35 Yr Old Mother of 3 Finally Getting a Mommy Makeover! - Miami, FL

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I've been dreaming of getting my stomach repaired...

I've been dreaming of getting my stomach repaired since the birth of my children 11 years ago. I had a son and then twins less than a year later. Now is the time, finally! I e been researching and have decided on Dr. Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami. It is going to be quite a process flying across the country, but his reviews are amazing and I feel like I am getting the best bang for my buck. I am planning to undergo an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks as well as breast augmentation. It's a little scary to think about spending this much money on myself, but I think it will be worth it!

Starting my planning process now so I will keep you informed!

Before pictures!

Surgery is scheduled with Dr Ortega for 7/1/16! Aah!!! I can't wait! Just booked my reservation with Keyla's Recovery House as well as my plane ticket and down payment for my surgery. Current stats are 5'6" 140lbs 36-28-37. I'm planning on getting 400-450cc HP saline implants and an Extended Tummy Tuck with Muacle repair and lipo. Hoping for great results!

My wish pics!

Looking through images like crazy! Hoping for awesome results. Still not 100% sure on my BA cc size but leaning towards 400-450cc. I'll find out what the doc suggests. Here's my hopes!

Making payments and plans!

Today I'm paying my surgery in full! Whoa! I spoke with my parents and let them know I was planning the procedures. They're very supportive as they know I've wanted this for so long. It's weird to talk about. I definitely have those feelings of guilt in spending so much on myself.

As for planning, I think I'm going to push back my flight and stay one extra night. I'm booked with Keyla's Recovery House and my flights are direct through Frontier at Miami International.

I've also been putting together a list of supplies. I think I may go ahead and buy some of those today too. I'll ipload my list to share with you guys. It's a mix of other reviews, Doctor recommendations, and forums most needed list!

Lastly, I started taking vitamin D and B12 supplements and am hunting for a primary physician this week. I plan to have a full physical and bloodwork done soon so Ivan work I anything that I may need to in the next 4 months to ensure I'm tip top shape for surgery! Did any of you have complications with your bloodwork pre-op?

Supplies Aquired and everything is booked!

Lots of supplies purchased!

Arnica Gel
Stool Softner
Bed pads
Unscented wipes
Tube top
Front zip sport bra
Cotton panties
Gauze pads
Surgical tape
Alcohol wipes
Pill case
Hot/cold packs (2 big ones)

Extras that I already have:
Band aids
Protein Powder

Here is my wardrobe as well. I figured it would be good to plan a minimal wardrobe that'll work well for recovery. The doctor recommended loose fitting dresses and button up shirts.

Spoke with my coordinator about questions and had my physical

I had a few questions, since I'm flying in from out of town. Candise, my coordinator is absolutely wonderful! Love her! Question #1 was about stopping in to pick up prescriptions to fill the day before. She said I could come in any time the day before. My pre-op appt with Dr Ortega is actually the day of and he will be able to let me know if he can do any additional areas of lipo. This is something I'm considering for my bra strap area.

Also, had my physical yesterday and told my primary Doctor that I was having a mommy makeover. She is so unbelievably supportive! She's really excited for me. She also examined my belly and said it will be really flat and I will have great results. It's nice to get positive feedback from medical professionals.

What size?

So I've been flip flopping back and forth about breast implant size. I've decided that I will make the final call at my pre op. My doctor has had amazing results with his breast augmentations. Originally, I had thought about 350-400cc but now I'm thinking more like 600! Go big or go home, right? I have just been really enjoying the fake look. The high round look.

Adding extra lipo?

So, I've been considering adoring some extra areas of lipo to my procedures. I think is like to have my back/bra strap area done and possibly some additional tummy lipo if the doc thinks it'll be a good idea. I just want the best results possible. Luckily, most of my fat is external so it should be easy to rid with lipo.

Bloodwork, off limits list, getting ready!

I'm less than a month away now! Today I got a call from Spectrum for Evelyn saying she was going to send over my lab paperwork so I can go and have that done. Hoping to donut over the weekend or first thing Monday morning. They said they should recover the results within 24 hours. Fingers crossed that things come out nicely!

