38 Year-old Mom Looking to Get That New Body with Liposuction and Fat Transfer! - Miami, FL

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So I'm hoping to become what is now commonly...

So I'm hoping to become what is now commonly referred to a "Perry's Angels"! I've lost significant amount of weight over that last few years and now have skin & stubborn fat that is keeping me from my true body figure.

I've visited Dr. Perry 3x for consultations and each time felt very confident in his skill. The wait time in his office for a consultation is no joke (typically 2-3 hours, yeah sounds ridiculous) but you can never accuse him of not being thorough and taking his time to answer any and all questions.

So while I was contemplating *originally* getting a mastopexy (breast lift) and a tummy tuck, it was he that suggested the liposuction suggesting that my skin and stomach muscles were in good enough shape that the skin should contract on its own. After the last consultation, I finally decided that the liposuction would be the best option instead of the breast lift.

I'll try and post pics but I'm just excited to be getting this done finally and praying that there are no complications and decent results!

How many more weeks?!?!

I still have approximately 3 weeks before surgery and it's all I seem to be thinking about! Ridiculous because I'm fully aware results may not be evident for months down the road and the recovery could be brutal, not to mention the surgery itself...
So I'll try to stop being ballistic, I think it might be this juice cleanse I'm doing this week to lose some weight before an event. I'm also abstaining from alcohol which isn't helping my mood *whoa*..
I think what's clogging my mind right now is that I was originally excited about the liposuction I was to have done but now that it will include fat transfer into my buttocks, I'm only thinking about how good(?) my behind will look hopefully?!?!

Lastly, if my calculations are correct the date of surgery will be smack dab in the middle of my menstrual cycle...I thought that would be grounds to reschedule but after researching that situation on this site, supposedly we can still proceed. Funny, because how much can a person bleed in surgery before it becomes a problem??

I need to calm my nerves with some good ol' fashioned sleep...

Until tomorrow...

Sounds silly but do not, I repeat, do not drink anything the night prior to surgery!!!

Alright Ladies & Gents,

My title is pretty self-explanatory I'm sure but of course I did one of the dumbest moves in history of surgical procedures. Yes, I was supposed to have my liposuction with fat transfer today but it was cancelled and I'll explain why.

Yesterday, I went in to do the pre-surgical consultation before the BIG day. I can't stress how excited yet nervous I was and all the last minute prep I was doing around the house and stores to make sure everything is in order. The office assistants spoke with me at length to answer any questions that the surgeon didn't have to. Of course I had to wait after speaking to them to see the surgeon but it was worth it.

After waiting I spoke to Dr. Perry and when I say he is patient, Goodness Knows he is. Very understanding and non-condescending, his demeanor makes you feel very trusting in his skill. Like the assistants, he stated be sure not to eat and drink anything after midnight.

Let me stress that again, no eating or drinking after midnight.

Fast foward to the morning of the surgery.

I'm to arrive at 9am at their office and with traffic that's like a 35-minute drive. I'm very active, running and so forth and I have a readily-available thermos with water because I hate drinking it but force myself for health reasons. Also, I had been scouring this site with other reviews and women mentioned how you have to take a pregnancy test.
So after I use the bathroom (mistake #1), I'm thinking "How am I going to pee in a cup?"....so of course like a do-do, I drink a couple of sips of water thinking water is not the same as "drinking"!!!!! Yes, I can hear your laughter at me right now.

So of course I get all the way down there along with my husband who is a ball of anxiety at that point simply because it's surgery. I myself and excited, scared but thrilled with the result possibilities. Once I arrive I immediately take the pregnancy test and start filling out the paperwork. When the nursing's assistant asked is when I revealed *quite casually because I thought nothing of it* that I drank water when asked.

She immediately said that wasn't advisable and informed both the anesthesiologist and Dr. Perry. They both came in to inform me the dangers of having anything in your stomach during a surgical procedure involving anesthesia and the possibility that I could exasperate (choke during the procedure) since the stomach should be completely empty and that typically takes 6-8 hours.

Long story not to be made any longer, surgery was cancelled because I can't follow simple freakin' instructions!!!

To be continued..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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