Thinking about round 2 Dr. Fixit. (Dr. Blinski)

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Hey there bbl sista's! I have decided to make a...

Hey there bbl sista's! I have decided to make a separate review for my bbl journey. Some of you know i had multiple procedures with Dr. Cardenas in tijuana. I have no regrets she is a great surgeon especially for tummy tucks. :)
Since i have fully recovered and have lost the fat grafting to my booty i decided to do some research for a second round/ revision. Honestly in my opinion i think the best surgeons for bbl are up in Miami. So that said 2 of most popular here on realself are Dr. Salama and Dr Fisher. I was going in the direction of Dr. Salama (great surgeon) but was not too happy about having to gain 10 to 15 pounds. My current weight is 160lbs. So started to lean towards Dr. Fisher. (Great dr as well) :-)
This is what he can do for me... . Cosmetic surgery on your waist, buttocks, inner thighs and arms. That procedure would be BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), which includes full body lipo and fat transfer to your buttocks. 12 areas are worked on during this procedure: Arms, sides, flanks, abdomen (front and back). This procedure will give a nice curve and shape.  Right now pricing are as follows: Being that you are in Washington, we have "Home Away Vanity" which includes 1 week stay,transportation from airport, hotel stay, continental breakfast, medications, massages, garments, 24 hour post surgery care & VIP Nurse home visit for an additional $2,000. That brings the total amount to $6,500. The original price would of been $8,000. So you do save a good amount of money for the best doctor in the country =) 
Wow what an offer right? I could not as of today paid my deposit to lock in the price super excited! Miami here i come in 2015.

FYI: We have Home Away Vanity for a lesser stay (3-4 days) but I recommend staying for 7 days because of the procedure you are getting .

i got a better deal (discount)

Hi all, originally i was quoted 6,500 but because there was a better deal going on at the time i put a deposit i was discounted 400. 6,100 total for pkg deal.
I have attached the invoice of everything that is included. Though on the invoice
it does not state the arms. I emailed asking about that because originally i was told arms were included. It could have changed idk. We shall see. .
I will post pre op pics ..oh and wish pics soon... :)

pre op pics and wish pics. ;)

Here are pre op pics...and wish pics
Hopefully Dr. Fisher can do his thang with me... :)

BBL still pending.....

Hi there beautiful's been awhile since my last review. There has been a bit of a set back. Several months ago at my routine mammogram they found mass/lump on my right breast. There were tests,ultrasound, MRI's, and biopsy done. Everthing came back good and benign. Thanks to God! I have since seen a plastic surgeon whom believes that it could be fat necrosis from the breast lift and augmentation i had previously. I have been massaging and adding heat to it per his orders....1 had another mammogram 2 weeks ago which came back good and seems smaller so hopefully i can move forward soon. :) I will keep posting updates as the journey continues... :)
Please feel free to comment or ask questions.... here are some pictures of me now 1 year 1/2 post op my multiple procedures.... I hope all of you doing well!
Best wishes! Xoxoxo

Broward cosmetics surgery (confused)

Hi beautiful people!
so a few days ago I decided to email vanity to move forward with my journey and try to schedule a date. Well I got a quick response but from a Broward cosemetics surgery. I talked to a coordinator (won't mention names) very nice lady she said that they were vanity too...She sent me the bank info so i can send the deposit to set the date with Dr. FIisher but after talking and communicating with her and asking her for an updated invoice stating that the procedure will be with Dr Fisher.(do not want to be told last minute that the procedure will be by someone else).. I emailed her several times with no response things started to seem a bit weird. I decided to text her and well she responded a quick "i am very busy in the office please bare with me" and that was all. Maybe will hear back tomorrow. Can anyone here on realself give me some
insight on if they are in fact Vanity.

confused, and wanting to ask for refund

Hi all, I really do not know what to think. I have already invested money into my journey but feel that vanity/broward are not being honest. A couple days ago I asked the coordinator for an updated invoice with changes confirming the procedure with Dr. Fisher and still call,email,or text. Anyone's input/advise would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day!

Soon to be Fisher Doll May 13th 2016

Today I called vanity directly because of the BS with broward cosmetic surgery. My coordinator Darcy was a big help. Paid my deposit. Date is scheduled for may 13th 2016. I'm very excited to finally move forward with my surgery. Wish me luck and best of luck to those who will be having bbl and those of you who already had their surgery, happy healing :)

More wish pics and before pics

Hola dolls, hope everyone is doing well! :)
Here I am excited as heck about the upcoming procedure. Just looking at all of you who have had their Sx with Dr Fisher and the beautiful transformations that he has created. Just simply amazes me. I just hope that he can do that for me. After having 6 children and yoyo diets my body is not the same especially my butt... :(
Here are a few more wish pics and to pre-op pics (I have gained 8 lbs since my the mommy make over) so hope this helps.