Also had to quit smoking and stop taking any kind of meds or vitamins. Doc did say that I need to I can take Tylenol Extra Strength up until 48 hours before surgery.

26 days until I fly to Miami!

Wow it's starting to feel real! Did my bloodwork today. Evelyn was really quick with getting the paperwork over to me. I had to schedule my EKG for Monday with my primary care physician as no urgent care in the area would do JUST and EKG. Kind of annoying but it'll be fun to see my doc again. She's SO over the moon excited for me about my transformation.

I'm going through my clothes now to pull out what I'll need to pack. I'm also double checking my lists of supplies to make sure I'm not missing anything. I have to call my airline in the morning to double check that they will have wheel chair service for my return trip home. My sweet boyfriend has planned to pick me up and will be waiting inside upon my arrival home so he can get my luggage and everything. I'm really hoping that by day 9, I'll be up and about and able to get around alright.

How were you at 9 days post op?

Pre-op blood work and EKG - Cleared for surgery!

Omg you guys! I have been a nervous wreck waiting on my blood test results as Evelyn and Dr Ortega reviewed everything. I had a full panel blood test and EKG. I was notified today that I am officially cleared for surgery!

Over the moon!

Leaving in 3 weeks for Miami for this life changing surgery! I am so thankful!

The count down is here!

Less than two weeks until surgery! A week and a half until I leave for Miami! I can't believe it. I've been a bit frustrated since I've gained 5lbs since I quit smoking for surgery. I've been really good and haven't smoked in almost two months. But, the stress and anxiety and slowing metabolism is frustrating me a lot. At least I know that things will be great and I have something worth it to look forward to.

I've finished my shopping and had my hair and toes done. There's nothing better than feeing good about yourself before you know you'll look like hell for a couple weeks. Haha. I did the same thing in preparation for my twins to be born.

I'd love to know what other people's Must Have items are for recovery? What has been your life saver?

One week to go!

I can't believe that a week from today, I will be flying to Miami for my mommy makeover! The nerves and excitement are real!!! Last minute things I've picked up: a short satin robe to cover my naughty bits while prancing around the recovery house. (Okay, not really expecting to be prancing. More like geriatric shuffling.) Travel sized toiletries. (Tiny shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toothpaste.) Tote bag that will fit my purse, meds, and iPad. Whatever is easier for traveling to and from! Yay! I'm so excited!!!!

One week before BEFORE PICS

So, here is the dreads before pics. I'm one week pre-op. Here are my current stats. I've gained 5lbs over the last 6 weeks since I quit smoking.

I'm 5'6" 145lbs. My measurements are 37--29--38. My BMI is 22.6.

I can't wait to compare the AFTER pics!

Miami Bound!

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Miami. What a strange feeling. Small moments seep in and the full realization that this is happening hits me like a ton of bricks. I may have over packed, but I got it all into a carry on, so that has to count for something, right? When I arrive Keyla is sending a car to pick me up from the airport and transport me to the recovery house. Then I have to go to Spectrum to get my surgery time and pick up my prescriptions. I can't wait until Friday afternoon when I'm done and in recovery. I have a feeling that I will be homesick really quickly. Let's do this!

Tomorrow's the Day! Please pray and send good vibes!

Hey loves! I got my call that tomorrow I'm schedule for 5:30am! I sure hope Dr Ortega has had his coffee! Haha. I can't eat after 7pm tonight so I have to figure out what my "last meal" will be. Lol. Probably just some more protein and veggies or a protein shake. Signed off on my financials (paid in advance, they just needed a signed copy of my card). I also got all of my prescriptions and am waiting to run to the pharmacy to pick them up. Keyla is Amazing ya'll! If you want to feel at home while abroad, totally use her. Love her family and her puppies! I am totally missing my little girl, so having fur friends to cuddle was fun. But, they don't hang in the main area (for those of you with allergies). Keyla took me to breakfast this morning when I arrived and then cooked an amazing lunch (soup and salad with chicken). I feel so spoiled! I suppose that's all! Just have to go to bed early, get up and shower and not allowed to wear make up or anything. Hmmmm. Tomorrows pics won't be as glorious. ;)

I made it!

