Going in for the Final Touches Blinski Baby -Tummy Tuck Revision Lipo and BBL. Miami, FL

Got my doctor picked out and I am going back in...

Got my doctor picked out and I am going back in for the final touches on this body makeover. I had my TT and Breasts done and now i need to get all this fat off my back and upper ab area. i had a pretty rough recovery and I am hoping that this one goes much better. I am mentally prepared for the recovery... no stitches and incisions, hopefully much less madness.

Recovery House option i chose

New recovery house in Miami i found is called Miami Escape and it looks pretty nice. I have been in touch with them and they are offering some grand opening specials. the website is www.miami-escape.com and the phone number is 832-373-6475. I guess they open around the first week in march. From what I can see they are much more luxurious then the other places and they are about the same price. She gave me a great deal. I will give a review when im there. The website has a lot of products on it to so you dont need to pack all the normal post surgery crap. I think the best part is that they dont expect payment upfront, you can make payments towards it just like your surgery. Let me know whos staying there from March 11 -15 we will be roomies!

changing doctors

I have heard too many bad reviews about the center i was going to so i am now in pursuit of a new doctor that takes alphaeon credit. Hell i got 13 racks to spend on that card. I might go with a private doctor....i am thinking of going with Dr. Perrry. Hes got great work. I am not in a hurry i am still recovering from my first surgery :)

Let the journey begin!!

Ok so round 2... going back in to fix the tummy tuck and do some major lipo - and yes im gonna put it in my butt! I had some issues with scar tissue and or a possible psuedo Bursa and Doctor blinski is gonna go in and clean that thing up. Also scar revision and do the lipo on flanks and waist. I might have to go in for an additional procedure to do some more lipo on my back etc... but im confident hes gonna give me a 100% over all better appearance. I will add some pics of before my mommy makeover a year ago, and what i look like now. Big difference i know .. :) but its gonna get better.

Bbl complete and oh my god !!!

Blinski did his thing on me. I was 5'9 204 lbs and at age 53 i was worried how my recovery would go. I smoothe sailed right on thru - i am now 12 days post op and im feeling good about the result. Heres some photos.

Transformation 2015-2016

Quite a difference. Tummy tuck - bl/implant / bbl and a new chin :) heres the before to right now

More pics

More pics

Before and after bbl
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doc B is the best surgeon in the city of miami- hes about to do some major work on this old woman. July 2016 can't wait.

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