24 Year Old with G/H Cup Breasts - Miami, FL

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I'm getting my breast reduction done tomorrow and...

I'm getting my breast reduction done tomorrow and I'm a tad bit nervous. It's nerves mixed with excitement. I can't wait to see my new breasts because I've been carrying around this dead weight for so long it has become such a burden. I'm a little nervous about the pain though. I've had the gastric sleeve done before and the pain was bearable so I'm hoping breast reduction pain is minimal. Any advice?

It's done! They are finally fixed!

Surgery went well and the pain level
Is bearable. Not at all what I was expecting. It's like at a 3 out of 10. I went from a GG/HH down to a big C or small C. I'm so excited. I'm bandaged up pretty tight so hopefully I get to see them tomorrow

Morphine and catheter

Morphine is my best friend at the moment lol. It helps with the pressure I'm feeling in my chest. It's 6:22am and they just came in and took my catheter out. I braced myself for the worst but it wasn't bad at all. Sorta like a tampon being taken out. I got up for the first time to walk and I felt more pressure In my breasts and it also feels hot like fire (but not real real unbearable pain) so I came to lay back down and take more morphine.

Finally home.

I finally left the hopital and I'm back home. I uploaded a picture of how big my boobs were the morning of surgery and how they look the day after surgery. I'm so in love with my new body.

Same sports bra..... Different boob size

The first pic is before the surgery and the second pic is after the surgery ???? I'm literary in love

C cups ????

these boobs are so swollen and tender. I just used an ice pack on them and they feel a lot better now. My pills have kicked into over drive so I'm gonna take a nap

Before and After boobs. Dr Rebinstein is a miracle worker

Day 2 post op. I'm almost embarrassed to post these pics (sad face) but now my boobs look great so I wanna share them with everyone who is thinking about getting it done. I don't have any regrets whatsoever. Best decision ever

Under the boob

I feel so amazing.

It's day 5 and I feel and look amazing. I have occasional sharp pains every now and then but I feel awesome. My body looks so different and I'm in love

Boob obsessed now.

Day 6 post op

Ok so it's day 6. I've been in such a good mood since the moment I woke up from surgery. I knew it wasn't normal to be so happy and "giddy" (as us Bahamians say) for days after my surgery. My happiness overshadowed my pain from surgery. It was weird. So anyway, fast forward 6 days later when I have to get my stitches taken out, that's when everything took a 180 degree turn. I got my stitches out and my tape came off and I saw my boobs for the first time without the tape. Doctor said they looked so good but when I got home and took the tape off again to shower that's when the waterworks hit. I couldn't stop crying. I thought the surgery was the hard part, but apparently it isn't. Taking care of the incisions to make sure they don't get infected is the HARDEST thing to do. Like I'm trying to be so careful and keep them clean but I'm so scared. I've seen/read some horror stories on here about people's recovery and I DO NOT want my boobs to get infected. How do i prevent that? Any advice ???

After my first "real" shower

Took this pic after being taped up following my shower.

My very FIRST topless outfit. I cried!!!!

I went shopping today and this was the first topless outfit I've ever worn. It was very emotional for me.

Before and after

9 days Post Op (smiley face)

I'm feeling so good. Nipple sensation in my left breast is extra sensitive and it's coming back in my right breast ????

Boob update (day 10 post op)

It's day 10 since i laid my boobs to rest. I'm so happy. I just want a speedy recovery

Wound opening ???

I'm so afraid. Can anyone help me understand if this leaves room for infection? I'm kinda scared.

Side profile (before and after)

I'm here laying down and going through old pictures in my phone and I'm in awe at that load I carried around. I'm finally able to sleep on my side 12 days post op ????????

Splitting/opening under the nipple

I'm kinda afraid.
I don't know what I've been doing wrong. Maybe lifting things heavier than I should have. The splitting under the boob is scary and so is the little hole by my nipple. I also have brushing two weeks after surgery on top of my left nipple. I really need some reassurance about this because it's kinda scary seeing that I'm far away from my doctor.

Before and after of my boobs and weight loss (65lbs)

I was looking through some pictures on my computer and came across this before picture of me at my heaviest weight. I'm currently down 65 lbs. My breasts were HUGE omg!

Almost a month post op!

I'm so happy the way my incisions are healing

One month update

Everything is looking so great. There is one hard lump in my left breast but I heard that's normal

Valentine's Day Dress + update

Everything is looking so good, my scars are fading so well and I haven't been putting anything on them.
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