Recover Home paid for in full

Hi dolls. Just a quick update. I paid for my recovery stay in full today. I was originally going to stay at xanadu but have heard many bad reviews. I took a chance on a new place. The place is called A New Recovery House. Was recommended by an O doll that is currently staying there. This is what they had to offer....
Thank you for pay in full you will receive A free Garment ! $120 value and 4 Free massages $299 value all for Free ! :)
7 days
Includes 3 Nutritious Meal Per Day
& 3 Snacks
(Airport pick up & drop off & any of your surgical needs, Store Run)
1 Massages
2 Lipo Foam Boards
Donut Pillow
Arnica Cream
Feminine Pads
Cleaning Wipes
**Licensed Medical Nurse Dr Assistant/ 24 care taker **
Refund policy
If the surgery gets canceled for any reason the patient has the right to get all the money refunded back to her , if they reschedule her surgery we will reschedule you
with no extra charge . If the patient has any type of emergencies and she won't be able to come to A New Life Recovery House she will be refunded . Sounds like a really good place and deal...The reviews have to start somewhere. Anyone interested should like them up. :)

update on Vanity and Recovery home stay

Hya bbl sistas,
There are couple things happening right now. First of all I am having a bit of an issue with Vanity honoring my quote in November 2014 I was quoted 4,500 for full body lipo/bbl made payments to lock in my price. I just recently noticed that my invoice says only lower liposcuptuture....I called my coordinator and she's trying to say that I only get 10 areas.. any additional areas was over a year ago and Fisher prices were cheaper... i sent her all the original emails with proof....supposedly she is going to talk to the general manager tomorrow to see if she can help me....i hope so...because this is some BS!
Also, no longer staying at A New Life Recovery House. I have canceled and guess what I got my full refund. These people are honest people. If you happen to change your mind for whatever reason they return your money right away. Due to my situation and needs I most likely will have my fiancée come with me, rent hotel and hire a nurse. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY LEADS ON REASONABLE HOTELS,AND A PRIVATE NURSE? PLEASE HELP...

Vanity honored their quote! :)

Hola dolls....After couple days of insisting my coordinator came through...i was having very bad feelings towards Vanity and my coordinator but all that changed today the quote for full body lipo and brazilian butt lift for 4,500 was honored... :)
The invoice and patient portal was updated reflecting the change.

playing with plastic surgery app

Hi there dolls...just a bit bored and playing with plastic surgery app.... :)

need help dolls....pre op questions??

Hello ladies...Im still a lil over 2 months before my Sx but there are some things that I am concerned about.... just want to make sure that everything goes as planned. In Jan and February I had full blood work done including EKG, chest xray, and holter monitor placed for 48 hours. I have just been diagnosed with having PAC (Premature Artial Contractions) I was told they are completely harmless (benign). I have asked my coordinator if Dr. Fisher will still do the surgery she said as long as I can get clearance. Is this true? Also, will these test results be too out dated and will i need new test done? If so l, how soon before Sx? I have already asked vanity this question...waiting on their response.

supply List (help me please)

Hola dolls...needing some tips on supplys...(need to start purchasing)
I am 60 days away from Sx, I'm traveling from the Pacific Northwest 6 hrs or more depending if there is a lay over (long flight).
I don't think I'm doing the recovery home. My hunny wants to come with looks like it might be a hotel. What would you ladies recommend I take? I do not want to over take anything. In regards to a faja, bbl pillow. Is there a place or places I can purchase them in Miami? What type of shoes and clothing should I take?
Here is a list that I kind of put together.
Arnica gel & tablets
Dial antibacterial soap
alcohol pads
Cleansing wipes
Beach chair (cut hole in it) ?
The booty buddy
Compression Garment (Faja)
Lipo Foams (2) if having Liposuction
Lipo Board if having Liposuction
Lymphatic Massages
Iron Supplements
Can any of you beautiful ladies help...I'm sure I'm leaving stuff

I'm loving this plastic surgey app... :) :)

I am totally obsessed with RS and this BBL journey. I have read alot of reviews and tips. That will most definitely help the process. Thank you so much beautiful dolls! :)
Here is another pic before and after (wish pic)...with the plastic surgery app. :)

can't stop crying, BBL maybe just a dream... :(

Hello dolls, so I haven't been feeling well these past three weeks. I have been suffering with hypothyroid for several years now I have been on medication and have had my ups and downs. Just went and had my thyroid reevaluated. The results that came back kind of left me in shock. My thyroid levels came back normal but I'm showing high levels of antibodies in my thyroglubin. Doctor said I may have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto. I don't know much about this disease but read up on symptoms and what not. It sounds so familiar. Current symptoms that I'm feeling are swollen thyroid glands, hoarseness voice, fatigue losing my hair ,my joints hurt,gaining weight. Overall I'm feeling like crap. Doctor says I may have to postpone my surgery until I get evaluated by an endocrinologist :(
Does anyone suffer from this disease. Do I have a chance or am I just doomed?

