Breast reduction with Dr.Salas @ Vanity in Miami - Miami, FL

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Hi Everyone I hope this thread finds you well. Its...

Hi Everyone
I hope this thread finds you well. Its been 1 year and 6 months since Ive had my original surgery. March of 2013 I had a breast lift with implants put in under the muscle. Unfortunately due to the heaviness of my natural breast and the scaring ( IM NOT HAPPY) after a year they are more bigger and heavier. So heavy that my boobs dropped to original shape which I was never happy with. Im now on another venture to fix them with having a reduction plus removing the implant.
Im currently 31J in proper measurements but 32F in department store size.
Im 5'1 @ 150Lbs

I contacted a few doctors. 1 in Beverlyhills which was asking for way to much, another in Tampa,Fl which was asking for half, and another that was recommended by some of my followers and friends which is Dr.Salas and Dr.Fisher in Miami at Vanity

Coordinated with Stephany at Vanity..shes absolutely amazing! And very helpful
Hopinh to have my surgery the first few days of Oct 2014

Whp else is having surgery at Vanity at this time?

Time is coming

So tomorrow morning I'll be scheduling my surgery. Will update when I get the date

Date is set!

So today was the day I made my appointment to have surgery. I contacted Stephany who has been coordinating everything for me. I scheduled my surgery date for October 3rd 2014 and another consultation/lab work for Thursday Oct 2, 2014.
My deposit of half of the surgery cost was also paid today.

Recovery House

I decided to book a stay at Medical Massage Professionals for a total of 5 days. I will extend if needed. I sent my deposit of $250 over today to secure my reservation. Heard great info about Marian's recovery house from fellow RealSelf members. Im coming to Miami alone for this surgery so have people around me will definitely keep me comfortable. Oct 3rd departing Oct 8th

27 Days to go

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update.. 27 days from today is the big day @ Vanity with Dr.Salas. I will be arriving in Miami on Oct 2nd (which will be the day of all my errands and lab work). So far i bought

Make Me Heal pre and post vitamins (amazing vitamins for surgery)
a few front closure bras from walmart (great reviews)
Antibacterial soap

**** I do have other items from my previous surgery that I still have at home.

Im looking forward to a new me.. BTW Ive got in contact with a fellow RealSelfer who will be having surgery the same day but wi Fisher. I hope to meet her and everyone else at the recovery house

More items

Hibiclens soap
tylenol extra strength day and night
Antibiotic ointment

2 weeks from today is the big day!

So my surgery is scheduled 2 weeks from today.. Wow how time flys. Currently im traveling for work because i decided to take a month off to recover.. I purchased me favortie pre and post supplements from MakeMeHeal.. Will start taking them this coming Sunday. So far im not nervous.... I will be maybe the day before and day of.

Talk to you soon

1 more week

The time is almost here
Will be sending the rest of amount owed on Monday. My lab work is Thurs which I will update with more pics.

Let me be honest.... Im very frustrated

So i arrived into town yesterday morning Oct 2nd from Tampa,FL one day before my scheduled surgery date for Oct 3rd. I picked up another realself member (she is soooo nice) i drove to Vanity.. Wait time was kinda long since Vanity was very very busy; girls coming in and out some for post op but overall wait time is the norm especially for surgery. I met with Dr.Salas who is very handsome but my opinion changed very quicky (which i will discuss soon)
Dr.salas made notes,took pics,told me the plan etc (REMIND you that my surgery was already paid in FULL prior to coming to Vanity) took my lab work bla bla bla.. Reconfirmed with the staff if everything was cool (was told yes) and off I go until the hit me with some bullshit about Dr.Salas rescheduled me for now Oct 4th which i didnt plan for. Soooo whatever im not too pisst because I was still available to leave as plan but now here is when all hell breaks loose.

