23 Year Old Mommy Makeover - Miami, FL

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I plan on having my mommy makeover March 12 with...

I plan on having my mommy makeover March 12 with Dr. Ortega! Im nervous but ready to get my pre baby body back and get rid of most of the stretch marks on my stomach! Im coming from out of town so Im looking into staying in a hotel nearby and bringing someone to help me or the recovery house. Does anyone have an experience out of state and what is the better more affordable option coming from out of state? Im having an extended tummy tuck lipo on flanks and a breast lift/reduction quoted for 7200. i just need to pay my deposit to lock in date and price. Ive been communicating back and forth with Candise Diaz and she is great. Responds back fast and answers all my questions and concerns. So far good experience just ready to have my surgery!!!!

3 weeks away!!

I'm currently 3 weeks away from surgery.!!! Excited and nervous at the same time!! I had my blood work done last Tuesday but haven't heard anything back yet how long does it usually take? I just want to get it over with I'm posting pictures of my stomach o had the perfect shape before my pregnancy now I hate my love handles I just really hope he can get rid of them with the Lipo and extended tummy tuck I don't really know the difference between the full and extended they look the same to me! I just hope he can give me the look I want with my stomach I already have a nice shape just need to get rid of the fat and loose skin

New date June 23!!!

So I haven't done an update in a long time but I had to get my date rescheduled due to family issues. It sucked because I had to pay a 300 reschduleing fee but oh well I have my new date and won't be changing it for nothing!!! I'm
Excited and so ready to get it over with!! I don't have anything yet Ikno I will get one garment free included with my surgery but what else do any of you suggest I get ? I'm also working on losing 20 pounds before my surgery 15 would do but 20 would be a lot closer to my pre baby body weight

2 More Weeks until the BIG Day!!!

Got My money, flight and hotel booked and I am ready to goo less than two weeks actually!!! Any suggestions on items to bring with me Im coming from Wisconsin on a plane so dont have much packed as of right now!!! I am currently 178 pounds trying to get down to 168 any suggestions of what I can do I know there is not much i can take but i do plan on doing an all liquid diet starting Monday I do work out alot but I think im gonna go everyday until my surgery

7 more days!!!!

7 more days til my surgery in excited but nervous at same time spectrum called me and pissed me off saying I have to pay 500 more for using United medical credit which it does not state in my contract I told them I would pay 200 more and they agreed but I think I'm gonna go in there with my contract and demand for my price to stay the same. Like why call me a week before my surgery and tell me this and it's doesn't state this no where in the contract and they advertise for united medical credit on their website so beware of you plan on using them ! Other than that I'm just preparing haven't packed a single bag or gotten anything but I'm mentally ready lol I want to lose 10 more pounds before my big day any suggestions I was thinking of doing a juice Diet for the rest of my days I just hope he can snatch my waist and get rid of my love handles


I had my surgery yesterday around 3 pm. took about 3.5 hours with 1 hour of recovery time. I was originally scheduled for 10 am but had to get more labs done due to my creatine levels being high which is something I should have known a month ago not the day of my surgery!!! I went 18 hours with no food or drink talk about torture. Everything checked out perfect though Ortega is very cool and funny. He looks much younger in person and has a nice body actually. He knows his stuff and told me he was happy i already had a nice shape which made his job easier. He started marking my body asap and explained what he would be doing asked me how small i wanted to go breast wise but told me they would be smaller with the lift so he didn't advise to go that much smaller. He was really funny and told me he would have me snatched when I woke up lol when I did wake up i was shivering and super cold make sure you have jacket or blanket it was after 7 so everyone else was gone just me and two nurses the pain was tough but once I took my meds i was fine the prescripstion says to take one percocet every 4 hours but that didnt work for me so I been taking two every 3 to hours as needed. The worse pain is my breast they burn and sides are sore from lipo my mr are tight but I wouldn't say painful and make sure you don't cough or sneeze or you will be in hell Overall I love my results I have my binder on but I can tell I am flat as ever and my love handles are GONE... I'm just hoping he gave me the hour glass shape but i already had one so I am sure I still do. I would do it 10 million times over if i had too Dr Ortega was great and the anthsteiologist was great and I can tell he was concerned about me and my well being not to mention he was finnnnnnneee as hell lol !!! had to be in his mid to late 20s . Im so happy with my decision overall

pics cant wait to see what's underneath

More pics!!

Im so in love with my results and its only Day 1 !!!! Ortega did his damn thing I can't even see my stretch marks in the front of my stomach which I hated I would highly recommend him!!! He is amazing!!!

4 days po Loving my results

went in for my last appointment today with oretga he said I looked hot! lol he did his damn thang on me and Im so happy. I wish my boobs were smaller but he said I will be a c cup once the swelling goes down which is what I want. Im fine able to get up on my own shower on my own and little to no pain at all. My incision line is perfect!!!! i still have some stretch marks at the very bottom but not very noticeable... I feel so good I have to keep drains in until next thursday and he said keep the cg on until them. Where is the best place to order a faja?


I can almost stand up straight as well lovinggggg my results and oretga is truly the best!!!

6 days po

Cant believe how flat i am even though Im super swollen I can only imagine once the swelling go away... I love my new body and so happy I went through with although a lot of people did not support me I ve been itching like crazy but taking benadryl to help overall everything has been great no pain at all and can pretty much stand up straight drains don't really bother me just have to figure a way to hide them under clothes IM LOVING THE NEW ME

4 weeks po!

Sorry ladies it's been awhile but I made my 4th week mark this past Thursday!! I feel so freaking good and love my new shape... The swell hell is real but that is still a million times better then what I was before. My drain holes are closed and my scar is looking pretty good I don't put much on it but will start scar therapy soon. The issue I'm having is with my breast lift it is open under my right breast I let Ortega know and he said it wasn't infected and to apply neosporin to and he think the faja rubbing against may have caused it I have been using it all week and has noticed it's getting better I'll just be happy when it closes for good!! Other then that I'm doing great no pain or soreness went back to work at 2 weeks and did just fine wish my breast were alittle smaller but again they are much better than before loving everything about my body right now!! Oh and my kitty is also swollen attests right above it hopefully that goes down

Pic of my breast

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Oretga is the BEST!!!!!!!

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