Hi dolls, just a quick update. Starting to feel better. :)

Hello ladies,
I want to take the time to say muchisimo gracias ( many thank you's) BeaL9ve and Gut2butt for all the help you have given to me. This has helped me emotionally and physically. This is what has happened over a period of 1 week. I have found out that i am vitamin "D" dificient (pretty low) and have started to take first dose of 50,000 iu. Vitamin "D", My PCP thinks alot of my symptoms could be from being deficient. Who would have thought that being vitiman "D" dificient could make make you feel like crap. I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) where it rains alot and not much sun. Monday I started taking Garden of Life Dr Formulated probiotics once daily women's. I am starting to feel a bit bones are not hurting so much, hoarseness seems to be fading, I have a lil more energy. Also, I'm very relieved that I was able to find another endocrinologist for a sooner date. I see him Monday April 4th. I love being being on realself because we can help one another through our journeys.... remember ladies we are not alone...Thanks again ladies for all the advise. :) :)

So far so good. Endo Visit was better than I expected

Hi there beautiful dolls! Hope all is well with everyone! :)
So my appoinment with the endocrinologist was better than expected. I went in thinking the worst but came out in total relief. So after talking to him for about 20 minutes about my health history and current symptoms he did a thorough exam of my nodules or mass felt, thank God...he reviewed all my blood work and ultrasound and said that my TSH level are within range but on the higher side so he prescribed me a higher dose. He also said that since I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid it is most likely that I have been dealing with hashimoto. He did not seem concerned especially since I am feeling a lot better. I also asked him the big question if it was okay and safe to have my Sx. He said he did not see a problem with it. I am so happy so far so good ladies! :)
On the 13th of April I need to do all labs including a clearance from cardiologist. Wish me luck girls! :) thanks ladies for all your help...hugs! :)

Supply list

Hola chicas! :)
Today was filled with purchasing supplies for sx...attached is a list of things that I have purchased so far. I have yet to purchase my Faja and meds. I'm posting a couple of pics of the Dr. MIAMI Booty Buddy, lipo foams, liquid iron, and Arnica Montana. I'm not sure how any of this will work for me but when the time comes I will let you know. Also, the RH that i am considering is staycation recovery mansion. Jyelun the owner of the home seems very nice, she is reasonably priced,house looks very nice and clean. That's all for now.... Keep sweet ladies! :)

The Dr. Miami booty buddy, lipo foam arrived and blood work done now just waiting for clearance.

Hola dolls, so yesterday I received the Dr. Miami Booty Buddy and lipo foams and I love the look and feel of product. Now just need the booty to try out! ;)
FYI I also had my blood work done by PCP, she did not want to do the ekg or the blood pregnancy test. Going to see cardiologist on Wednesday will have him do that. Shall see what the results are. Exciting and worried at the same time...

PCP and Cardiologist Clearance

Hi dolls, just a quick update. Yesterday i received clearance from both PCP and Cardiologist. My Hemoglobin is 12.0, hematocrit and Vitamin D is slight low but not enough to postpone the surgery my Doctor explained. I was in contact with Ana, Dr fishers nurse she said Dr Fisher still needs to review them. Do you ladies think that there is chance Dr Fisher will come back and say it's not a go? I'm getting nervous now....

Clearance has been confirmed...Soon to be fisherfied!

Hi there dolls,.
Ana called today and told me that Dr. Fisher reviewed everything and it's a go! Thank you dolls for your positve thoughts and advise...I'm super happy.... booty land here I come! :)
# fisherfied#bootyland

Ready to rock this body/booty!

Hi there beautiful dolls. Hope everyone one are well...this is my favorite bikini...I normally wear this bikini with a skirt or something to cover the a** because I feel so insecure with my deflated butt. I am so looking forward to having this booty transformed! Fisher please do your thang! :) :)

My youngest daughter will be traveling with me to miami and we will be staying at international relaxation recovery house. .. :

Hi dolls, just a quick update. My fiancee is not going with my youngest daughter will be going with me to Miami. Oriiginally was going to stay at staycation mansion recovery house. " dont deal with this place think that they are a fraud" DM me if you have questions about this place... we will be staying at International Relaxation recovery house.
Here are couple more Pre-op pics. Feeling anxious...

