5'0 feet & 152 pounds. surgery today Dr.Cochran

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Sooo ladies. I have had a BBL with Dr. Salama back...

sooo ladies. I have had a BBL with Dr. Salama back in 2012. which outcome was great. I still have a big booty and everything the only problem I have now is, after the surgery the liposuction was great. but it left a lot of loose skin which is so ugly I hate to show my tummy now. so i think a tummy tuck will put me right where I need to be. I'm currently in ATL GA now. I would like to go back to dr. Salama but I would prefer to stay close to home, just in case something happens. so Im still researching. I haven't picked a doctor yet but I'm leaning more on Dr.Jimerson so far. but that can change within time sense he is very expensive and I wasn't really looking to spend so much. I look forward to reading you ladies reviews and learning from everyone who has already cross over.. happy healing to you all... will keep you posted.

Team Thomas A. Cochran. anyway else haveing surgery Oct 2015???

So I been doing my research and decided to go with Dr.Cochran, his local only about an hour and a half away from me. he has great reviews on Real Self from others patients. plus his price is very affordable. his staff is very helpful and he had the available date that im looking for. I was going to Dr.Jimerson but after talking to someone form their office, they quoted me 7,000 fir tummy tuck. plus 900 for each side if I wanted lipo. plus 100 fee just to see the doctor. anyway I been going back in fourth in which doctor I wanted base on the over all REQUIREMNTS. and im going with Dr.C

finally book my date

well I finally booked my date, my surgery is June 29, 2015. I'm very confidant about my doctor. he has great reviews with other RS sister with the type of incision that's low. the price is affordable and he's only about 2 hours away from me. plus the incision how my scare would look is very important to me, I have seen some girls with very high scar that doesn't look normal. but I had my consultation with him, and RS sister your correct he Is very direct and straight to the point. he will tell you the truth without selling you dreams. but that's a goods point. so I talked to the receptionist who booked my appointment and gave me the run down about the do's and don't. I put my 70% down up front. got me package kit in advance and I'm the first surgery for that date. I'm upper excited. no one knows about this beside my best friend( which is the person who will be taking care of me during recovery). she is my support system. so now i'M just counting down... UNTIL surgery date,.

looking for sx buddies. anyone having sx in june?? or near that month?

I looking for a surgery buddy that we can share our stories with as we recover together. my sx is in June .. any takers?

count down. 32 more days until sx

I haven't post pre opt pics yet but I will soon. im a little scared becuz seem like most of all Dr.C patients that recently had surgery stop posting or isn't completely satisfied for some reason.... I don't know what to think. my sx date is June 12th @10:30.... ughhhh scared.com

just post pics. I don't know why they showing side ways... sorry girls I don't know who to change it

ps- ji

7 more days until surgery. super excited

so I have 7 more days until surgery. im going out today so I can get some crackers, veggies, pine apples, soup and a lot of proteins bars and drinks.... im super excited. already paid up in full and got cleared for my test results.......

surgery today-tummy tuck

Sooooo ladies my surgery is today at 7:15. Im the first one set for surgery ... its 4:08am right now and i cant even sleep anymore. I guess ill just take me another shower and get ready to take this 2 hr drive to the office . Ill up date when all when im out. And i toke some more before pic which i will.post on my page. My prayers goes out to all the RS sisters who's surgery is today and all my PO sister's also. Pray for me ladies...

im finally on the flate side

Sooooo surgery was today and i must say It was a smooth process. They called me bck around 7:18 and change clothes. The nurse came me the run dwn of what time happen. She was amazed by my current shape that she had me dying laughing. She said my results will be great because i didnt habe much skin remove or much lipo... she joke around about it for 5 mins. Then the dr came in and did the same thing. The were amazed and kept telling me how good i would look after this tt. I must say the while staff made me feel comfortable. Next thing u no i was out and walking up to my best friend who was driving me home. I was sleep the whole way going bck home becuz when i woke up i realized we was home. And that was a 2 hr drive. So i got in the bed and got some rest. But i was in so much pain. I toke a hydrocodone and had some soup, but my tummy didnt agree with that and i found my self throwing up 10 mins later. And let me tell u ut is no joke, i felt like i rip someone... smh but after that i been feeling much better. Im only on tylenol now and i work for me... i havent really been Hungary so ill eat apple sauce and crackers when i can hold food dwn better.. the docter said i can take a shower tomorrow so ill take more pics for u ladies... here is a few pics of the before i went into surgery this morning. And some after pics when i had my best friend to take when she changed my dressing...

before surgery pic and after surgery pic

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