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Hi I am a 29 year old mom of 3. I was blessed with...

Hi I am a 29 year old mom of 3. I was blessed with a 12 year old boy, and 2 girls 9 and 5. I have wanted to do this since having my 5 year old. And now that i am 100% sure i am not having anymore children im ready to move forward. I chose doctor Ortega for a number of reasons. I love his results and the price is not bad either. My surgery date is March 4th. I am so nervous it still does not seem real. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. Will keep everyone posted. If it was not for this site don't know where i would be. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly.... it has helped me so much.

Before surgery pics!

Before surgery pics!!!

Not sure what to do!!!!

So i really was considering taking my husband and 3 kids with me when i go to have my sx. It will kinda be like a family vacation. Lol. I just want them with me they are my everything and i feel like they will give me strength in my recovery. But after doing some research there is no hotel that will accommodate my large family. Or it cost a arm and a leg. 3000-4000$ is alot. Thats 3000 dollars away from another mommy makeover. Lol. Dont know what i should do. Dont want to go alone. They are my support system.

Need info on good recovery houses.

So i checked to see if kayla had any space for the dates i will be in miami for my surgery and she has nothing available. I know i waited so long to look for something. And now im afraid i will not be able to find anything. Anybody know of any other good recovery houses please let me know. Thanks in advance.

FMLA for recovery?????

So i spoke with head of HR at my job about 6 months ago. Told her about what my plan was in march. Told her exactly what i was having done. I believe honesty is the best policy. So that way there wont be any surprises later. She said i should qualify for FMLA. But told me to call closer to the date of surgery. My surgery is 6 weeks away. So i called today... she gave me a number i had to call to open a new claim.. so im thinking, what new claim. Was not aware that it was a 50/50 chance. Or that my claim could be denied. I thought they just put it in a computer. I take 6 weeks off. And then return to work. not sure what to make of this. The lady i spoke with was really nice. She told me they would send me papers. I had to have my surgeon fill out. And get it back to them in 15 days. Has anyone else had to deal with this. I am beginning to get discouraged. Anyone with knowledge on this please let me know. Thanks in advance?

Taking off work after surgery????

So i reached out to a few ladies here on realself to see how they went about taking a leave from work after surgery. Also put up a post on my profile about anyone who applied for FMLA. I did not get not one response. So now im wondering.... how do someone take a leave such as this, take proper time off work to recover and still have a job. I just need a little guidance. I filed a claim for FMLA. But after contacting lizbeth, she told me they dont fill out those. Any of you ladies work and is taking more than 2weeks off. PLEASE let me know. That will not be enough time for me. I know me. I only have two weeks pto. Any info will be appreciated.

Change of plans!

So ladys plans have changed. So has my surgery date. I was so upset at first. But i believe everything happens for a reason. Im having my surgery on the 22nd of april. Contacted lizbeth, and assistance4life to make the changes. So now it gives me more time to prepare. I dont feel rushed. Because honestly i was not even close to ready. But i went out got my luggage tags & locks so i can lock up my suitcase. I bought cute leopard print luggage on wheels. Zip up hoodies. Thin ones. A bunch of socks because i cant sleep without them. Still need to get alot. But now i feel like i have time to do it. I even put down a deposit for my stay at recovery house. I feel like this is a blessing in disguise. Im trying to remain positive. I would have loved to go in march but i cant. So im going to take the extra time to cross my T's and fot my i's. To all the ladies that will be going in the next month, i wish you ladies all the best. I will definetly continue to follow your journey. Xoxoxoxo.

It's been a while, ready to pick up where I left off!

So as most can already figure out I did not have my surgery. Honestly was not sure I even wanted to update my review. My plan was to just have my surgery and share my experience after. But I don't want to go threw this without the support from realself and the ladies that have already experienced what I'm about to. So a little update. Early this year I had a few personal things occur which put my surgery on hold. Around this time last year I decide to quit smoking so I could get the best results possible. So we all know what happens when you quit smoking....thats right you eat. So with that being said, I did gain a few pounds. October 20th is a year since I quit. And I gained 30 pounds. Aaahhhh. I know. So now I'm trying to loose it before my surgery. I will also be needing an extended Tummy tuck. Still getting a lift with silicone implants. Will upload new pics soon. So here I go again. This time nothing is standing in my way! I'm back!

My coordinator seems to busy for me!

I still have the same coordinator from last time. However it seemed like last time she was more attentive. I guess you can say I'm afraid that something will happen to make my surgery get re-schedule again. So I just want to make sure everything is in line and moving along. But when I can barely reach my coordinator, I feel some type of way. I left messages and a email. Just asking did she received a paper I faxed. Just a simple yes or no. It's to much to ask. But anyway super excited....again... Lol my price did go up a little also. 600$ more. But that's OK. I am nervous I just feel like something will go wrong like last time. But anyhow I need to remain positive...

140 days!