Hey everyone! I'm coherent enough to post now. Hahaha. I had. 5:30am appointment. Things went great. Took me a while to give a urine sample though since I couldn't eat or drink after 7:30 last night. They just run that to make sure you're not pregnant.

Then I went back at about 5:45am. The nurse took before pics and had me put on the compression sock, gown, footies and hair net. Dr Ortega came in and ran over things with me. He marked me all up. He basically said that I had so much skin, that he would be removing about a foots worth horizontally. He drew a line above my belly button and super low above my lady parts. He hashed out the flank area where he said he would do lipo.

We discussed over and under implant options and sizes. I showed him pictures of what I want and he said that is actually way better than saying a cc size. People often forget to account for the fact that they already have tissue. So, ladies.....when you go in, show your doctor pictures of the look you want to achieve and he will fit you. He said I didn't need a lift since my boobs are still high and symmetrical. He also said he would be doing a hybrid over/under instead of just one way or the other. He took the top thin layer of muscle tissue and put the implant under that. It doesn't hold it up high like full under the muscle but it also eliminates the possibility of bottoming out that can happen with Overs. I didn't even realize that was an option.

After that was all said and done, the anesthesiologist came in and ran through everything with me. About half way through, I heard Led Zeplin blaring from somewhere in the office. I walked with the anesthesiology a to the operating, and come to find it was my room! Dr Ortega loves his music! He's a guy at player and had his OR rigged with speakers so they can jam out while working. So I drifted off to sleep listening to Led Zeplin and Aerosmith.

The next thing I knew, I was awake and being put into the wheelchair to go home. Keyla and her hay and picked me up and we came back here. She gave me a couple Percocet for the pain and the I crash for a long time.

So, my boobs feel pretty great right now. My tummy is really sore. It feels like I did a million sit ups. Ortega had to do a lot of muscle repair so that's why it's SO sore. I've been laying here all day.

Had a protein shake with banana and I'm about to have some soup. I've been watching Orange is the New Black too. Hehe

My follow up appointment is on Tuesday because of 4th of July weekend. I'll definitely share extra pics. I can't wait to see how I look!

Up and about

Finally up and moving a bit. Went to the bathroom, walked around for about 15 minutes with a walker, changed clothes and had some soup. Life is good!

Day 2 Post Op - Holy pain Batman!

So, I hadn't considered how I might feel once the anesthesia wore off. Today has been rough! A lot more pain than day 1. I have heard that days 2 and 3 are the worst but then it gets better every day. I had to double up in pain meds today, and slept A LOT!

I attempted a lymphatic massage today, as we have a massage therapist that comes into the recovery house daily. I couldn't even climb up on the table. I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying for about 20 minutes. I can't get up in my own unless I'm sitting in a chair. So, I've spent a lot of time in this dining room chair with pillows on it.

I feel pretty swollen today and my boobs are definitely sweeping. Wild feeling, really.

Meals today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, fruit, a slice of toast
Snack: protein shake with strawberries and 1% milk
Lunch: salad
Fresh fruit
Pasta with ground beef
Dinner: pineapple cut up

That's all to report!

Day 3 Post Op

Today has been a LOT better than yesterday. Yesterday I was having some severe muscle spasms in my back and abs. Those hurt like crazy! I hadn't realized that it could happen.

Today I was able to get up out of bed in my own, and I've been walking quite a bit. My binder is feeling loose already. Tomorrow I believe Im going to shower and take off my garments to wash them. Hopefully, then I will had some Better pics for you!

Day 3 Post Op (let's try this again)

So, I realized I've been counting my days wrong! Haha. I had surgery Friday, so today (4th of July) would be 3 days post op, not 4.

I woke up feeling pretty darn good today! Unfortunately my period came a week early. Keyla told me that it's really common because of all do the hormones and stuff from surgery. I was really hoping to not have to deal with this until next week. Oh well! Lol

Other than that, I was able to get in and out of bed on my own. Sitting in a chair is still a lot easier though. But, at bed time and for naps I lay propped up with pillows.

