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2 days away from my much anticipated...

2 days away from my much anticipated rhinoplasty!!
I have disliked my nose for as long as I can remember and finally decided to really make this happen!
I do not have any set expectations for what I 'want' or 'wish' my nose should look like because lets be realistic--no expectations equals no disappointments, right?
I would like to see a little more definition in my nose from all angles, especially the slope, since there isn't much to it currently. My nose is also very wide, starting from the very top of it from a frontal view, so I would like for it to be narrowed. Overall, I would like it to be a little more feminine.
I have no expectations nor am I worried about the final outcome of it because I absolutely 100% trust my surgeon and trust his 'art' work as well as his opinions and ideas as to what will fit my face and his definition of what a perfect nose should be, on me! I did go to 3 different plastic surgeons at the start of this journey and I am so so so glad that I went with him. He was my 3rd and FINAL consultation since these consultations do get tiring, make you confused (because it seems like every single one of their expectations seem fabulous) and also make you anxious and want it to happen ASAP, like the next day ASAP! I found myself almost wanting to set dates at all consultations and as soon as their next available surgery date was. The doctor I decided to go with was reccomended by a friend of my mothers whos daughter, who was 16 years old at the time of her surgery, had her rhinoplasty with him. The results were amazing, although her nose was completely different than mine. Most would say my nose isn't 'ugly' nor is there anything wrong with it but I know whats wrong with it and it does bother me, ALOT, so even though it may be a subtle change, I know and trust it will only be an awesome change. I will post who I chose as my surgeon when I update the day I have surgery! Also posting some pictures now, some i could find, of myself in pictures I really disliked my nose. One of the main reasons I want a rhinoplasty is because Im horrified of taking pictures because it looks terrible! Im going to be honest and say that my nose is actually 'cute' and it for the most part, fits my face when you see me in person but its pictures that I refuse to take! Im so ready to take 23845287345 pictures with people and make up for all the pictures I stay out of because of my nose! I will post some up close and personal nosey pictures of every angle of my nose tomorrow since I want as many 'Before' pictures as i can get

Counting down the hours!

Beyond ready for tomorrow! Ready to be a baby for a few days and have my boyfriend take care of me and do everything I ask him to! It's also a much needed break from work...shopping for some last minute goodies...cough drops, arnica gel, pillows and just some random stuff like magazines to keep me entertained...hard part is not being able to go to the gym for the next couple of week but again that's a much needed break too...started taking 2500 mg of vitamin C, 2 arnica tabs 4x a day as well as two, 500mg of bromelain for the past 2 weeks...not sur

Oops, continued...

I'm really really trying to prevent as much bruising as possible and also going to juice a pineapple and dilute that with water throughout my recovery and that should also prevent me from a significant amount of bruising...I have to go back to work 8 days post op so that's why the bruising is a big deal for me. Nothing to eat after midnight which is hard for me because it eat a few times throughout the night. Surgery is set for 8am!!!...will post tomorrow about it all

Done done done!

It's over! Thank God! Waking up from surgery I must say was pretty terrible! I'm pretty good with pain but there is very little pain it's just SO SO freaking uncomfortable! I cried a lot before leaving the facility...surgery was preformed by Dr. Brandon Kallman at the Four Seasons Hotel, the Miami Institute. Staff was awesome and dealt with my whiney self. I've been starving since I woke up this morning so food was the first thing on my mind! Super dry mouth and a killer headache but that about it...no sore throat, nose is a bit stuffy, fingers and lips still numb...other than that I feel pretty fabulous and not to mention eating everything in sight!


So it's been about 5 hours since surgery and I can't sit still! I want to get up and do things and I have been getting things for myself rather than have my boyfriend or mom help...pain mess are working and no nausea thank god because my body has never done well with pain meds (tried taking them when I had my wisdom teeth pulled) and it was horrible! Threw up all day long so just stopped taking them...
And I'm still eating non stop! Even though I can't taste anything LOL