My surgery date is February 20th. That is on Monday. Have any of you ladies had surgery on a Monday. Because I'm wondering what a hectic day that will be. To have to make final payment, and do paperwork, and get meds filled and have surgery all in the same day. Talk about stress before surgery. I'm also thinking about getting a apartment to stay off of airbnb. I'm just so nervous because of what happened to me last time. Don't want to loose my money again. I lost my deposit for the surgery as well as the recovery house. That sucked. Don't want to do that again. Any way 140 days. It seems so close yet so far.

11 pounds down!

So I have lost 11 pounds in less than a month. So proud of myself. I was contemplating whether I should keep updating, even though no one is responding or commenting. But this is for me, so I can look back and remember my journey. So yeah about 131 days and another 10-14 pounds. Don't want to loose all thirty pounds I gained. I like having some curves. And so does my husband! Lol

119 days!

So I have 119 days till my mommy makeover. Time seems to drag. I really want it to speed up. So anxious. I am down a total of 13 pounds. That is huge progress, did not think I could do it. Anyway. Come on February....

95 days till surgery!

So I have 95 days till my surgery. I still feel as though something is going to Happen to prevent me from getting it again.... I know I just need to stay positive. Super excited! So I'm still down. 14lbs. I'm in the gym 5 days a week. Most weeks. Others weeks 4 days. So here are some pics of what I look like after gaining 30+ pounds and now after loosing 14.

I'm 70 days away!!!

So 70 days a way from my surgery! I can't wait. I'm so anxious. I can't wait to get my order to do blood work. That will make it more real. So ready I'm down 20 lbs. It keeps on fluctuating. 17-20 pounds depends on what I eat that day. Lol. But anyway super excited. Oh, here is the pics of me after loosing 20 of the 30 pounds I gained!

Happy new year!!!! Next month, new me!!!

So it is January 1st. That means i am that much closer to my surgery. My surgery is next month. Ahhhhh. Cant believe it. Super excited. Im having a extended tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift with implants (silicone). I cant believe its about to happen! Not sure when they are going to require my labs. But that is when it will become really real. So, thats all for now... Next month cant get here quick enough.

40 days until surgery!!!!

So i have 40 days until surgery, and 36 days until i leave for miami. Cant believe it! Its almost here. I can remember typing 140 days til, 119 days till, now just a measly 40 days away. Super excited! I am going today for my medical clearance. Hope that goes well. Then next up my blood work. That has me nervous. With alot of ladies and their iron issues. I have never had an issue with my iron, lets hope nothing has changed. Can anyone tell me how to go about getting wish pics to show to doctor ortega. I want to give him an idea of what i want...of course he is the expert, and i will let him do his thang, but i want him to hit the ball somewhere in the park of my choice. Lol. Anyway time to count down. My time is coming!

Yayyyy!! Cleared for surgery!

Ok, so i was actually cleared for surgery on friday. (Today is Wednesday) I was busy so could not share the good news. Im getting a little nervous, and stressed. When I originally set a date I asked my coordinator if it would be an issue with having surgery on a Monday. Because i heard you make final payment the day before. She said no problem. They will do it all on the day of. I even made a post a while ago in regards to this matter. So anywho, now im being told i have to come into the office on the 17th that is 3 days before my surgery. That was not the plan. I gave my job a date of my last day. Dont know if i can change that....also not trying to spend all that extra $ on coming 3 days earlier. Think i should call and see if they could do it the 21st instead of the 20th its just one day.. That way i can work until i was supposed to and i wont pay 3 extra days in miami. Not sure what to do???? I should be happy, Counting down the days, but instead im stressed. Not sure what to do....about 25 more days!!!

20 days away!!!!

So the countdown begins!! Super nervous and anxious.. Cant wait but still in disbelief.. I am doing last minute purchases through amazon. I got some stuff just a couple more items i need. Dont want to over do it.. Im driving up with my sister. She is super excited as well. So i was looking over my medical clearance papers. They state that im 5'1 1/2. Im not, im 5'3. Either way i wont go over my bmi. But i found that odd. Anyway, not sure if i should by bras or what. What if they dont fit. Also if any one can tell me what they used to hold drains while showering or just in general so they don't pull. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance!! So yeah...20 days. Hope time fly. Ortega here i come!

So scared!

So not sure if anyone else has gone through the way im feeling. Most say they just feel guilty for spending all that money on themselves...I on the other hand am afraid i wont wake up after surgery. I have a fear of dying on the operating table! That is a really big fear. Did anyone else have that kind of fear. Im healthy according to my doctor and my labs....I guess im just nervous. I dont want my kids to loose there mom because she wanted a flat stomach and perky boobs. I guess im just really afraid. Im really anxious, excited, and happy, but im also afraid. Please tell me im not the only one that has gone through what im feeling. I have 15 days!!!! OMG! I cant believe it. Im gonna keep praying. God has got me! Just really scared.