Yesterday I didn't take any pain meds, only Tylenol. I did take one Percocet this morning because I'm had my first lymphatic massage and finally got to take a shower. I'm feeling good! Oh, and I got a sneak peek at my progress!!

Tomorrow is my post op appointment with Dr Ortega, so I'm hoping he can remove my drains early and things will go smoothly!

Don't mind the crazy swell hell I have going on in the pics today. I'm so excited at the changes even with the swelling!

4 Days Post Op-follow up appt.

Today I was able to see Dr Ortega for my first post op follow up. He said everything looks great and I'm healing nicely. I'm able to shower as frequently as is like. The doctor said to just wash my incision sites and belly button gently with antibacterial soap and then keep it clean and dry as it heals.

I have one more appointment on Thursday before I leave to fly back home. He said I'm probably not getting my drains out any time soon. But, I'm not as miserable with them as some people. One thing people don't mention is how Humber your stomach is after surgery. So the incisions and drains look painful, but you can't really feel anything. So it's all good!

They also gave me an implant card (you should always get one of you have implants). It's a card with the manufacturer numbers in case there are ever any issues with the implants. They also note how filled they are. Found out I have 560cc's in my implants! Hello Dolly! Hahahaha. I didn't think they were that big honestly until they told me that was the size. I definitely trust that he chose the right size for me.

Now for the TMI business.....I haven't gone to the bathroom (#2) since before surgery. So the doctor suggested I take something. I took a couple stool softeners and am upping my water intake in hopes to get things moving.

Day 5 Post Op - the good and the bad

Today I'm day 5 post op! Yay! I finally got a good nights sleep. I woke up with energy and feeling good. I also noticed for the first time, my stomach was flat this morning. Now, throughout the day the swelling comes and goes. But, it was so nice to see the possibilities of what I will look like when the swelling finally subsides! I also haven't had to take anything today for the pain. Oh, and yesterday I did manage to go to the bathroom with the help of a couple stool softeners and a bunch of water.

The bad: I have cabin fever!!! I've been lounging and eating and napping and watching WAY too much Netflix for my own good. I'm feeling homesick and counting the hours until I can go home.

But, all things considered, today is a good day. I'm blessed!

I had a massage today. (highly recommend lymphatic massages for anyone getting a tummy tuck!)

I finished Orange is the New Black. (Now to wait another dang year for the next season. Argh!)

I'm also still keeping up on my vitamins: Bromelain chewable tablets (4 per day), vitamin c chewable (1), gummies adult multivitamin (2 because gummies are yummy), and 4 dissolving Arnica tablets.

That's all. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow when I see the doctor again for another follow up. I really would like these drains out. But, I know that's not happening yet. Patience. Patience.

Day 6 Post Op - I feel like Dancing!

Oh goodness you guys! I am in the best mood today! Yay! I have my last follow up with Ortega today. The office will also be giving me a flight clearance letter so the airlines don't question my ability to fly post op. Make sure your doctors give you one if you are traveling! I think it's standard practice. But, I'm glad they are doing it.

The swelling continues to go down. I was joking with my boyfriend that the more the swelling goes down, the bigger my boobs look! Pretty soon I'll be Jessica Rabbit.

I could shower with ease today, laughed without doubling over in pain (laughing, coughing, sneezing.....they're all the devil post op), and can sleep almost flat in the bed now. Life is good.

I still have my drains. The left is draining almost nothing. The right is draining 25mL and under now. Maybe the doc will take them out. But, he's a stickler for making sure they don't come out prematurely. I'm okay with that. They really aren't bad! They don't bother me or hurt at all. Just an extra thing to deal with when you have to pee.

I'll update you later after my appointment. Today's pics are my favorite yet! I can't believe I'm the same person!

Dr Ortega Appt Update

Yes, I totally teared up and hugged him! I thanked him so much for the life changing experience. He is such a talented and kind man.

He said I look great! They took after pictures but he asked me to send pictures once I hit 30 days post op.

My belly button is a bit "angry" as he said, but it's alive and healing. He said just keep it clean and leave it alone. So that's the plan. The drains have to stay in until 14 days post op and I have to keep the drain sites clean. He said to put gauze/maxi pads over the coverings to wick away any moisture and keep them dry.

