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So I'm finally going thru with my BBL and I'm sooo...

So I'm finally going thru with my BBL and I'm sooo excited! I want you guys to follow me on my journey and really see how the results turn out! So let me just give a little background about myself. I've always been a small girl until recently. 5'0 no more than 125. I was perfect! Until I turned 17 and got pregnant with my daughter and I went from 125 to being about 92lbs at 9 months pregnant. When I had the baby I got even smaller. I was really sick I had a pregnancy disorder called hyperemesis that's why I dropped so much weight! I also was a 32 A cup. So I breastfed my daughter for a year and a month later after having my daughter I developed gall stones and had to get my gallbladder removed at 17 as well. During the second semester of my Senior year my body just changed completely. I had a baby in Jan. Gall bladder surgery in Feb and from March to Dec I started to pack on some serious lbs! So step by step from Mar to May I went from 90 lbs to 108lbs. Then from May to July I went from 108 to 120lbs. Now did I notice I was putting on weight of course but I was happy because I back to my pre pregnancy weight. By December of that year I ended being 150ish. 2011 I started the year 150 and I had stopped breast feeding and ended up going from an A cup to a triple D! I had originally thought that my breasts were just still swollen with milk but when my dr told me that all the milk dried up and these were my breasts I was jumping for joy because I always wanted big breasts! As the years progressed my daughter is five now my weight has been up and down but I haven't been back to 120 since 2010. I currently weigh 175 which is terrible and most of my weight is in my abdomen and breasts! (Will upload pictures) So my surgery date is scheduled the 21st of Feb. 2015 and it is with Dr. Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu he shares an office with Dr. Mel Ortega. I pay my $500 deposit tomorrow which is Wednesday which will prepare me to get my blood work done locally and secure my date. So next review will be an updated review on my journey after I pay lol Wish me luck Ladies....Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Paid my Deposit!! Date Confirmed!!

So yesterday I spoke with Victor over a Spectrum Aesthetics and paid 2000 which covered my blood work and half the costs of the surgery. He said I could fly in that Friday the 20th and leave Tuesday the 24th but my flight leaves the 25th so I'll probably pay extra to stay that extra night at the recovery house. In regards of the recovery house I did speak to the lady that operates the RH and she took my 100 dollar deposit also and told me to bring in the 600 cash the day I come in which would be Friday. So everything is confirmed and I'm so excited! Shockingly I'm not scared at all! If anything I'm anxious to get this over and done with so I can show off my new body this Spring! This is actually perfect timing! I'm hype! But I am supposed to be receiving a call today from a nurse to schedule my blood work so I'll update you guys when thats done! In the mean time I've booked my flight and I've started shopping for the items I will need for my trip! If you guys have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate MUST HAVES!!! Kisses ladies

So I'm Already Frustrated

So yesterday which was Friday the 6th I missed a call from Victor about my blood work and I tried calling back but kept being put on hold by Krissy for long periods of time! So I kept hanging up can calling back. Then I missed another call later from Ruth saying she sent me an email to get my bloodwork done but there was nothing in my email and when I try to call back and speak to Ruth I either get hung up on or waiting waaay too long so I gave up yesterday ! So I will try again to get thru. By the way I've already been out shopping waiting to get into these lil tight dresses I boyght!

Blood Work Completed !!!

Okay so this specific review is late and I actually started this on my phone but accidentally closed out the page and lost ALL my wording but to make a long story short, finally got in touch with Ruth rude ass and got my blood work done this past Monday or Tuesday. Had some difficulty with LabCorp but was able to resolve it and they took 4 tubes of blood from me and said Spectrum should have the results by this upcoming Friday which is tomorrow. Still not nervous just anxious to get it all over with ! Kisses ladies

Had to Reschedule

I'm so maaaaad!!! I wrote this whole review and it completely disappeared and I'm too tired to rewrite everything! To make a long story short, financial issues is why I'm rescheduling. I'm now scheduled on the 25 of February which is next Wednesday. It was a chore to get rescheduled because communication with Victor over at Spectrum was HELL. It took this guy 3 days to call me back. Plus I just found out yesterday to reschedule is a 300.00 administrative fee so ladies be prepared. Though Victor did not say anything to me yesterday about it. So I have to change all my flight info now, soo I'll update you guys again when I do that! I know everyone was looking forward to my surgery tomorrow but it WILL happenen. TRUST!

Some Pics

Aiming for March :(

The longer I wait the more irritated I become but ladies I'm aiming for March now all because of financial issues. Was expecting to pay my balance off with my school money but that doesn't get disbursed until the first week of March! So as soon as that hits my account I'll pay my balance off and rebook my flight! So I wanna aim for the second week of March ! But good thing is there not charging me that 300-500 administrative fee. Which I wasn't gonna pay regardless! Because that's ridiculous! Just to reschedule? All the money paying really ! But I've been eating right and walking more In the meantime ! Kisses ladies ????

