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I did this surgery for myself. I am currently...

I did this surgery for myself. I am currently 22 years old, i had been wanting a breast augmentation since I was 18 and finally I had been able to save up enough to pay for them myself as a college graduation present.

I had several recommendations to see other doctors and there was always something that I didn't like about them. Finally a good friend of mine referred me to go see Dr. S because she had recently done her breasts there and had the best experience ever. I immediately called the office and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist who gave me an appointment for a consultation within 4 days of me calling.

I was quite nervous going into to see this doctor but as soon as i stepped into the office my worries went away. It is a very beautiful office with dark wood floors and modern furniture. Everyone greeted me and I was asked to fill out some patient information and immediately brought into the examination room. I was asked to change into a robe which was a very fine plush robe that felt so comfortable. 10 minutes later the doctor came in and greeted me with a beautiful big smile, it seemed like he was so happy to see me. I then took off my robe and told him that I wanted a breast augmentation, he took some measurements of my breasts (areolar length, rib cage length, and length from breast to breast) he explained to me that I had a case of constricted breasts that could be easily released during the breast augmentation procedure. He also recommended a little bit of liposuction in the submental area as well as the circumferential trunks. He explained everything to me from expectations to risks, to what the best breast size i would look the most natural in as well as, how liposuction would look. Dr. S answered every single question that I had and finally when I looked at my watch i had realized that I had been talking with him for 4 hours! Not once did i feel I was being hurried to leave or rushed. He even showed me before and after pictures of his previous patients which have all come out beautiful.

I made my surgery appointment to be done 2 months after my consultation because I had to take time off of school; everyday i would become nervous and go back and forth about whether I should proceed with this or not, I called the office at least 5 or 6 times and each time they made me feel so comfortable and assured me that nothing bad could happen.

Finally my surgery day came, and everyone was wonderful and excited for me. I was prepped and ready to go and I also met the Anesthesiologist NOT a CRNA (they only use doctors to assist.) I had an IV put into my hand and then the general aenesthia was put in through the IV, i didn't feel a thing and I went right to sleep. When I woke up I had breasts!!

It is now day 3 after my surgery, I had liposuction and a breast augmentation and i feel great. I have not felt any pain whatsoever, just a bit of soreness and a little pressure. I have been able to eat solid foods since day one and lift up my arms over my head and outwards.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. S is a miracle worker, and I literally have no complaints. He is super gentle so much so that you will not have any pain after surgery and you will heal as fast as possible. I recommend everyone to go see him and there is no doubt in my mind that you will love him!

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