Today is now Friday Oct 3rd (which was suppose to be my original surgery date until Dr.Salas rescheduled me for Saturday) I called them to find out what time I needed to arrive at Vanity for my surgery tomorrow- woman tells me someone will call me in 15 mins. I get the call from HELL "Ms. I have bad news for you; unfortunately Dr.Salas is asking for more money" wtf like hoooooold up. I just paid in full what was already agreed and I've signed everything i needed too. Unfortunately Dr.Salas was not available to talk to me which had me more angry. He wanted to charge me $750 more for I don't know what! I was pisst that, i was not told this yesterday when i was present. My options were to pay the $750 or change to another doctor who agreed to do the same work for the same price Ive already paid for. So my Dr. Rami Ghurani was the man who accepted but here is where the problem starts to happen- since this unexpected BS to me and to Rami aswell; scheduling became a problem. Rami could only schedule me for surgery on Tuesday because he was already booked up before that. I was happy that Rami was able to take me but I was upset that I now have to delay my flight.
I rescheduled my flight for A departure on Friday 10th. Im scheduled to meet Dr.Rami on Monday to discuss my wants and scheduled Tuesday for the procedure. FINALLY

Conclusion: Some of the staff at Vanity is bullshit! They dont care for you being - and Salas is a ass for trying to charge me more after we already have a agreement.

Update again soon

My surgery went well but

My surgery with Dr. Ghurani went well today is my 2nd day post op and I feel great but very sore and tender. My breasts looks amazing! He did a great job and I'm glad I didn't see asshole DR. Salas

But I do have some things to say about the staff again at Vanity and the bullshit recovery house (pics will be posted as well)


Im writing this review to let everyone know about the horrible experience Ive had staying at Marians Recovery House in Miami. This topic is for everyone who had considered staying at Marians RH. This is my real honest opinion; truth hurts!

A while ago i was looking for a recovery house to stay while i recover from surgery; when i found a post here on Realself mentioning " Marians recovery house" at the time of my search; i couldnt really find much negative reviews but i also did not find alot of reviews either. I figured i try it out since i had a great experience at my first recovery house visit back in 2013 in Santo Domingo. From there under lymphatic drainage section (you will find details about the recovery house) it sounded great. Inexpensive,nice,well kept bla bla bla most importantly my daily needs will be taken care of...(LIES)---i will explain more soon.

I reserved 5 days and paid a deposit of $250 via paypal to reserve my dates. Oct 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th. I agreed to share a room with another realself member who arrived Thursday Oct 2nd who booked for a week stay (all inclusive package)