PAID in Full

Soooo I finally got my school money and paid off my 2000.00 dollar balance and officially got my new surgery date which is 3/28!!!! I'm so excited! I'm not gonna lie tho finding a new flight was extremely expensive!! I'm not going to be able to fly to Miami I have to take the bus because its cheaper for me but I will be flying back but I figured taking the bus won't be so bad and I won't be in no pain this should be a nice drive to FL. So i'm excited you guys! It's finally happening, my dream body! FINALLY!! But I do have one issue that I'm a little concerned about which is this 300.00 dollar administrative fee I told you guys about previously that they had mentioned about when I rescheduled they are saying that I'm still entitled to pay this and I explained to them I shouldn't have to pay this if one of your staff members canceled that date that I wanted the surgery on! So I've been making calls to them and they told me just to come there and sort this out. I'll bring the extra three hundred but I'm going to fight like hell to keep so I'll let you guys know how this turns out! Other than that I'm ready. Kisses Ladies.

More Blood Work

So I just got an email from Ruth stating that my blood work labs have expired and I need to go back to get them redone. I'm kind of irritated about that being as though I hate needles! So to sit through all that again is going to be nerve wrecking but whatever if they need it! So she wanted me to do them today but it was after 5 and I know they were closed so I'll do it first thing in the morning. Kisses Ladies

Blood Work Completed AGAIN!

So I'm kinda late but I did get my blood work done that morning no issues with that this time though it was hilarious that it was the same lady who took my blood before for this procedure and she thought my body was done because I told her I would come back to show her my results but I declined her and told her that it was pushed back because of my financial obligations. But I told her I would be back in April ;) I spoke with Maria from the RH these past couple days and I'm being charged and extra 150 for an extra night. I get into Miami on the 27th and my flight leaves on the 1st so five nights, but I told her I was told the promotion was 5 nights for 700.00 went back n forth with her for awhile and just so F it I'll pay it, more than likely its gonna be worth it in the long run. So I'm good. Other than that ladies nothing new with me I'm excited packing up things now when I'm fully packed I'll let you know what I'm packing. Still waiting on some items in the mail. In the mean time who has MUST HAVE BBL PACKING ITEMS FOR FLYERS!?! PLEASE COMMENT LET ME KNOW! Kisses Ladies.

4 days to GO! 2 days to LEAVE!

Let's try that again ! (Deleted everything I wrote smh)

So from here on out I'll be updating everyday about my experiencing leading up to surgery. So I got an email from Ruth yesterday clearing me for surgery! I'm so excited which means all my labs came back CLEAR! I've began to pack today and I'm contemplating if I should bring my laptop because I still have online school work to turn in lol I really need help on packing so Ladies feel free to comment with suggestions. 4 days to go! Kisses Ladies

3 Days To Go! Leave Tomorrow!

Okay now that we are getting closer reality is starting to set in! I'm now a little nervous and I'm trying to not over think things. Because I still have a whole day to get to Miami. I underestimated taking Greyhound from philly to Miami lol yes it was cheaper A lot! and it's only a day gives me time to explore the South East a little bit! Better taking the bus there than taking it back! So glad I'm flying back! I most certainly would have to anyway! I've packed my last minute things and got the cash off my card for the RH I owe them an extra $150 for staying an extra night like I previously said. Plus I got the extra 300.00 if I have to fight Spectrum for that administrative fee (Which I WILL) but have that just in case! I wish I had someone to drop me off at the Greyhound station I would drive myself but parking would be costly for five days well technically 6! Nerves getting a little shaken up other than that I'm ready! I'll update again tomorrow Ladies from Greyhound even though I already know that's gonna be a horrible experience ! I did Greyhound to and from Arizona from Philly 3 DAYS!!!! I can do to Miami for a day! Kisses Ladies!


