my quote with in the same week so DR Duran it is!

Changed everything!

I've been researching so much, had to rethink a lot of things! I decided to stay in NYC! I've been following Dr. Delvecchio for a while now and follow so many girls on Instagram that are happy with him and their results. So I researched him and he seems amazing (for me) I had my consultation (first face to face with sx Doctor) and I'm waiting in my quote to book my date! I'm hoping to get in ASAP! I met this doctor and even tho it was a fast visit he made me feel so comfortable. He was so welcoming and realistic and I appreciate that! I will keep posted because this time it's really happening! I'm ready ????

June 8th 2016 it is!!!

I'm so excited but nervous! After receiving my quote I waited no time and booked my surgery!! With surgery less than 2 week away I'm just hoping all goes well! I got all my supplies and prepared my home for my recovery. I can't wait to get the recovery done with lol

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