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Let me be completely transparent here, I have had...

Let me be completely transparent here, I have had unwanted "fatty" areas that had bothered me all of my life! No matter how much exercise and diet those areas always made me very self conscious! I am not expecting immediate results but I am expecting a lifestyle modification post this procedure! And just to feel sexy wearing tank tops and a bikini.

Surgery day

So I had my surgery done today. I feel great now that it's 11:30 pm and my surgery was performed at 1:30 pm. I am quite sore and I did feel very nauseous right after. I took my pain medication immediately after I was woken up. But as soon as I was home I went right back to bed and I had a lot of discomfort but nothing that wasn't tolerable. I felt better at ease as soon as the doctor called me. I let him know that I felt like a car had run me over. He assured me that the first few days I would feel this way but that it will get better soon! He mentioned that he was able to remove 5 liters of fat!

2 days post op! And day 3 morning time

Ok so day 1 post op wasn't too painful but I was def very sore. I went to the doctors office to get my first lymphatic massage! (The most painful massage of my life) omg I felt I was gonna die from the pain and I actually fainted twice! My entire lower body was black and blue in bruises. The doctor did come by to see me and he advices that the swelling and bruising would be normal for my condition. Yesterday was day 2 post op and I have to say it was the worst I was draining so much and was feeling very nauseous ????. At home I actually fainted twice again and one of the times I fainted I actually hit the back of my head pretty hard even with assistance. Today it's Saturday morning and last night I felt a little bit of a panic attack the garments and everything feeling so tight and not being able to move I almost felt like I was being tied down to my bed with a massive head ache. I took a Motrin 800 and put a cold wash cloth on the back of my neck and eyelids and it relived my discomfort!

This is scary! Let's hope there's light at the end of this tunnel

Ok so these images are scary! VERY SCARY! Rightnow I feel ugly and gross and regret even doing this in the first place! Other parts of me really wish that since I'm still pretty new to the procedure like everything else time will heal the wounds and I'm sure I'll look much better once the swelling and the bruising goes down! My advice to those who want instant gratification look elsewhere because this is far from instant! The body itself needs to heal and get back to its normal tempo! I do feel he wasn't as aggressive with my arms as I would have hoped him to be it was a very troubling area for me so that is something that kind of bothers me but like I said time will tell and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt after all is done!

Day 4 and 5 post op... ????

To be completely honest I'm feeling very discouraged I have seen others on real self that love the way they look right away I feel like my arms still look the same. There's parts of my body that look like scrambled eggs I'm not sure if I'm feeling this post surgery joy everyone feels. I'm just not happy with the way my body looks I almost regret doing the procedure. I know everyone says my body is still swollen and I still need to do the lymphatic massages but there's parts where I feel he missed. ???? I don't know I don't wanna sound like a whiner but I really want to start seeing something be a good result! ????

10 days post op and 3 massages later!

Hi everyone, first I'd like to thank you for being so supportive and welcoming to this app. It's a nice feeling to know I'm helping/ inspiring others through my story/ experience! After a week of complete of turmoil and emotional ups and downs I can finally say that I am starting to see some results! Yay! I know it's not easy to believe but yes I am starting to loooove my new body! Today I was feeling a lot of excess fluid which felt like a burning cigarette on the side of my body and I called the docto. He asked when I could come in to see him and he was very attentive and drained the excess fluid out! It felt amazing when he drained it! Oh my goodness what a relief I was so happy! Really I am so happy! also my massages have become increasingly more tolerable and more relaxing and yes they are painful but totally worth it when I start seeing the results ! I'm grateful that the Dr. Was able to see me at such short notice today it would have been a very uncomfortable weekend without that draining he did for me!

Saturday morning 11 days post op!

Wow! I woke up today feeling even better than yesterday! I can't believe a Saturday ago I was so miserable and so sore! But I guess the healing process is worth it because now I'm starting to feel so much better about my body! And looking at the difference from before and after just 11 days post op I can't believe the singnigicant difference between the two images!!! ???????? I love it I will be getting another massage today and I will ask him to concentrate on the abdominal areas and the sides to start breaking down the sides where some swelling and bumpy chunks remain! Granted I am still very very swollen but I wanted to update with the day by day recovery process! ????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

His office staff was friendly and very welcoming. Dr. Carreaga actually gave me a free personal consultation, he heard what I would like to do and gave me his professional suggestions.

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