So I just pulled off from Greyhound in Philly and I'll be arriving in Miami tomorrow around 5. I know terrible but atleast it gives me time to think and calm my nerves ! I'm so excited all this is happening. On another note I got a call today from the Pharamacy in Florida about my medications srating they were ready for pickup and the balance is 132!! Huh?!?! Our meds arent included? Kinda confused! Either way I have insurance so Im not sure but my insurance should pay for them ! I'll figure all that out when I get there can't do anything from here so that's all the latest updates! Ohhh I was soo worried about packing and forgetting things I wound up forgetting my deodorant lol I don't know what made me remember but I'll grab some from a stop on this bus route ! So our first stop in D.C. I'll update once there! Kisses Ladies

Florida B O U N D :)

So I finally made it in the state of Florida! This bus trip has been so uncomfortable!!!! Ughh NEVER AGAIN! So glad I'm flying back . I'm on the way to Orlando bout 15 mins from there now then Ft. Lauderdale and then Miami . So I should arrive there around 5:15PM where Maria from the RH should be picking me up at. I'll post again with more updates! Kisses Ladies

Surgery Confirmed

So I just got a call from Spectrum and I was actually waiting for this call they advised me about my surgery time and they want me to be there 7:30 AM but she never gave me a surgery time. Also stated no makeup, no lotion, piercings, contacts and nothing to eat after 11pm tonight! So I gotta get my food in before 11 lol she also said I had a 2300 balance and I'm like uhhh no I don't I cleared this up with Chris & Victor and the 300.00 fee is supposed to be waived! So she said she would look into it and call me back . I'm not playing with Spectrum they need to clear this up! Still on the road dolls about to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale in an hour and then Miami after that! Kisses Ladies
I'm wondering if I should bring my phone? I heard someone got theirs stolen before while they were under 0_o that's not cool smfh

300.00 fee WAIVED

So Leila just got her name ! Called me back stating they moved up my sugery from 7:30Am to 6:30Am that's really early! And she said I can't have nothing to eat after 10 . I said that's fine. Then I asked if she got an update on that fee and she said I'm clear they WAIVED IT! Uhh better have! Lol now the only think I'm worried about is my piercings *cries* my tongue can possibly close! And I got my nose pierced about a month and a half ago so I think that might close too ugh if I have to get these repierced I'm going to be highly upset! Any suggestions ladies? Made it to Ft. Laudedale almost to Miami !

Recovery House Photos

Sooo I made it!! Maria didn't pick me up it was her sister Karla who didn't arrive until a half hour later because she got lost -__- she picked me up and said we had to go to Spectrum to pick up a girl who kept throwing up all night. Watching her get into the car I felt her pain. We dropped her off at her RH and picked up another girl from that RH and took her to the RH I'm at now her name is Becky and we are hAvignon surgery same day tomorrow ! I took some pics of the house it's beautiful and the nurse here is an awesome cook ! Ate my last meal for awhile . There was only one girl here and Becky and I showered her with questions she's very sweet and her waist is snatched!! GO GIRL! Had to leave the RH to go to Walgreens lol Becky and I needed a few items . We do have our own rooms too . Love that. Only thing I have negative to say is the nurse barely speaks English -__- I downloaded a translator app tho so that helps! I'm all unpacked and I'm first tomorrow fot surgery so bring on the pain! It's late so ill update tomorrow ladies. Pray for me . Kisses Ladies


I know it's been awhile but I've been trying to heal ladies I leave today at 8:45PM and promise to write a full review with pictures . I'm so uncomfortable and just Ugghh I didn't take no pics because frankly I don't care! I just want this to be over!!! But the girls do say my ass is phat!!! Give me a day ladies. I'll feel more comfortable at home. Kisses

Ladies I'm OK Don't Freak Out!

I've been healing ladies that's why I haven't logged in. I'm by myself now so I do a lot on my own and it's very hard to walk for me. Still haven't taken any pictures but one which I'll post but recovery has been tough !! I don't sleep in my faja every night because it bothers me and getting dressed I don't even bother with that . Sleeping is horrible where I wake up most of the night needing pain pills. During the day my neck is sore because laying one stomach all turning my head to watch tv . Just horrible . Still feel nausea sometimes and I think I developed one of those burns on my side stomach I'm not sure . This part is not fun at all. Havent unpacked anything completely ignore my phone when I first got back . I just hate this. Today was the first day I felt fine to not take pain pills . I still stand when I pee lol and I was able to drive today with my pillow under me, it still hurts to sit. I havent taken many pics because I don't have the energy i will today THO but my results are amazing!!!!! He did a very nice job . I'm happy. Kisses Ladies


Still a lot swollen and this was the best I can get it. Photos doesn't do it justice lol

I feel......

I feel sore! I can drive again even tho it feels weird. I don't use anything under my butt to drive tho. Girls on here are so scared to lose the butt that they don't sit or do anything on their ass! Not I! I got a life to continue and to be honest I think my butt is getting bigger as it softens up which is freaking me out because I don't want a huge noticeable ass. If anything I wanted a little waist the most . I'm thinking I should get another massage to make sure theirs no extra fluid . But I mostly lay on my stomach all day watching tv I do leg exercises because my legs get stiff a lot and I get Charlie horses in my calves from walking down the steps. All my friends rub on my booty a lot lol they love it and it feels like a massage . I think human touch makes the ass softer lol it's been working for me try it! Haven't tried on any clothes still in my dresses. Ran out of pain meds so now I'm on Tylenol . Still taking my arnicare pills to help with swelling and bruising . And I think that's it! Any questions ASK ME!

