23 Year Old in Need of a Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss. Miami, FL

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I am 5'6" and I weigh 140 pounds. At my heaviest I...

I am 5'6" and I weigh 140 pounds. At my heaviest I weighed 220 lbs so it's been quite the journey. It never even occurred to me that I could be a candidate for a tummy tuck until I got so frustrated over why my stomach was never changing. I always believed that my stomach could be taken care of once I reached a certain amount of weight, but no matter how low I went, nothing ever changed. Last year in June I got a breast lift done by Dr. Soleir-Baillo and it was the best decision I could have ever made, and I even remember him lightly mentioning that I would also be a good candidate for a tummy tuck, but I use to believe tummy tucks were only for mothers who's stomachs were changed from pregnancy.

Last month I took the leap and booked my tummy tuck surgery with waist and back liposuction for January 6 because I deserve to enjoy my body in my youth.

Pictures coming soon!

4 weeks to lose more weight before the big day

Turns out I'm 148 pounds at the moment. I'm on a little mission to drop at least 8 pounds before surgery day. I want the best results possible! I'm honestly nervous about posting before pictures. My insecurity over my stomach is so bad you guys... I haven't even let my fiancé see me without a shirt.

I just went grocery shopping and got some healthy foods on deck! :)

Surgery moved 3 days sooner

I have a couple more days at work then it's the big day first thing Monday morning. Dropped off all my prescriptions and just need to pick up a couple things to be able to wear after surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions? Where did you guys go? What kind of things did you get?
The nurse told me I'll be in this tight compression thing for 4 days until the drains come out but it also covers the downstairs area, and it has holes to take care of bathroom business. Besides the pain I'm nervous about not showering for that long and feeling super uncomfortable. I haven't read much on here about if that's a problem for ladies, probably means it's not right? Lol I'm just over thinking.
Anyways, I leave work today pretty early today. I will post my before pics.

Hugs and kisses beautiful ladies!

The Big Day

I'm on my way to the doctors now. I took half a Xanax they prescribed before bed and the other half when I woke up. I'm so scared of the pain. I was crying from a breast lift last year and swore off plastic surgery so I can't even imagine yet.

Hope you ladies have a beautiful day today.

First night home

This garment is so tight and unfortable. I just had to get up and move about and this is actually very painful, you don't realize it when you're just lying still. God I hope it feel better soon. I'm starting to feel sore in my back, around where they did the lipo. I'm a stomach and side sleeper so I know it's going to be a rough night. I can't wait to see my tummy next week.

Absolutely nothing can prepare you for this

I have never felt pain like this in my life. The burning of the drains inside of you, the killer back soreness, the pain from the lipo. I don't even know where all the incisions from the lipo are under this garment. He put on me this very tight garment that covers me from my knees and has little straps for my shoulders.
I asked him if he could please also lipo some of the fat on the sides of my breasts near the back. God bless him for being so sweet and doing it even though it wasn't medically considered my back.

Ladies, if you can, please rent a recliner. A bed will feel like a mountain.

Day 3

My mobility is a bit better. My amazing mom went somewhere and was able to have a recliner delivered to me in under 3 hours yesterday. It's such a life saver. I keep on having these moments where I have serious shortness of breath. Not too sure what to do about those expect let them pass. Also told the nurse over the phone I keep on feeling the need to cough cause of my asthma and they prescribed me something that I can start taking in a couple of hours when it's ready at the pharmacy. None of this feels better yet. This is hard. Between the painful walk every few hours I'm just trying to sleep this all away. Not up for pictures until next week when this comes officially comes off. Damn these drains.
Oh and also!!! Get a back scratcher!!! Something you can reach your legs with. I don't know why I've been itching since I've got back.

Kudos to all you strong ladies who are going through this with me or already have. We got this.

Day 4

I was able to use the bathroom by myself for the first time today! Also took the opportunity to wipe myself down with baby wipes, brush my teeth, got my fiancé to help me brush my hair, and changed my long fuzzy gown. What a difference it made.

I've been eating chicken soup, jello, pudding, water, ginger ale, and this soft rice dish that's really easy to eat since monday. With a garment this tight, I'm barely every hungry.
I'm worried about these drains, just the thought of the day they need to pull these out. Can't imagine the feeling will be too pleasent. I'll let you know of course.

I'm also nervous about when I'm finally going to be able to go number 2 in the bathroom. How that would feel on my stomach. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

For now here's another one of my unfortunate before pictures lol

Day 5

So we're on day 5 and I feel like the pain has shifted more to the incision sites and where the drains are poking out from me. Any wrong movement and it feels like a shock through my body where the cuts are. I don't think I have a really good pain tolerance lol. I finished my first bottle of Vicodin (shout out to my liver) and just had my fiancé pick up more.
I no longer feel the burning of the drains inside of me, really happy about that.
It's so exhausting to move around. My trips to the bathroom absolutely drain me. It makes me so antsy not being able to do much except lay here.

I'm still walking hunched over. I have 3 more days of this garment which means I get to shower in 3 days! I'm so excited!

Day 6

I can finally move around for more than just trips to the bathroom and back. It felt so good being able to do a few things here and there without feeling exhausted.
Muscles feel extremely tight and I'm still hunched over. 2 more days until my first post op visit.

Day 7

My. Back. Is. Done.

I'm so sick of always laying or sitting but any time I try to walk, the soreness of my back is so bad, it's on another level.
Still hunched over. Tomorrow is my first pre-op visit. I FINALLY GET TO SEE WHATS UNDER THIS GARMENT. I haven't peeked at all. Mostly cause I'm super squeamish and thinking about it is enough to make me nauseous. Does that make any sense? I want to see the results but no thank you to the stitched up cuts.

Currently in bed with a heating pad, I really hope it helps.

Drains Out. Big Reveal

Getting the drains removed was such an uncomfortable feeling. I'm a wimp! It was so gross and nauseating to me I broke out in cold sweat leading up to it. I don't even know how I'm able to volunteer myself for these surgeries when little stuff like that freaks me out lol.

Anyways, everything is healing well and it's finally safe to say that I am so beyond happy with the results. Do you guys realize I have NEVER in my teen or adult life have been able to wear a pair of pants of underwear without having to stuff my FUPA into them?!?? It's unreal to me that piece of my body is gone. The piece that would make me fall apart and cry in fitting rooms, and at home. I am so pleased with my doctor and his staff.

I can finally start living at 23.

Doing Much Better

I'm healing really well. Finally back to doing normal things and I'm able to stand up completely straight. Still keeping in mind that even though I feel great on the outside, I shouldn't over exert myself, I really don't want to disrupt any healing going on inside my body.
Stuck in this binder for 4 more weeks though. I have to wear this thing non stop except for showers. As tempting as it is to cheat and take it off sometimes, I want the best results and don't want to jeopardize anything. I learned that the purpose of wearing a binder is to help reduce any fluid buildup and to help all those tunnels made for the lipo to adjust back on to my muscles.

I also just want the cutest contour ever :)

It's back to real life next week! Non stop work and school.

7 months later

I've been healing really nicely. I've only recently started working out, focusing on weights and lifting more than cardio. I want to really shape my body and look lean and strong. Take this as a before picture! I'll be posting more updates soon!
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