25 Year Old Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Breast with Dr. Mendieta - Miami, FL

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For years I have thought about this procedure. I...

For years I have thought about this procedure. I have a kangaroo pouch and I am now 20lbs over-weight, I feel unmotivated to workout because even when fit that pouch just will not disappear (i look pregnant). I am what you call skinny fat and most of my fat accumulates in my flanks and abdomen. I also have a bit of a square shape although I have a round butt I don't have a waist. I have researched Dr. Mendieta for 2 years now-he wasn't my first choice Dr. Azurin was but he passed away from cancer a year ago- and I am confident that he can give me the shape I desire. I am scheduled for surgery exactly a month from today and I am so nervous! Currently I am 5'0 tall, weighing 135 lbs and a 34B cup. I am having liposculpting done to the abdomen, waist, flanks and back and I am having a portion of the fat transferred to my breasts. I chose to transfer the fat to the breast rather than the buttocks because I have a full round butt and when I work out it projects ALOT.

One Week Pre-Op Update

It's one week before my surgery. I have recently met with the staff to finalize payments and go over Pre-Op procedures. I have been prescribed with Valium, Percocet, and something to control the nausea. I ordered my own Post-Op garments directly from Colombia only because they are extremely effective and durable. I purchased the bra and a small full body garment from Leonisa (I highly recommend them, the garments are fabulous). I've set up my room to make it comfortable for both me and my mother who will be caring for me. I designated a drawer on my bedside with gauzes, diapers, towels, Dermamend (helps with the bruising), socks, pain killers and movies. I have been taking iron and Vitamin C for the past week to ensure I don't catch a cold and I have been bathing in antibacterial soap. Super excited, can't wait to update you all next week!

Post Op, first picture!

I am in a lot of discomfort but not unbearable, my grandmother lent me a recliner and it has been a blessing to be able to adjust my position electronically. Moving is tough and I am a little slow due to the Valium and Percocet. I've take 3 naps (I've been home for about 3 hours) I've been drinking lots of fluids and I already walked one lap around the house. My parents are keeping me hydrated with plenty of fluids and emptying out my catheter regularly, I also have drains but those are empty. I have a burning sensation in my torso but once again nothing unbearable. My Breast are very very full at the moment 600cc in each, they will reduce to around 300cc as it is fat transfer. I can't see my body until tomorrow's post op consultation because I am bandaged but so far so good! I'm very excited to see how I look underneath my garments.

Second day post op pics

Had to buy another garment the one I initially wore was too tight and the hooks and zipper were creating indentations in my skin. Hopefully this helps. Pain is unbearable :/

Day 3 first nude photo

Absolutely not a weekend recovery for me. I'll post my first nude picture now, body wise not much of a change but I'm hoping it's because of the swelling, he did get rid of the pouch completely I just wish the waist would become smaller. I do have much more incisions than I expected (under arms, drains and a few on my back). First night I couldn't sleep even with Percocet and Valium, however I did force myself to walk and stretch. Second day I had my post op visit which was very painful to get to, I took a Percocet around noon and Was able to do a few laps after that. I've had salmon, chicken, tilapia, fruits, prunes, crackers, ginger ale, soup and lots of water. Most difficult part has been getting up to use the restroom but thankfully I have a great support system. I took my first shower today, sat in a chair and used dial soap, I also noticed my belly button was shaped a little oddly so I stuffed it with a gauge so it can keep a round shape. I've also been placing frozen peas on my torso and Breast every hour and a half. I have another visit with my doctor on Friday so I'll adress the waist then. Please excuse any mispellong the Percocet is kicking in!

Post op visit with Dr. Mendieta

Here's a pic of my breast, bruising has reduced significantly. Pain still sucks I take a Percocet before bed (around midnight) at 6 am and in the afternoon if needed. It's my fifth day since surgery and I am still draining a lot, I fill the bulbs half way twice daily. I purchased magnesium citrate and was finally able to use the restroom. The gauge I had placed in my belly button helped, the shape is back to normal. I had 8 stitches removed, still haven't removed the belly button one or the drains. All incisions are itty bitty. I'm still too swollen to see results in my torso but I did consult with the doctor about my waist not being as small as I anticipated and about the excessive amount of incisions, he explained the following: 1. My fat was very very hard (I have very tight skin and have never been flabby) that made it difficult for him to get to certain areas 2. Because of my athletic history, anatomy and overall athletic build there was a lot of muscle which only allows him to get so close, had I added fat to my hips proportions would have been different and my waist would have seemed smaller but I hadn't chosen that as an option because I know that after bearing children my hips will widen on their own 3. Once again lots of muscle in my back he described it as hills and valleys that were difficult to get around because I was not a large person to begin with so more incisions were needed to target the problem areas that being said he assured me that he suxked out the most he could but I must be patient, this is a process that takes months for results to be seen especially since he did not sculpt my fat but removed all of it. To make matters worse i got my period this week and I am mega bloated. If all goes as planned and the probl areas are in fact just swollen and in need of some time then I can truthfully say I am very pleased with my progress and the work that Dr Mendieta has done.

10 days post op pics

Bruising had decreased aignificantly I believe it is thanks to the Dermend cream it is very potent. I am still VERY swollen I feel like I am about to pop but drains are out and I am much more mobile. I have noticed that stretching helps A LOT, it is painful but really speeds the healing process I do arm lifts and rotations daily and I take four laps around the house daily.

Lymphatic Massage Pic

Do your research on lymphatic massages before submitting yourself to one. Not everyone needs it, not everyone benefits from it. I am young and have very tight skin, I chose lymphatic massages to speed the process of releasing toxins and clots that remained after my drains were removed. I have noticed that swelling reduced significantly from yesterday's photos and I was a 1lb lighter this morning. Which is another issue I haven't addressed, pre-op I was at 137lbs, post op 142lbs, day ten 138lbs.

Week 2 Post Op Pics

Breast have retained a good amount of cc's thus far. Waist is really shrinking, im at 134 lbs as of today I went into surgery at 137 and left at 142. Bruising is minimal and I just feel a lot of tightness (if you drop something squat do not bend over). As for my Breast they don't hurt at all and all bruising is gone it's just hard to fully raise my arms but I stretch every day and it helps.

5 weeks Post Op

Very minimal bruising is left. The breast have retained a decent amount of fat and he shaped them up very nicely for my body type. My waist is still very sore and lumpy it has a long way to go but so far it's reduced significantly. Scars are healing well, I've been using ScarAway. My back doesn't have any rolls or folds and my butt looks perkier now that the back fat is not pushing it down. So far so good!

Scarring on Breast

For those who have asked, I have a attached a picture of the scar from the fat transfer to the breast.

5 months post op update

Very happy with my results 5 months in. Breast are at a full D, scarring is minimal. Only downfall is that in certain photographs or lighting you can tell I had lipo in the abdominal area and skin is folding over in my back, kind of like a crease.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great attention! All the coordinators I have interacted with are extremely informative and eager to answer all questions and concerns. The staff is friendly, attentive, and quick to respond. Dr. Mendieta is just amazing. His office is pretty high-tech and he is able to to digitally demonstrate what the problem areas will ideally look like after the procedure. He provides options that are realistic to your body type and he makes sure you understand the pros and cons of the procedure. Dr. Mendieta made me feel very confident in obtaining the results I desire.

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