Day 2_post op

Slept the entire night YAY! Doctor prescribed me ambien so 5mg of that did wonders! I was skeptical at taking it the first night post op because I didn't want to sleep too deeply and end up in weird positions but 3 pillows and a neck pillow kept me propped up the whole night in the same position...I've also been eating everything in sight still! So happy I have had no nausea at all! So I guess the solution is to just keep eating :) last night went to target with my mom because I couldn't stay at home nor could I sit still and that was an adventure with all the stares I got LOL...I plan on going out to eat somewhere with my boyfriend later because I don't want to sit at home! My life is non-stop so I guess I got used to that and my high-energy is still here even after this brutal surgery...I do have to say that the initial waking me up from surgery was the worst part, I really really almost regretted the surgery at that moment it was that terrible for me...that only last about an hour or so until I got home and a little comfortable even though this surgery is the most uncomfortable feeling ever! I can manage uncomfortable though and I'm so so happy that this recovery is going so smooth...I'm surprised and so is my boyfriend who had a rhinoplasty when he was 16 in 1996! I haven't needed or asked for his help as much as I thought...just once it twice to get me a drink or something because I had already gotten up 20 times before that and forgot one thing...he has been amazing though and took off 4 days from work to stay with me...I get a little sad when he run errands though because it does suck being alone and that's what I haven't liked these past 2 days is being alone even if it's for 5 minutes! Ok I'm done rambling now but I'll post a day 2 picture for you guys...not as much bruising as I though just swelling so that means I need to start icing more because I've been slacking on that a bit

A little over 24 hours post-op...

I don't think I ever mentioned that I chose to go with a surgeon who did open rhinoplastys because after I did a lot of research I believed that this was the approach that would allow full potential of a close to perfect nose (with being able to see the small details of the cartilage with it being open) and the chances of a visible scar are so small and even if there was a small scar there, it really wouldn't bother me!
I still feel super awesome and ran errands with my boyfriend today for 2 hours or so and then we went out to lunch...clearly I do not mind being in public at all LOL
I really am amazed at the amount of energy I have and how I basically feel pretty normal...I do have some pressure at the top and middle of my face but feel like a sinus headache...I'm stuffy too but it comes and goes depending on if I'm walking or laying down

Day 3-post

Woke up today feeling a bit beaten down, like I had gotten hit by a truck or some kind of serious hangover...took an ambien last night that's probably why but as soon as I slowly woke up and got moving I felt better...I feel pretty good today except for the permanent feeling of someone pinching my nose and still pressure headaches but they are bad at all and so so easily ignored...took a shower, washed my hair tried to blow dry it a little but I didn't feel like it so just threw it back...put some make up on because I'm going to lunch with my boyfriend and need to look somewhat presentable lol the makeup just freshens me up and doesn't make my face look so harsh and beaten

6 days post!

Cast was taken off today and stitches removed! I was terrified and seeding this process (mostly the stitches) since the day of surgery and asked my doctor to actually numb my nose before he took the stitches out but that didn't happen because him and his wife (who is his nurse) assured me that it wouldn't hurt at all...I was only freaking out about the stitched because so many people on here and other websites (including my boyfriend who had a rhinoplasty 16 years ago) told me that the stitch removal was the worst part of it all..well my doctor and his wife were totally right! Absolutely painless and I literally freaked out for nothing...it was the least painful and didn't even feel it since my nose is still numb from surgery but still very very sensitive where the incision is so that's why I thought I was going to pass out and die when stitches were removed...but no I'm ALIVE! And couldn't be happier with the way it looks! It's so freaking perfect now and it's still so swollen so I can only imagine a few weeks, months and a year from now! One of the best decisions I've ever ever made and it was worth all the uncomfortableness time money whatever you want to say but it was so so so so worth it and would do it again and again and again despite me telling my boyfriend 'why did I do this, or what was I thinking my nose was ok and I should have just left it the way it was.' Not going to lie and say it's a breeze and recovery is easy and fun and relaxing because it's totally not...it's absolutely one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever experienced probably putting it at #1 on my list of awkward/uncomfortable/weird. I had a lot of energy the past week while recovering but I always have a lot if energy and never can sit and relax but oh well I guess I'll rest when I die...I've been reallllly bored and a little upset I can't do any physical activities like my normal heavy weightlifting and intense cardio and I can just take 'light' walks?' Yeah whatever that means because I don't do that lol...I'll be back at the gym tomorrow now that I don't have that cast in the way! Sorry Dr. Kallman! No heavy lifting though I need a break anyways but I need to get back to the gym since I'm going crazy here with nothing to do and watching tv isn't fun for me since I'm normally always on the go and never sitting down....I can say that I've definitely gotten to appreciate the simple things I could do before the surgery like wash my face and SCRUB IT! Or blow my nose or even just walk around without my nose dripping boogers everywhere...the list goes on about how much I really do appreciate the little things I am able to do and how the body functions...as simple as holding back fluids in your nose from flowing all over the place or even just being able to feel the tip of my nose and like I said I really really miss scrubbing and washing my face but I'll be able to do that in a few days or so because it's still sore...and I'm still bruised so hopefully most of that will subside by Thursday when I go back to work...but again I'm so so so so happy with the way it looks and beyond excited to see its full potential! Will post pictures soon when I look a little less rough and clean myself up a bit since I have been enjoying not dressing up or putting on make up for work...I also have another visit with the doctor in 2 weeks to take pictures and that fun stuff!


