Going in for the Final Touches Blinski Baby -Tummy Tuck Revision Lipo and BBL. Miami, FL

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Got my doctor picked out and I am going back in...

Got my doctor picked out and I am going back in for the final touches on this body makeover. I had my TT and Breasts done and now i need to get all this fat off my back and upper ab area. i had a pretty rough recovery and I am hoping that this one goes much better. I am mentally prepared for the recovery... no stitches and incisions, hopefully much less madness.

Recovery House option i chose

New recovery house in Miami i found is called Miami Escape and it looks pretty nice. I have been in touch with them and they are offering some grand opening specials. the website is www.miami-escape.com and the phone number is 832-373-6475. I guess they open around the first week in march. From what I can see they are much more luxurious then the other places and they are about the same price. She gave me a great deal. I will give a review when im there. The website has a lot of products on it to so you dont need to pack all the normal post surgery crap. I think the best part is that they dont expect payment upfront, you can make payments towards it just like your surgery. Let me know whos staying there from March 11 -15 we will be roomies!

changing doctors

I have heard too many bad reviews about the center i was going to so i am now in pursuit of a new doctor that takes alphaeon credit. Hell i got 13 racks to spend on that card. I might go with a private doctor....i am thinking of going with Dr. Perrry. Hes got great work. I am not in a hurry i am still recovering from my first surgery :)

Let the journey begin!!

Ok so round 2... going back in to fix the tummy tuck and do some major lipo - and yes im gonna put it in my butt! I had some issues with scar tissue and or a possible psuedo Bursa and Doctor blinski is gonna go in and clean that thing up. Also scar revision and do the lipo on flanks and waist. I might have to go in for an additional procedure to do some more lipo on my back etc... but im confident hes gonna give me a 100% over all better appearance. I will add some pics of before my mommy makeover a year ago, and what i look like now. Big difference i know .. :) but its gonna get better.

Bbl complete and oh my god !!!

Blinski did his thing on me. I was 5'9 204 lbs and at age 53 i was worried how my recovery would go. I smoothe sailed right on thru - i am now 12 days post op and im feeling good about the result. Heres some photos.

Transformation 2015-2016

Quite a difference. Tummy tuck - bl/implant / bbl and a new chin :) heres the before to right now

More pics

More pics

Before and after bbl

More pics 4 weeks PO

One month post op

Ass soft tummy flat

6 weeks post op


8 weeks post op...

8 weeks post op. I have not been wearing garment or foams for about a week now. I have a lot of pain and discomfort because my stomach is so tight that it feels like my organs are popping out. I actually have lost 10 pounds since surgery and what i have come to realize it that because i have a huge amount of belly fat... my skin is so tight that when i eat too much there is no room for my stomach in my abdomen. Blinski basically gave me a down low gastric bypass. SO i have no choice but to eat tiny portions, and it has actually helped me to lose weight. As u can see by my pics, my stomach is flat, but when you look from the side you can see the belly fat is protruding. The ONLY way to lose this internal fat is from cardio and exercise, coupled with smaller portions, and lowering your fat intake. I see alot of you guys going on diet pills and all kinds of crash diets to get under your doctors BMI limit before surgery; but if you have alot of internal fat you will never get a flat stomach. EVER... I know how badly dolls want this surgery and i think that we all know that getting that snatched waist is a dream for all of us, but if you are not losing this belly fat before surgery it just is not gonna happen. I have a huge ribcage and that alone will pretty much stop me from ever having a small waist. My hips are super wide and my legs are super skinny so now that i have this super big ass sitting on top of them it is time for me to do some major work on my legs and thighs. Heavy resistance weight training, running, and squats and lunges to bulk up my thighs. Blinski had his work cut out for him with me because he either had to match my butt to my hips or to my legs, he chose the hips and gave me a major league ass... gotta love him for that. Anyway my point of this review is to share info... and stress to you guys that are killing yourself to make your goal BMI... its actually better you delay your surgery and really get yourself into great shape and lose the dang belly fat to get the "wish pic" look. Be realistic about how your gut is going to look after surgery, if you have 20 pounds of hanging fat rolls like i did, the ONLY way your stomach is going to be without lose sagging skin is a TUMMY TUCK. I did my tummy tuck first, and as a result my skin is super tight.. i mean you cant pinch even an inch of loose skin....but im still 20 pounds over weight. Right now i weigh 197. I started this journey at 226. He took out 4 liters of fat and put it ALL in my ass... but i have about 10 pounds of belly fat to lose and that is my new mission. I am 53 years old and now i think its time to not worry about looking skinny ... but looking healthy. If you guys have any questions please comment ....

2 years in the making


New pics almost 3 months PO

Feelin good!


For days
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doc B is the best surgeon in the city of miami- hes about to do some major work on this old woman. November 14 was my actual date and this doctor did a miracle! Bedside manner, staff, the whole experience was 5 star across the board. Blinski is by far the King of booties in Miami you wont go wrong with this choice and no matter how long the wait....its worth it!

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