31 Years Old, 2 Kids, and Much Needed Tummy Tuck - Miami, FL

I am really excited to start my new journey. I've...

I am really excited to start my new journey. I've been wanting this particular surgery for seven years now. The second baby destroyed my abdominal region. So, muscle repair is need. I have stretch marks above my belly button, but I know Dr. Ortega is going to do a great job. My deposit is paid for at Spectrum and the recovery home, I'm cleared for my labs, plane ticket is paid for, and all I have to do is pack. God is good. I'm blessed to be able to do this.

Dr. Mel Ortega did his thing. I will post pictures. I'm very impressed with the results. He is very informative.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I've talked to Emily. She's the surgical coordinator. She has answered all my phone calls. I have not talk to Ortega yet.

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