28 Years Old and Much Needed Liposuction for my Back and Tummy !!!

I really just want to feel great naked and...

I really just want to feel great naked and dressed! After two kids yes I am happy i still look decent but i want to feel it. I am a very active person there isn't a day I am sitting still. I'm in the gym all week but I have stubborn belly fat that i want gone. Liposuction is something I have wanted a very long time and I have finally told myself it's a must !

Wish pic


Is it to early to start getting stuff like I don't even know what type of faja to get. Like i see for people who do TT and BBL use but would Lipo get the same faja and supplies. When should I start taking my vitamins ect??

Vitamin and photos

So spoke to my coordinator today and she said I didn't need to take any vitamins which is what confuses me cause I know a lot
Of people post that they take this and that vitamin before their surgery but maybe that only for a TT. Decided to upload some new photo of me as of today

Hotel stay

Well after doing my search for a place to stay in Miami I finally found it and for a decent price. Wish I could stay in the recovery houses but they told me I couldn't have guest if I was going to stay in a recovery house and my husband is coming
With me. Also might be changing my dates to December if the doctor has it avail. So excited and nervous ????

New surgery date

GM beautiful ladies it is official I have moved my date up and it's been approved from work to the Dr office 12/22/16 nervous and excited !!!

Wish pics

My hips and butt are about 41 inches so I don't think I need it bigger but if I can get that waist ???? !! No more back fat or pudgy stomach can't wait !
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

So far I love the DR office they are very friendly and get back to me asap about any concerns I may have.

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