Brand new...MARIA E FAJA for sale.... $50

I have a brand new/nwvwr used Maria E FAJA for sale $50. I purchased it 2 years ago. Thought I was going to fit into a large...yeah
If anyone is interested and going to be in miami between May 13th-18th let me
know. :)

Forgot the pics....

Here they are....

These are some questions for Dr. Fisher.

Hi there dolls....attached is a list of questions and concerns for Dr fisher. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out... i deal with hypertension under stress and when im sick. I am not on medication just try to manage with excercise and what I eat but damn it's hard. When I had my mommy make over I took Arnica Montana before and after surgery but some drs. Do not believe in their patients taking them... I started taking Arnica yesterday. had to add in the question about add to this list or let me know if I am missing something. Best wishes to all you beauty's. :)

Preop visit at Vanity, Sx is at 6:15am tomorrow

Hi dolls... Today I went in for Preop last minute blood work and paperwork. Everything went smooth and Vanity were super friendly. They did not make me feel overwhelmed. So tomorrow I am scheduled to be there at 6:15am for Sx. I am feeling nervous i just have to stop and relax and know that I am in good hands.
Here are some pics I took of Vanity and and a couple pictures of the Recovery house. They have good hospitality here.
: )

Going in...a prayer for me and all dolls out there!

I'm alive thank you Jesus!

I'm back at the recovery house .Thank you dolls for the prayers.
I am going to try to get some rest very painful. My daughter took the side pic while laying on the bed

Experience with Dr Fisher,Sx, and recovery so far.

Hello beautiful sistas,
My Sx time was for 6:15am arrived at vanity at 6:00am. I was anxious to get this over with. The nurse was already at the door waiting for me she took me straight back to sign last minute paperwork, take pictures and then waited for Dr fisher. Dr Fisher came in shook my hand, he asked me where I was from and when I would be leaving Miami. I told him Wednesday the 18th he shook his head and said that wasn't a good idea because he has to take drain out before I leave. He said alot of ladies leave at 4 and 5 days and end up with fluid/seroma. That scary...I told him i was going to call airlines to change my flight to Thursday or Friday. He gave a thumbs up when I said that.
Dr. Fisher is not only straight forward but is down to earth, funny, and cares for
well being.
Well he took more pictures, marked me up then we sat down and talked about my concerns and wish pics. I told him that he probably could not make me as beautiful because my but was saggy, he said you actually have a nice shelf and shape already. He said were are aiming at that smiled and walked away. :)
The nurse came in after and I was on my way to the surgery room. I went 8n and met the anesthesiologists. Omg ladies he is gorgeous just like the ladies say he is... lol... :)
"Recovery" when I came to i was shivering like crazy. I think this lasted for about an the time I knew it my ride was there to pick me up. I was on my way to the recovery house. Thank god I never felt dizzy or faint. The day of surgery I was feeling the pain and stiffness but was walking and drinking lots of water. Second day I actually felt worse. Had my massage which I really did not feel much relief. The lady at the house does not do Lymphatic Massages which I thought she did. So I'm going to need someone to do. Does anyone know of someone who could help me out? Today had my bowel movement yaaay! Felt so it gets better each day... here are a couple pics I took yesterday while my garment was being washed. I will post more pics later dolls... :)

Here are some pics of my bare butt...

Well I finally had the courage to look at my body completely. I see alot of swelling and the butt has a ways to see potential there lol...not bad for having 6 kids.... ;)

Update (video)

Lovin this dress
Hola chicas! I here is a video of me in a dress my honey bought for me to wear on our trip to Reno. I did not fill it in then and now...What do you think gals?

11 days post op

Hello ladies,
So today marks 11 days post op. I left Miami at 5 days post op. I was afraid that by having my drains removed that early i would end up with alot of fluid built up and swelling...So far swelling is not too bad. I drank 2 gallons of water a day...per the Dr... I think that by drinking lots....i mean lots of water that will help the healing process. I also firmly believe that the the arnica Montana and Bromelain helped me too. I started the Arnica 3 days prior to surgery and the Bromelain with Arnica 7 days after surgery.
Have any of you dolls stop using the foams, ab board and triangle at 2 weeks post op? I hate using them? :(
Tomorrow I have my first massage since my drain has been removed. I will let you ladies know how that goes. Here are a couple more pics...playing dress up... :)

It's my Birthday! :)

Today is my 43rd bday...I'm greatful to God for everything and everyone in my life including my realself sistas.
Have a blessed day everyone! ????