I arrived to Miami on Thursday Oct 2nd for lab work.. I also wanted to visit Marians recovery house. (Was not impress but things got worst as the days past by)I went to Marians place located on 2921 S.W 16th Ter Miami,Fl 33145 (if you feel like passing by to see for yourself) ended up at a crappy looking house - but hey they say never judge a book by its cover right! I got a tour but was not happy (ive should have cancelled right then and there but i figure i try it out and meet the other realself member. From the first glance at things - i thought to myself (this is kinda of shitty and dirty looking)but then again maybe my expectations was to high....and met her perverted husband (which i will tell you about soon) met the other realself member who was having surgery that following day Friday. She is so nice and pretty. First night myself and the other girl was sweating bullets.. It was so freaking hot in that house; why would you keep it hot when Miami is already hot. Let me be straight forward sbout this-----
Shower area is dirty and i saw a roach (my roomy saw 2)there was a spider on our wall, there seating area was rough and dirty, they smoke in the house which is freaking disgusting, they keep the temperature at 82/83 degrees WTF like hello bacteria loves warm conditions; why would you not keep it cool for your patients, her charging folks $25 a day for food is BULLSHIT! Thank god I had my food catered by CateredFit (which is amazing) but my friend who paid daily for food was not fed properly (probably was fed about $2.00 worth of food) , Marians talks all this smack about shes legit, shes certified, has credentials,etc but cant back it up. I did not see one proof. Her and her perverted husband sleeps there. Her perverted husband with his ugly pony tail and his raspy cuban voice needs to go to jail. He looks at you uncomfortably, he talked about oral sex on his way to Vanity when taking my friend to surgery, he kissed my friend aka realself member on the shoulders. He even told the nurses at Vanity that he is responsible of washing the patients. OH HELLL NO not happening on my watch.thank god for all my reschedules because when my roomy went to have surgery nobody took care of her. I did! She paid for a caregiver to just watch her. Barbie was great BUT the other pretend caregiver including Marian herself didnt do squat. My roomy did not get any help with feeding, walking,washing,did not get her vitals checked etc..I did! I helped my roomy get fed with real food that i went out and bought, i helped my friend get up, i help my friend to sleep. They didnt! It makes me angry that Marian could sleep at night knowing about whats going on. Its already Saturday and im FED up. So i came with a plan to leave that shithole and take my roomy with me. Slept another night uncomfortable hot and sweaty! Sunday comes wnd we both had ENOUGH. Took pics of everything (which i will post soon) had hotel booked, packed everything up, carefully helped put my roomy in my rental car and went to a nice hotel near the hospital......things ended up getting worse for my friend...... Monday I take my friend to get her massages which she paid for (included in the package) she was very weak and started to cry so i knew something was wrong. I tell Marian somethings wrong; can you please take her vitals. Why did she check my friends pulse with her fingers... Hello! If you are a real nurse you can use a machine.. But whatever - im mad so i drove to the hospital since it was near. My friend was in very very very bad condition. Her blood was so low. I think it was at 6, pale like a ghost and weak. She ended up getting a blood transfusion and care at the emergency room until she felt better. Again this would have never happened if if the caregiver my friend paid for really did there job, and wouldnt have happen either if Marian her self did her job.

My friend got better thank god but if it wasnt for me something worse could have happened. Dont believe Marian when she tells that shes the best; because she is not!

Yesterday I asked for a refund of my money but she hasnt responded yet so will see.. Anyways tonight i will be posting every single picture I took- you can judge for yourself! If you continue to move forward after reading my post then I hope god is with you;because i warned you. Maybe after this post she will make changes but I still wouldnt trust her.


**** FYI Im currently on my flight back home- so i really dont care about my grammer and spell check at this moment. You can kinda figure out what im saying (this is towards the people who love to critique everything) pics are up tonight!

Marian Recovery house pics

Here are the pics

More pics

Marian and the fake nurse had the nerve to keep my friend in dirty dry blood clothes - no help (pic added)

I contact Marian for a refund and still no answer. (Pics added)

And pics of her massage clinic ** I did not receive a massage from them not did my friend. By the time my friend went to go get a massage; I had to take her to the emergency room.

My surgery with DR. Ghurani

Since I had surgery with DR. Ghurani - I will be posting a new review for him.

As for DR. Salas who I was originally suppose to go to. He gets a F for fail.


I guess I couldn't make another review and don't know how to change the name but as I was staying

As I stated in my last review . I changed my surgeon from Dr.Salas to DR. Rami Ghurani.

I have to say for being 8 days post op- I feel and look amazing! Ghurani did a amazing job . I'm happy that my friend recommended him to me.
I do not know my size but it looks like I'm a perky small C. He made my boobs so perky that I may never have to wear a bra again for the rest of my life.

I'm also happy that he took the challenge to fix the horrible job that DR. Yily de Los santos did to my breast last year. He took the challenge and he delivered.

I'm thankful to be alive, thankful for the great outcome and thankful that my nipples are working. EeeeeK

Anyways I will updated again when my tape comes off.

Sorry for my foul language

I'm sorry for my foul language about Marian's Recovery house but I want everyone to know ; that her place is not safe!

As far as my healing goes

I'm doing very well
Miami Plastic Surgeon

ReScheduled for Oct 7th with Rami Ghurani.

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