12 days!!!!

Ok so now im getting really anxious..11 days and a wake up. Lol. So i recieved a call from spectrum on monday exactly 2 weeks before my surgery to inform me i had to pay 50% of my remaining balance. So i did that! This is all to real! I did not make it this far last time. So this is all new to me. I guess next week i will pay other 50% or day of. Not sure how they do it. But im having issues buying bras. Dont know what size to get. Grrrrrr. Frustrating! Anyway....12 days away!!! Omg. I can't believe it.

Nooooo! This cant be happening!

So ladies as some may know we got snow on thursday...i was out shoveling, and cleaning my car etc...wearing my pajama pants, shoes that were not built for snow and no gloves...so do you ladies know where im going with this?? Yup, you got it...woke up today with a sore throat. This cant be happening. Not now. Im 10 days away..ladies i really need your help..i called spectrum to see what i can take. They said someone would call me back.... No one ever did. I bought tylenol but am afraid to take it. What to do?? Advice ladies please!!!

3 days!!

So i leave tomorrow night to miami. I will be having surgery on monday..my stomach just sunk as i wrote that last sentence. Im going through a lot of emotions. I am scared but obviously happy. Im gonna miss my husband and kids..so many thoughts going through my head. I know i just need to pray. I started packing. Still need to pack a few things. Im so exhausted Already, and this is before even having the surgery. My stomach is in knots. Well anyway, ladies please say a prayer for me.

Today is the day!!!

So I made it to miami around 5:30 last night. Im already home sick. Missing my husband and kids... I have to be a spectrum at 2:30. That sucks because i cant eat or drink anything. And i have all morning and some afternoon to suffer. Lol. Im so nervous but anxious and excited..lol. Do any of you ladies have any idea about the cost of meds. And where near spectrum i can fill them?? Well ladies my time has come!! Pray for me...I will see you all on the flat side!!!

I made it through!!

I had surgery yesterday..ortega is very pleasant! He made me feel comfortable with my decision. I was in really bad shape last night. So much pain. Today is better. A little bit. Im up walking as much as i can. My prescriptions was over 100$ they did not except my insurance from out of state. But anyway..day 2. Oh and im very, very pleased with my outcome. Ortega is the bomb.

Major discomfort!

So i had surgery on monday afternoon. I was in serious pain. Today is not as bad. Still very uncomfortable. Just wondering when i wil start to feel better. Not liking it at all. Still did not go number 2. I am passing gas. Not eating much just crackers here and there. No appetite. My drains are making me a little nervous. The dont seem to be draining alot of fluids. I milked them... Hope i did not do something wrong. Its like some yellow clear liquid mixed with the blood. I have an appointment tomorrow i will have the doctor check. So i really just want to feel somewhat normal again.. Also wondering my contract states i get a free garment, or bra. Are they referring to the one the put you in after surgery. Just wondering. (Ortega dolls).

11 days post op

So the pics are last night. After my shower at 10 days post op. So i have not posted in a while just trying to focus on recovering. This has been a roller coaster ride for me. It was last night when i was about to showr that i noticed my right drain was not draining. Like at all. So i called spectrum. No call back. So i called again no call back until 3 minutes to 5. I callled in the morning. So the person that called could not even give me the right info. Told me that post op was not open. Talk about feeling abandoned after a life changing procedure. My biggest fear just came true. Something happening and not being able to get ahold of someone to help me. Im scared and pissed. My right drain appears to be clogged inside my body. It is bone dry. No fluid coming out. And i cant even get a person on the phone who sincerely cares about my well being. I will say Ortega is great! It just sucks. But anywho not sure what to do. What do you do when your surgeons office abandons you once your procedure is done??? Its not Ortega's fault he probably is unaware that we, out of state patients are calling with concern after these procedures. What should i do...feel like it might do more harm staying in.... This sucks!!!

Really ready to catch a flight to miami.....

It sucks that it comes to this. It sucks that im feeling like this. If they were open i would be getting on the next flight there. This sucks. Don't know what to do. It seems like the staff could care less. Im finding myself in my bathroom crying. And trying to not let my husband and kids see my stress. It is hard. I feel so alone. Im about to take the damn drain out... Im my own after care and it's sad... Trying to be patient. But what if being patient gets me a really bad infection. Or worse.... Someone please help!

Im back! And feeling better!

So first i want to start by saying that Ortega does wonderful work. My opinion on that has not changed. I think the aftercare on the other hand could be better. And i believe that it is no fault of Ortega's. But anyway, I am a little over three weeks. I am loving my results so far. A few hiccups. But overall not bad. Not sure if it is just me but i still cant stand to strait. If i sit too long when i stand up i feel stiff. Its crazy. Im experiencing a lot of swelling. I am taking arnica, bromelain. Drinking water. Not as much as i should. Anyway here is a recent pic of my boobs and a body shot.
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