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I had a mommy makeover done by Dr. Hunsaker. I...

I had a mommy makeover done by Dr. Hunsaker. I had a TT and breast lift with implants. When I went in for my 1st visit the following day i was just looked at by some random person in the office that did it speak English. My dressings were not changed and I knew looking at the amount of blood on the tape something was not right. Before I left Miami I went in for my last appointment and gauze were not changed and I was told they weren't needed to be changed. I went back home and sure enough there were problems going on. I ended up in the ER with a temp of 104 I called Maria who was my coordinator and I told her I was having chills and she told me it was probably a cold and I would be ok. Thank god I didn't listen to to her and went into the ER. I was then transferred to the trauma hospital where I was told I had a staph infection. The doctors made several attempts to contact dr. Hansaker and he refused to return there calls. I stayed in the hospital 9 days and had surgery because I had bacteria in my blood and because of the staph infection. I was released from the hospital bad followed up with a PS here in my home town my first visit the doctor told me that something was not right with the implants and they needed to taken out ASAP. I was scheduled yet for a 3rd surgery. My PS here in my city tried contacting Dr. Hunsaker and Imagenes to get my medical records and was given the run arounds a few ladies that worked there acted as if they did not understand English and did not no what he was talking about. Yes my medical release form was faxed to them several times and they acted as if they never received it and Maria lied several times and said she had them to fax it. Thank god we went went ahead without the surgery and removed the implants and I am doing much better. The implants were infected and from what I gather they knew this and that is why they refused to send over my medical records. Ladies think twice about using this man I later pulled up a article I missed doing my research where he had a mal pratice from breast augmentation and the young lady did lot survive. Do not believe that there is nothing you can do because you signed the mal pratice waiver because that's untrue I am working with several people now to stop this from happening to others out here. I'm my opionion and after hearing about other ladies after me I would not take a chance on having surgery done with some of the the doctors in Miami unless you check the doctors out. These doctors and clinics do not care about you and will run away once they have done a botch job on you. I never saw dr. Hunsaker after my surgery it was always someone who did not know what they were doing. Just to let you know how I almost lost my life due to this I am attaching photos and if I were you I would stay clear of this doctor and Imagenes and do research on these doctors. I am left with horrible scaring from all of the surgeries I have had to have these infected implants taken out. It's not worth it it at all please do your research and I repeat stay away from this dr and this office. They had no concern whatsoever about my health and left me out there once I was admitted into the hospital.
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I would not recommend this doctor to anyone or this clinic if something goes wrong you are on your own. Thank goodness I had insurance also my total bills were over $245,000 just from taking the cheap route Miami doctors that are more concerned about your money than you health. Please do not continue to let them get away with this and there is something that can be done

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