Garment changes: I can put on a girdle type garment after my drains are removed. I have to wear the binder until then. 2 weeks in the surgical bra and then I can wear sports bras for a while. He said its my discretion as to when I wear a regular bra but to be aware that the incisions are healing and they might get irritated by the underwire.

Physical activity: 3 weeks post op, I can do light cardio and exercise but no heavy lifting for 3 months because of the muscle repair. It's basically the same as hernia repair. Boob squeezing (honey wanted to know): gentle for a while but you can pop them. Haha. Sex: once I have my drains out I can have sex, but be careful as my stomach is still healing.

Ointment: after the incisions close, silicone scar cream is perfect. He said the silicone strips are a pain in the butt and you'll get the same results with the cream. He suggested Biocornium, which they sell or can be found online.

Other than that.....we are good! Gosh I'm so over the moon! Life is a beautiful trip!

Made it home!

The flight home was great! I highly recommend wheelchair service if you're traveling for surgery. I didn't have to stress about over doing it. I pick an aisle seat at the front of the plane so I could easily get up and stretch and walk during the flight. I took a pain pill when I boarded simply because I was sore. I slept a lot and hit up 3 times to walk and stretch. I wore my compression socks as well and stayed hydrated. The wheelchair service picked me up and took me to baggage claim where I met my boyfriend. He grabbed my bag and I was wheeled to the car. I'm now happily home and lounging on the couch. All is right with the world!

Drains Out - Please?!

Hi everyone! So, I'm 10 days post op now. My drains are super low, thankfully! My left is almost nothing, and my right is draining like 15mL in a 24hour period. So, I'm calling my primary doctor to day to see if she will take out my drains! Here's hoping!

If that happens, my doctor told me I can switch to Spanx or a similar girdle from my surgical binder as soon as i have my drains out. I am SO looking forward to having more mobility. The Boyfriend has been counting the days as well. Doc said I was cleared for hanky panky as soon as I get my drains out. Hahahahaha.

Everything else has been great. I'm happy to be home. I've been resting, but not as much. I've been taking little walks here and there. I had one other blister along my incision site burst a couple days ago. But, everything is still healing wonderfully. I'm planning to go to the mountains this coming weekend and do a little camping. Hoping I don't overdo it, but I am definitely listening to my body and not pushing myself.

The boobs are great. I've been massaging them when they get sore. My doctor said to wear the surgical bra for two weeks and then I can switch to sports bras or any non-underwire bra. He said I can use my discretion as to when I start wearing underwire. But, until the incisions fully heal, underwire might irritate them.

That's all for now.....
I'll let you know how it goes!

Drains are Out!

So, my doctors office got all weird and wouldn't remove my drains. I was SO mad! So I called Dr. Ortega's office and spoke with the post op nurse. She said its super easy and I can do it myself. She told me the entire process and said I can look up on YouTube if I want to watch examples. So, I went and got all of the supplies (gloves, alcohol, tweezers, scissors, gauze) and took them out on my own!

I was really nervous but it was so simple and it didn't hurt!

Now I am happily drain free and I earned my "badass" card for the day! Haha. Time to go shopping!

Day 11 Post Op - a bit of swelling

Took some photos this morning. My stomach is swelling a bit today but I think it's my system readjusting to yesterday's drain removal. Things seem good.

Did the deed yesterday. It didn't hurt at all (for those of you wondering). Just be careful. I did have one small spot weep a bit afterwards. I think I slightly opened it.

Question for those of you who are post op, when did you remove your TT tape? I still have some on from my last post op visit. I think I'm going to work on taking it off today if it'll let me. I want to ensure everything is clean!


Before and After - 10 Day Post Op difference

I love looking at before and afters. So, I threw this together. Wow! And it's only 10 days!

Post Op Blues - let's talk about it

Not something you see too often on here, but it's real. Post Op Blues.

Yesterday was rough for me. I cried off and on all day, was overly exhausted and just wanted to hide from the world.