3 Week Post

So yesterday I turned 3 weeks post and I feel like 65% of my old self. I sit more but still sleep on my stomach or sides. Im so sore it's not even funny. I'm still numb at some of my lipoed areas which is weird. My appetite kicked back in full throttle which gives me energy now. I get so much attention now it's crazy lol I'll post pics tomorrow. I still only wear maxi dresses . Haven't tried other clothes. Shy suggestions ladies on my scars, they've started to raise . Some of them like the ones ones on my upper back . Still get swollen when garmet is off for hours but I am wearing my waist trainer over top because my garmet isn't tight enough . It's too big now . Any suggestions on that as well i want a faja that doesn't come far down my thighs . My thighs are too big to be compressed . Kisses ladies

Happy 4/20 Ladies


More Pics in A Dress

Just wanted to see what a dress looked like on my new body

My Stomach Molds 2 Everything!!!!

It's so annoying. When I wear a bra the shape of the bottom of the bra is molded against my stomach when I wear anything high waisted it leaves imprints. My BBL vets how long does this last? I'm coming up on 4 weeks post tomorrow . I still swell without my garner on after a few hours. I wear my waist trainer over my faja because it's loose on me now . Butt projection remains at 47 in. I get waaaay too much attention . I already had triple D boobs now I have a fat ass to match laawwwwwd I'm making these men pass out when I'm in my sun dress walking by lol this summer is mines lol Kisses Ladies

Lumps and Burns

So I have two lumps on my stomach as well as a burn mark on my back right above my butt. Doesn't hurt I just noticed it the other day when I took my waist trainer off. I noticed the lumps about a week ago. BBL vets is this all normal?


So my results have been coming together nicely. Lumps are going down and booty is phat and giggly !! Lol everyone wants to touch it lol I'm so happy with my decision! Breast reduction is next!!

Some Pixs


Written Update

Twerk Session
Okay you guys so my lumps finally went down and my swelling is next to gone . I still waist train and my booty is so giggly everywhere I walk it moves! It has a mind of its own. My abdomen and lower back still aches when I'm laying down and I get up real quick I still have that stiffness. Other than that I have no issues and I'm ecstatic about my results ! No complaints. Wait I lied I do have one issue tho which still my go away . My frontal view of me when you loon at my waist curves one side is higher than the other I would have to post of pic for you to understand but one hip is higher than the other . I mean you really can't tell but me knowing I see it all the time. Other than that everything is awesome ! Any questions feel free to ask !

Update on Booty

So I've lost track of how post I am lol I think I'm about 5 months but I have no issues now. No lumps, no soreness. I still do waist train tho. I added more pics ladies! Enjoy !

Heyyy Ladies IM BACK!!!!

So progress has been amazing I'm all healed up only issue is I feel like my waist trainer kinda left indents in my stomach it's not as smooth as I would like it but the booty is soft giggly I love it and the attention is something I've never experienced I constantly get asked if my ass is fake then I allow them to touch it and they believe it's real lol I only tell certain people I've had a BBL but it's real to me lol it's my fat! But here's some recent pics


So it all began with my birth control shot depo in my left butt cheek after I received it I developed this pain that stemmed from the injection site all the way down to my toes. Now I've been told that this usually happens after receiving depo . Which is odd because 3 months before this shot I received depo In my right cheek with no issues. You guys my ass, hips, thigh and leg has been in constant pain going on 2 months into this shot so then I developed swelling and a lump on my hip which I'll include a photo of it from when I finally decided to go to the hospital . Went there after I couldn't bare the pain anymore. Pain from sitting , walking too fast, sleeping, and laying down to sleep. After being in the hospital for 9 hours doctor said I had hematoma and it will go down eventually gave me a script of Tylenol with codeine and sent me on my way . Did absolutely nothing and I'm still in pain smh any relief or suggestions ladies besides my man giving me ass rubs!

Hematoma GONE!! Back Jiggly!!!

Hi Dolls,
So update on my hematoma and results so it has officially gone down and I believe it was definitely from the depo shot once the depo got out of my system the hardness softened back up 100%! There's no pain it's like it's back to normal and I'm happy. Both cheeks are even THANK GOD! I'm happy with my results!!! Again dolls any questions I feel free to answer and here's some updated pics !! Muah

More Photos

Hope you ladies Like!

He was amazing, I was the first one that day so I didn't wait at all. He never asked me how I wanted my body he just went to work and he's a genius at what he does !! Thank you I'm an O Doll

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