Implants with Lift w/ Dr. Ortega

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Well ladies a little background on me. Im 25...

Well ladies a little background on me.

Im 25 with 2 little girls in orlando, fl. i have always had issues with my breasts and dreamed of having them done. so i have finally made the decision to have them done! going to have surgery in miami at the bod center for cosmetic surgery. i also need a full life as well so i was quoted 5000 for both. at first i thought it was quite a bit but after doing my research that price seems very fair! keep u posted ! xo

3 days ! !

So i just started a new job and really cant take time off... thereforrrreeee. im having my surgery on 10/24/13 which is only 3 days away. All is paid for so my finally quote including labwork is 5100. will be having my over the phone consultation with the doctor on wednesday. Keep you guys updated !!!!


so tomorrow is my surgery day. im scheduled for 3 pm so i figure ill get there an hr before we are driving from orlando to miami instead of flying. i like the idea of my own car and leaving whenever i want. yesterday i spoke with the doctor and he said he wants a natural looking breast. i think he wants me to stay at a D cup..BUT i really want DDs,,so i figure tomorrow ill ask him what my options are because honestly thats what im really going for. so all is set! i will keep you ladies posted! xo

Post op

well ladies im out and extremely drugged out so ill keep it short, surgery went good, dont remember i thing. right now i have ice on my chest to relieve pain and swelling. Loved the stuff they were wonderful and the doctor was very kind! the facility was gorgeous and cleaannn! im not sure what size he made me but he assured me nothing less than a full D, keeping my fingers crossed for at least a small DD. i was hoping to see someone there that i may have recognized from realself but nada lol well thanks for reading ill be posting pix later on today xo

OOOoo And..

i dont know why I'm not able to change my doctor, but my surgery was at spectrum aesthetics in Miami,FL with Dr. Mel T. Ortega..

2 days post op

day 1 post op was probably was the worst day so far. i felt like i couldnt move, i was so scared to open an incision. doctor said surgery was not east but went really well. i was concerned with my left breast and how the implant was no where near the pocket. he said not to worry it is moving he could see the change in just one day. he explained that since that was the smaller breast, the muscle is a little more tense and needs to relax in order for the implant to drop more into place. it makes sense now and i realize my healing process will be a long one. i do love how my breasts look! heres a before and after so you can see the difference.

well, let the freakout begin!

so as i was just checking how things are going and admiring my new babies, i realized one of my stitches popped and the white of my meat is showing! ahhhhh!!!! i dont think i popped it but he doctor had suggested me using kotex instead of surgical tissue to cover my boobs as to it was less expensive. i believe the plasstic part of the kotex rubbed on my stitch and caused it to open.. so now to drive 4 hrs to miami to have it restitched...great!!!!

stupid me lol

so since my husband freaked me out about the open incision, i freaked out too! it was a sunday night and my PS office was closed. so i called my mom and we made the drive early the next morning to see my doctor. a 4 hour drive by the way! turns out it was nothing, everything is going perfectly! lol the things we go through to make sure everything is right haha

5 days post op

so i see a little change but nothing drastic, seems my left breast is finally going on and matching with the right

11 days post op

so im finally seeing some improvement in my left breast. my right has dropped quit a bit and the left is coming along slowly but surely.. i feel like i can move alot more than before and i have stopped taking my pain meds. so now im undecided if i will be doing lipo in february. i have alot of left over baby weight that i cant seem to lose. the doc quoted me 4200 for full lipo.. which wasnt too bad. i mean for that price i should just do a tummy tuck right? im so confused!!!

11 days post op photos

almost forgot photos!!!

2 weeks Post Op appointment

I absolutely love my doctor! yesterday was my post op appointment and he said all looks like its healing great. He explained that since my left breast is bruised and swollen, it will take more time for that breast to settle. to help along the process, i purchased a breast band from his office. the band is supposed to help apply pressure on the muscle with the implants so that they may move further down. i also asked the doctor if i sholuld undergo a tummy tuck or just plain lipo. he took a look at me and explained that i really didnt need a tummy tuck and lipo would be suffice. he also suggested a bbl to help better shape my big ol booty. I am one of the lucky ones to be born with a kim k booty but since the babies it isnt as plump as it was. he suggested taking some fat from the lipo and injecting it into my butt. im all for it!!! i believe ill be having the surgery in feb so i can have time to vacay with my job. so on to my journey # 2

ughhhh !!!!! =[

so the other night i was telling my husband to check my incisions to make sure everything looked okay. well he looked and his face turned pale. hes like, ur incision is opened! well i lifted up my tape, and sure enough, the white meat under my nipple was in plain sight. so i panicked ( am still panicking) and called my ps. he prescribed me some antibiotics, told me to wash it with anti bacterial soap, and apply bacitracin at least 2x a day. this is day 2 and im praying all will heal well. im doing everything he says to the T so well see.


hey girls! so im sry ive seemed to have gone MIA but heres a little incision is finally healing! it has taken quite some time but its coming along. the doctor as well as his patient coordinator vivian have really helped me along. i have taken my antibiotics and faithfully cleaning my incision 2x a day. i have read this is a very common setback in full lifts and theres a 50/50 chance. i still would not change my doctor for one second. hes the best. hows everyone doing on their journey?

2 mos post op

Well I'm two months post op yayyyyy! So I had a small setback with an open incision but it has healed. It may seem that it will never heal, but it definitely will. My right breast has dropped almost completely. My left however has a little ways to go. I wear my breast band every night so I do see progress. So my next journey? Lipo in feb/march! I don't have a date yet but its a go for sure. Thanks for reading


So I've toggled back and forth between going to DR or staying in Miami for my sx..well I've decided that miami it is. I'm just not sure how comfortable I feel in a country I've never been in...ill update later
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