Why? Well, I suppose my body was detoxing from pain meds and such. I was tired from not sleeping well the last few nights. I was really swollen and sore. I just couldn't get comfortable. I was tired of being tired and not being able to do my normal things. It's all part of the healing process. You will get to that fed up state when your body hasn't finished healing but you want to be active, and can't.

Thankfully, today I'm feeling a lot better. My boyfriend was quite worried and is home today to hang with me. I finally got some good rest also. It's just really an emotional journey. You don't quite realize the emotional and psychological toll a major surgery like this takes on you.

My incision is scabbed and closed in all but one spot (my left drain area). But, everything is healing. I'm still quite swollen around my incision, but that's to be expected for a while. I'm upping my Arnica usage to try to combat it, and drinking more water. Oh, I was able to sleep on my side a bit last night. That was really nice.

Here are some update pics of my incision. You can see how bad my stretch marks are/were. I'm thankful they are almost all at belly button level or below now. They used to be everywhere! I had a few blisters which are scabbed and healing as well. That was from the compression/tape/swelling from the first couple of days post op.

That's all for now. :) Cheers!

Day 17 - back to work!

Back to work today! Feeling pretty good. Once in a while I get tired or achy and I can definitely tell I'm swelling a bit this afternoon. Luckily, I have a desk job. But, overall it has been a good day and I'm not having any issues being back at work.

Life is good, and so is my protein shake!

Tip: drink protein shakes and eat as much protein as you can after surgery. It'll help you recover faster.

Day 19 Post Op - the quirks

So, today I'm feeling a bit better. Working from home, unfortunately. I got pretty lightheaded and dizzy and work yesterday. Turns out it's likely some lingering brain fog from the general anesthesia coupled with my blood pressure dropping. That's always fun! I suppose it's the little quirky things like this that you don't plan for when healing.

Other than that, my incisions are all closed. My belly button is still really scabbed up, so hopefully that comes off soon. I'm anxious. I know that everyone heals differently and I need to be patient.

The boobs are pretty sore off and on as they're healing. But, it's more of the "I just did a million push ups" sore. Oh, and in case no one tells you.....you will wake up with "morning boob". It's like morning wood, your boobs will be hard and sore and you'll want to massage them to relax them. I find it pretty hilarious. The boyfriend surely doesn't mind helping with the massage needs. Haha

Oh, my weight is the same as pre-op now. I'm still hoping that will drop as the swelling decreases. But, I did add 2lbs of boob. My measurements so far as 40-29-37. So pretty similar to pre-op but what a difference in shape. So crazy.

That's it for now.

Day 22 - no garments, belly button, feeling great!

Hey all! It's day 22 post op and I'm feeling pretty good. I was able to get around and clean the house, finally! With 4 kids, a man and a puppy......the dirtiness can accumulate quickly.

It's been really hot today, I went without compression garments all day. I haven't seen a ton of swelling, which has been good. Just a bit this afternoon (which is to be expected).

My belly button scab finally started falling off. I thought it would be scabbed forever! Starting to get and idea of what it will look like when it's healed. I have a couple small scabs left that have stitches in them, so I'm waiting patiently for those to dissolve. But, yay innie!!! I've always had an innie, so it's strange to see it shallow like this, but so far so good!

Oh, also, I've been wearing Victoria's Secret lounge bras. They are the best! No underwire and no irritation, but way better than wearing a sports bra 24/7. Check me out if you're post op. :)

Otherwise, I'm definitely enjoying this new body today! I can't wait to buy crop tops and bikinis! Hehe.

Day 23 - boob update

A few of you had asked how my breasts look after the procedure and if they are changing yet. I figured I'd post to show you how much they've changed in the last 23 days. They are still dropping and I'm sure it's going to be another 3-4 weeks until the changes stop, but I'm very happy with them so far! They are rounding out nicely and the swelling is really going down now. Happy decision!

Day 26 - The wardrobe struggle!

I really think doctors should add in an additional budget estimate for a new wardrobe when you are quoted for a mommy makeover.

Today I tried on my old bras.....yep, they all have to go. I put on my skinniest jeans, and they are too big. My shirts don't fit right anymore except for my tank tops. I realistically need an entirely new wardrobe at this point.