First week back to work was hell! ????????

Hello my beautiful sistas here on RS!
I haven't updated for a minute due to being back to work...working 10.5-11 hours a day. Let me tell you ladies that it has been hell... ????
The swelling in my face, legs and arms has been ridiculous due to standing all day with only 2-15min breaks and a half hr lunch. The first day back to work I didn't wear my ab board or foam and I looked like a blow fish at the end of the day. It is very important to use them ladies as it does help us with the swelling.
I have lost some volume on my hips and butt ...I knew that I would...I'm hoping that it stops... I will post pictures later today after my massage.
Prayers to all my RS that are having their Sx and those that are in recovery praying in Jesus name for their fast recovery. Sending hugs to all! ???

4 weeks post op, started using 2nd stage garment

Hola RS sistas,
I'm 4 weeks post op and I feeling much better. I do have alot swelling while at work due to all the standing. Thank God for my 3 day weekend....i try to take at advantage by resting as much as I can. Today I received my 2nd stage garment and omg it is the shit! It feels just right when I put it on. Quality is excellent! It is the Faja "D" Prada 11086. Im excited to start using it and seeing my final results. For any of you ladies that are interested you can purchase it online through all about shape wear just sign up and they will send you a discount coupon. I purchased mine for $117. Oh and they do have different styles and prices.
Here are a couple pictures of me in the Faja and how I am progressing now.

Measurements and total fat grafted

Hi dolls,
So I just found out how much fat was grafted. Dr. Fisher was able to graft a total of 2,900 cc. 1,450 per cheek. I'm not sure if that's a good amount or not. Also as of now my measurements are 45 butt, 46 hips, and 32 waist. I am not sitting or lying on my back because I do not want to lose my butt. I hope it stays at 45...
Also, I want to start waist training because my goal would be a 28 waist. Any vets out there that can shed light on when I can start to waist train?

Feeling so much better about myself. Thank you Dr Fisher!

Hi my beautiful sisters. I'm feeling really good about myself. I never thought I could look decent again after having 6 beautiful children but thanks to Dr fisher I can say I look good. The swelling has gone down drastically this week. I weigh 172.8lbs now. That's what I weighed when I went into surgery. I want to weigh 160lb but not trying to lose weight now. Here are some side by side pics before and after. What a difference.. ..????

Ladies night out with my beautiful daughter. ???

Hi there my beautiful sistas!
So, me and my first born beautiful daughter went out for girls night out and it turned out to be pretty interesting. We had so many heads turning, a gentleman approached me to just tell me how beautiful I looked and as he walked away he was giving me a thumbs
I was a bit nervous but to be honest it felt so good too! :)
Here are couple more pics of me and my daughter... ?????

Almost 3 months update...

Hello my beautiful sistas!
I haven't been on here lately do to being so busy at work and home. Just thought to share some photos on my progress and also I started to waist train about 2 weeks ago , I have not measured my waist but I'm feeling my waist shrinking. Lol
Anywho...hope all is well. Stay beautiful inside and out.... Hugs!!

Hello dolls... I have been MIA!

Hola dolls,
Sorry been missing in is a quick review on what's been going on with my journey. It's been a struggle ladies...with trying to lose weight back and forth 172lbs to 175lbs and waist training not going as planned. I believe it's all due to being Hypothyroid/Hashimoto... :(
Honestly i have been feeling a bit depressed because of it. It doesn't help when the signicant other does not support me or make me feel that i am worth something (I don't want to get into details).... :(
I have more support from children, RSS, friends and even strangers...thank you all because without you idk how I would be... sending you all a big hug!
P.S Here are couple of 5 month post op pics (dressing up always makes me feel good) :)

Thinking about a round 2 Dr. Fixing (Dr. Blinski)

Hello ladies,
Though I feel much better about myself I am thinking about a second round. Maybe not until 2017/2018. I have been waist training and have only come down to 30 inch waist. Also , there are a couple things that maybe no one can notice but me....the left and right side projection are very different...the left is more fuller than the right, the bottom of my butt needs more fullness it is noticeably flat. I have contacted Drfixit ( Dr. Blinski) beautiful work...but omg he said that he would charge me 9,000 for my round 2...he is well worth it... I need to start saving my pennies.... I will also be looking into having an arm lift and thigh lift...not sure when that will be but I will keep everyone updated on that. Here are a couple pics 6 months post. Sending love to all my sistas!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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