Sculpting a Fine Buddha - Miami, FL

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I am so excited to be getting my Buddha in shape!...

I am so excited to be getting my Buddha in shape! Ladies please stop being a scary. I have vowed to update you all every other day for a long as I can. Many questions should be answered if you have Been doing your H.W. My experience will try to be very detailed and I know what ya want pics pics pics RIGHT!?? Soon to come

motivational speech, short and sweet!!

ladies stop being a scary, yes sx will hurt but so does giving birth and that doesnt stop ya from bang banging!!!!! :) xoxo!!

Alternative choices

If your looking to save some coins! Xoxo

Alternative choices

If your looking to save some coins! Xoxo

Dont get nervous, get EXCITED!!!!

Ladies channel that nervousness into excitement, remember this is something you've wanted your whole life! fingers crossed pain is only temporally, great ass is a lifetime!! with proper care of course


no shade ladies but, i aint spending 8, 9 or 10 thousand dollars!! im looking at how much some chicks pay and i think like danm, i must really have caught a deal bihh! some Dr's be pushing it knowing danm well a BBL should be at the most 6k. but child before i pay over. i would search high and low and in all avenues before i cough up 7k and up. shit thats a good ass down payment on a house, if i dont already have one lol, all right nah, please dont come for me now i did say no shade lol!!

I'm alive 4days, post op

Ass hurt soo much, it feels like the doctors took turns beating my ass with a baseball bat. Swelling is painful. But as time goes by and you take your meds it gets better. What sucks the most is getting up to go use the restroom and drinking a lot of Gatorade and water to use the bathroom more often so I decided to keep a bucket next to my bed that way it would be easier for me to piss in and out of more frequently... It's a hassle to have to turn around rollovers each and every time I would have pee like maybe five times or eight times a day. I drink plenty of water I drink maybe about 4 to 5 bottles of water +2 Gatorade's day. I eat light meals like oatmeal banana, and a small side of rice and black beans that I got from Pollo tropical. If I need to lay on my back I use a travel pillow underneath my back. I walk around my house here in there for maybe about 2-3 minutes and then I go back and lay down then I get up and do it again. also my bed is pretty high so I have like a little stepstool which makes it so much easier to get on and off the bed. Dr. Alvarez and his crew was so nice and friendly he asked me what size that I wanted I told him I basically wanted something natural and that's exactly what he gave me and I'm happy with my results. The skin do tend to itch after a couple of days but I just scratch it like normal and your skin is so soft it feels a little weird but it's normal. Dr. Alvarez does not use drainage so I was bleeding a whole lot and after 2-3 days the bleeding stopped. My favorite part of the day is sleeping, I rather sleep a lot that way days go by faster and that way the pain can go by faster as well. Today I was supposed to go for post op and free message but was too soar. first two days or horrible I'm so happy I live in Florida I don't know how I would do it if I was in a recovery home I feel like being home is so much better than the recovery home but hey you got to do what you got to do.


The first night I got up too fast and I fell and I cracked the mirror with my head I'm OK and thank God, my head didn't crack but I'm OK

Sitting too long

Yea shit is serious lol.... I was in class yesterday my body became swoll after sitting a while... Of course i left early popped two pills to knock me out..and it felt so good. It's Getting harder to sleep sit and lay for a while

12 days post op

12 days post open

12 days post open

Pre post op.. Before photos

3 weeks 1day post op

3 weeks now

I wear my faja 24... And my body don't hurt but still swoll,

Just staring to waists train

A part of me want to start and the other part is like I know this is going to be very uncomfortable and long and I don't wanna.... but beauty is pain and so here I begin ????

Having a new ass is like a new toy!

I swear, you'll play with your ass like its a new toy, you'll by clothes for it, you'll take pic with it, you'll dance with it etc.

1 month!

1st two weeks is a bitch!!!!! A real big bitch!! That's how we become the baddest bitch lol. But after those two weeks it starts to get better it's still a bitch but not as much. Still swoll and numb soo annoying but patents is key.

1 month down two to go

Untill the swelling disappear

I need This numbness to go away !!!

Still waiting my tummy away

Few pics

3 months down

Doral Plastic Surgeon

Hello, I am 28 , im 5'8 pretty tall ,current weight 195 but I am toned like Serena Williams. Well I waited 2 weeks to meet with the Dr. Since he was so busy, and when we finally met it was like a breath a fresh air. Yes he was handsome just like his photos. and yes i checked his licence verification he a real Dr. I be hearing about fake Dr's and shit. any who he and I got straight to the point and I was very satisfied with our decision. From there I went to meet up with the coordinator, Lena is very nice and so are all they girls they even got there Buddha done as well, like all 3 coordinators! They told me their experience and so fourth and what and not to do. Any who I put my deposit down , if I did not do this I would always go back and fourth and being hesitant!! So once that deposit is out my hand i have to go through with my decision cause there is no refund!!! after that i went downstairs to go blood work because i sched myself for sx within the same month that way i dont have to drive back and fourth. And now I am patiently waiting for July 29/16!! pray for me, xoxo!

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