25 Yrs Old no kids BA 450 cc hight profile saline

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I went to see dr llorente and he is great i really...

I went to see dr llorente and he is great i really felt confortable telling him what i want, my coordinator is also super good i being texing her and she always reply right away! I love the clinic and it looks really cleaning. The dr recommended 465 cc saline. I schedule the surgery for january 23 even though i really want to do it now i cant get out of work this year. I dont know if 465 cc is going to be too much because im 5'2 132 lbs also idk if to go with saline instead of silicone..

Dont know what to do:(

So today im rethinking the surgery not because of the pain after the surgery but because of going under anesthesia im so scared and i have read so many things that i dont know what to do my whole life i wanted BA and know that i have the money i dont know if i could ho throw it because im so afraid of the whole thought of shouting off my body with anesthesia any recommendations?

Change my mind is a good idea?

So i wanted to do the surgery for january 23 since im super scared of the anesthesia but is the same thing if i do it now or on the 23 so i changed the day for november 16! Im really scared but at the same time i want my new boobs already and i want to get the GA out of the way too

Wish boobs

This is a pic of how i want them

My wish boobs

So my surgery is on nov 9 but there are days i want to cancel because of the fear to the anesthesia i really dont know if i could get over it and go through with this

Second thoughts

I still have my surgery for nov 9 but i keep thinking if i should cancel im so scared of the anesthesia i just don't picture myself getting it.. some days i wake up and say ok im going to do it this is what i want and im gonna go through it and days like today i just feel i cant do it.. on oct 28 i have to go met the dr for final questions and get lab work done... but idk if i can do it i really dont want my fair to get in the way of something i have been wanting for so long

Almost time!

So in two weeks is the big day! Im freaking out i really wish there was another way instead of GA but i hope everything goes well! I have to go do my lab work and final questions on Friday! The only thing i havent really like is that were im getting my surgery they dont tell you a time for anything until a day before.. i have try to stop reading and googling things about BA because there are some weird things that are making me more nervous... ill let you guys now how it goes on friday!

Pre op appt

Today i went in for final questions and lab work! Im really excited and nervous at same time.. im going for saline high profile 450cc!!! The dr was very nice answering the list of questions i had.. he was very straight forward with everything and explained.. he recommended to take benadryl if i was anxious the day before.. he explained that because of the whiplash that i have in my neck(due to an accident i had a few years ago) it shouldnt be a problem at all... the only thing i didnt like is that they dont tell me the time of the surgery until a day after and it could be at 7pm if they have other surgeries.. hopefully its early because im going to be freaking out that they... hopefully everything goes good ????

My countdown starts today!!

Ok so in 7 days is the big day! Im really scare but hopefully it will good well.. ill put before pics later today!

Before pics!

Less than a week ????????

Before pics!

Less than one week for the big day!

Anxiety is starting to kick in

So last night i dream i was getting the BA but the anesthesia wasnt working i woke up super scared lol and today i dont work and still woke up super early because i remember that in 3 day im getting them done... heres another before pic with a victoria secret bra push up

Less then a day !

Sooo tomorrow is the big day! I have to be there at 1pm im super scared... send me positive vibes!!!

The day is here

So last night i started to have anxiety so just like the dr said i took two pills of benadryl and it help me sleep the whole night... i just woke up and im a little nervous but i dont want to think so much about... im gonna watch a movie and try to be very relax.. im going to the clinic at 12pm hopefully is fast and they dont make me wait so long.. i have my bag ready with my bath rope and some really soft socks for after the surgery...

Still waiting

So i got here at new plastic surgery at 12:30 because my surgery was at 1 but im still here waiting.. im super scared but at the same time i want this over im hungry and im so scared... the dr just came to mark me so i guess is almost time.. ill update as soon as i can with my big boobies lol... send good vibes!!

new boobies

Ok so last night i got out of surgery like at 6pm everything happen really fast and i loved how the nurses and anesthesiologist treated me... when i woke up i wasnt in pain but i was super cool and thirsty... last night it was a little hard because i wanted to lay down completely but of course i couldnt... i dont have any pain and i havent taken the pain killers hopefully it stays that way... my back is hurting me really bad... i think i see my boobs really small but my everybody is telling me they are big lol.. but i havent seen them without the bra.. i feel more pressure on the left one and it seems more inflammable..

Days after

Its been a couple of days after the surgery and its been a roller coaster of emotions.. at first i saw them too small and i was worry and now i see them too bit and i feel weird and like they arent me.. hopefully they get a little smaller after inflammation.. there has been no pain at all just pressure a lot of pressure.. i didnt take any pain medication just the antibiotics..


Well its been more than two weeks i cant complain about pain or anything the only thing is that i see that the left one doesnt go down and the right looks lower and im scared the will stay like that, also my left one hurts when i wake up its a weird feeling i get every time i wake up and get up from bed... i like how they look in general and the scar is already going away :)

Im in love with them

Today for the first time i put on a normal bra and i love my boobs i couldnt be happier! I still have a little bit of pressure and i cant do weight because it feels weird but i can do pretty much everything normal

2 months after

so in general i love my boobs some days ill see them small but isome others i think they are perfect.. i no pain at all back to the gym work and everything normal
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I really liked him he understood what i want and explained everything of the surgery.. he gave me the trust that i need to after years made the appt of the surgery! Even though im super scared ( would be the first time under anesthesia) i cant wait to do it!

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