Forgot to include the fact that I slept very very well through each night so far and only because my doctor prescribed me Ambien so if anyone is going through with this procedure I would HIGHLY recommend asking your surgeon for some kind of sleep aid in order to get through this VERY UNCOMFORTABLE but SO WORTH it experience...I stress the uncomfortable part because I was totally unprepared for it...I knew it would be pain-free and uncomfortable but I don't think anyone is prepared for that amount of discomfort all at once...just saying...I've never taken a prescribed sleep aid before and I think that's the only way I survived nights and we all know that the best thing for healing and getting better is sleep so if you aren't sleeping then the healing process will only take longer not to mention time will go by so so so slow

one week post!!!!

its been a week today and i honestly couldnt be happier with the results so far and its only been 7 days! ill say it a million times...this journey has been a little rough but SO WORTH it and that id of course finding the RIGHT doctor and doing a lot of research before hand...ill admit that i was a little impatient when going to consultations and was just excited to do it it and have the nose i wanted but that all comes along with being VERY patient and doing it when the time and surgeon is right...i love my surgeon and will be paing him visits just because him and his entire staff including his wife are just so wonderful...and he will most definitely be doing any and all of my future procedures...not that theres any in the near future but a breat augmentation is somwhere in the future... my nose is still very very swollen and once again patience and time will be the only thing that will lead to the perfect and amazing end results of my procedure! i feel awesome and there isnt anymore discomfort at all and ready to get into my normal roiutine of work anf the gym...only thing is the bruises are still there and so so so black lol...i look crazy but found a solution to that for covering them up and going to work...RED LIP LINER/LIPSTICK! YES YES YES...it works...and works oh so well! i have a pretty serious make-up collection and have a passion for make-up and i make a trip to sephora/ulta/macys make up counters AT LEAST twice a week and always leave with something...the red lipliner/lipstick is just a tip for those who really want or need to cover up your bruises completely...undereye concealer WILL NOT work by itself no matter how much or what brand you use...Kat VonD's tattoo concealer and dermablends tattoo concealer does not work alone either, have them and tried them both alone...red in fact, cancels out blue so applying the red lipliner/lipstick first will conceal it and then application of an undereye concealer will work... make sure you apply a really thin and even layer of the red and let it sit for a few minutes so it doesnt bleed when and blend with the concealer you choose to put over it...however you choose to do your concealer, ALWAYS make sure you set it with a light colored powder or else you will have creases and they will be bad especially if going heavy/cakey in that area to cover bruises...any kind will work a long as its a little lighter than your skin color and all over the face powder you use...and also once you apply a 'wet' or liquid foundation and set it with a powder, you CANNOT go back with 'wet' or liquid because it will not be good, especially in the long run throughout the day...this may take like 30 minutes but if you work and come in contact with hundredes of people a day, then you will understand...i have been going out in public every day since the day of surgery with my cast and all and no make up bruises looking pretty harsh and could careless but work is a little more important...i could go on and on but if you have any questions about covering up those bruises, i can answer them! did i mention that i love my nose??? =)
i was also very excited to see that my nose ring fit right back in !

3 weeks post!

Yesterday was 3 weeks since surgery...I feel completely normal and back to my normal routine...but then again I felt pretty good and normal about a week and a half post surgery and was so anxious to get back to work...my nose is still numb in certain places and the tip is super hard and swollen but I am so so happy with the results even with the swelling...I have some serious blackheads on my nose that are bothering me but my nose is way too sensitive still, especially the cartilage at the tip, to try and extract the blackheads. So I have to wait a few more weeks for the sensitivity to subside so I can go get a facial! Bruising is almost completely gone and still hard to cover up...the color of the bruises aren't getting lighter but the size of the bruises are shrinking everyday...they should be completely gone in a day or 2. I guess I was the unlucky one who had serious bruising that doesn't want to go away!
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