I'm not complaining, honestly! It's just surprising. The only thing that still fits are my yoga pants (and I should buy a smaller size in these now) and pj shorts. Even my dresses (like my long black maxi dress that I bought for my Miami trip) are way too big.

So, planning a trip to Victoria's Secret and some clothing stores in my very near future. It's interesting how the types and fit of clothing will now be so different than the baggy "cover my fluff" clothes I've worn for the last 12 years.

30 Days Post Op

So, it's a couple of days late...sorry!

Here are my 30 day pics. Here's what's happening:

-I got some Bio Oil for scar treatment and had an allergic reaction to it. So, I'm ordering Biocorneum per the doctors recommendation. (Don't mind the lingering redness around my scar in the pic)

-scars are healing with the occasional spitting stitch. I've been blessed with no issues

-I can sleep on either side now, but tummy sleeping is tough because of the boob situation. Lol

-boobs are still sensitive and sore but things are settling and healing well.

-I'm a size smaller than I was pre-op. Size 6! Still some swelling so we shall see in a couple of months if that's the same or smaller.

Life is beautiful! If you have doubts, just do it! You won't regret it. My confidence is renewed.

Having Support is so important!

It's important to have the support of the people who are most important in your life. You will have crazy ups and downs during this process. You will need a shoulder to cry on, and arm to help you up, and cheerleaders to help you during the mental readjustment to your new body. I've been blessed to have a very supportive boyfriend and amazing parents. I was surprised yesterday by my mom who got me this awesome new dress. Never would I image wearing something so fitted, but she saw it and thought of me. I feel so very thankful!

Almost 6 weeks post op

Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks post op. I'm still dealing with some intermittent swelling and I feel a bit pudgy because I haven't been able to workout or do much. On top of that, last Friday my children got me sick. What I thought was a nasty cold turned into an Upper Respiratory Infection with possible Pneumonia coupled with the onset of Asthma! Definitely not something I was prepared for. So, I've been super doped up on meds for the last few days. I feel a bit better today so I thought I'd update a few pics. More to come when I'm feel 100% again. I've heard that 6 weeks is really a turning point and swelling will decrease more and you'll be able to do most of the things you did pre-op. Looking forward to more activity, crunches, weights, swimming. Haha

So for now.....here's an update.

This is what 6 weeks looks like!

I'm still loving my results!!! Eek!!! Smallest measurements to date today. 39-27-37. Weight still hasn't varied too much. I'm about 6-8lbs lighter than pre-op. Maybe a tad more. I'm a solid size smaller in jeans and my bra is a few sizes larger. 36DDD/38DD. The swelling is dissipating each day and I no longer wear garments.

If this is something you are considering or you want to know what the light at the end of the tunnel can look like, I feel like I'm finally getting there. I wore a bikini in public yesterday for the first time in my life. No regrets!

Almost 8 weeks. Checking in.

I'll be 8 weeks post op in Friday. That went quickly! I'm in a solid size 5/6 and bought two pairs of jeans in a size 5 Thai past weekend. The swelling has reduced significantly, but it still comes and goes. My scar is starting to fade a bit and I've been using scar cream and silicone strips. Overall, best decision ever!

I also started yoga and swimming along with light cardio. Nothing crazy yet though.

Here's a couple of pictures I took yesterday. I love that my stomach still looks flat in these pictures. I'm bloated from PMSing and just ate a huge meal. Lol

Yay flat tummy and size 5's! Only down side is finding shirts big enough for my boobs and small enough for my waist.

3 months post op! Woot woot!

Hi everyone! A quick update! I'm here, 3 months post op. I still have some intermittent swelling but the results are fantastic! I just started working out again but I find I get sore pretty quickly.

I can honestly say though that this was the best decision I've ever made. I'm down to about a size 4 now. I bought some size 6 jeans and they are loose. Great problem, but expensive problem to have!

5 Months Post Op Update

Hey everyone! It's been a while. Just wanted to post an update. Still so incredibly happy for this transformation! Dr. Ortega is a miracle worker and I'd recommend him to anyone.
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