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I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many...

I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many stories and it's helping me prepare so much more.....except kind of scared. I was under the impression you go in and boom perfect boobs when you come out . It seems like it's a few months before they "drop", "fluff", etc. So I am thinking what everyone thinks... What size, can I workout , should I go big, smaller, naturall, where do I get the athletic zip bras , arnica creme ugh :)

More pictures

I'll be adding more pictures as soon as I figure how to get them from my ph to iPad. :) I'm considering a tummy tuck also.

Excited but very nervous

Count down !!!! I hope this is a breeze .... I'm still trying to decide whether to go with 375cc or bigger

Bless the community

My original surgery date was suppose to be 3/28. I had to get a biopsy on my right breast. I had this whole plan .... I guess I wanted to get it sooner than later so I could start healing . I've already went through the normal reactions from one of my sons and the friends who wonder why I'm not happy AS IS. Thank god I have this community, amazing doctor, great office and supportive friends(majority) . This community makes me realize that it's just about being the best , healthiest you can be. I'm single and want to make my 50's my best ever. I'm trying not to be nervous .

Nerves!!! :)

I'm traveling from Orlando to Miami (the day before) . Does it matter what type of arnica you buy?

Omg 13 more days :)

Thank you Beth, cpmyb, and mitchellclaudia.


So many emotions, I pray I will love them and my communication has come across so he knows exactly what I want.....

Count down

Hoping I will love them!


Sometimes I look at my boobs and think I need a lift ..... Hope not . Both doc say no .Looking at videos though, some of the girls boobs look just like mine. I'm boob obsessed. Good luck to the ladies having surgery coming up. I've been excited then terrified...then ready....then :) thank god you all are here so I know all this is normal , ha

Athletic bra????

So how do you know what size athletic bra , coobie bra etc to get when you don't know if it will be 375cc to 450 and what the surgeon will pick to fit your frame?

Word for the day..... "You got this! "

My cousin called me yesterday knowing I had been through the range of emotions that seem to come with this journey . As soon as I answered the call .... Her first words were .. "You got this" :). . Few more days!!!!

Count down

Thank you all for sharing your journeys. I've learned so much ...most importantly have a community where we can support each other , share knowledge and our experiences. I plan to do a TT and my arms later (even though my cousin says "once you get your boobs you won't even worry about your tummy anymore..you"ll be so in love with them " lol

Getting closer





Well I'm a hot mess .......... Ready, not ready, excited, anxious.....


Trying to decide if I want the size like my first wish pic or these


Waiting for the call for the time of the Surg ........ughhhhh, finally here, yay!!!!

Sports bras

Finally recovery

First day- only feel like lots of people are sitting on my chest lol, had bm my first day and also today . (2nd day) - today is second day. I believe my ps went with 457cc


On the way home from Miami . Thank you for my doctors blesses hands and skill that I am not at all bruised. The recovery time is/was very fast. Pain was minimal. -- just tightness on the second day. Now if I could get past this strap ... I'll be all Good. I'll be adding more reviews about Cg cosmetic, my doc , the recovery house in few days . I had the Surg may 2 and today is now may 5.

Second day p.o

Second day post op ,


How long does it take for them to drop while wearing the strap? Do you guys put arnica gel on them or cocoa butter?

Before and after day six

Naturelle 457 cc under . Recovery has been amazing . But I think that was mostly my surgeon and recovery house that made that happen . I haven't "bonded" with the twins yet :) , I'm sure once they drop and I get rid of this strap I'll prob fall in love ....

Strap may be working ... Yay

This is the first pic where I actually think they are beginning to look tiny bit sexy hmmmmmm


I hope itchy doesn't mean stretch marks. What a journey. .... I've never been consumed by something like I was with boobs going through this process. :) ..... My friend would call and ask"what are you doing" my answer ; " looking at boobs" and this happened all month . Thank god I stayed at Kayla recovery house because the second day I could not get up . Lol I realize now just how much I use my arms and pec muscles!!

9 days out---

For the girls who are pre Surg.... I was so scared , anxious, excited . As long as you have a great surgeon, good support after , it's not as bad as we build it up to be. I would stress doing research, writing down your question, try sizers, have wish pictures etc. I went into this kind of blind /naive and I'm very blessed ,

Happy Mother's Day RSLadies

Hope you had an amazing day!!!!!!

Trust in your PS

11 day pics just to show that 457 cc can actually look normal under your clothes for the ladies who are scared to go above 400cc . I'm still wearing the strap and they still need to drop some but I am beginning to love them

More pics

Each day does get better.....

Thank god for Dr. Krau hands , years of experience and knowledge, Kayla recovery house -Dayomie, Mariella, Valerie.... This has been a beautiful journey.

It's interesting to read all the posts and see that quite a few are feeling, thinking, going through the exact emotion that you are-- from boob obsessions to ups /downs. Bless you all for sharing and supporting each other.

Thank you also to the PS who take time to answer our questions.

Before and after-

Still need to drop but ....

Yesterday's pics

It's trippy how they change everyday :)

Christmas everyday

Today while taking a shower I was thinking "wow this is like Christmas everyday!" . You take off your Jammie's to take a shower and boom .... New package :p

Side before /after


Hi RS gals!!!

Been a week or so since my last update. I don't know how some girls go back to work after four days . The surgery and recovery were easier than my first days back. I'm not sure if it's because I'm 50 and I expect to much of my body or??? Finally feeling normal(not bloated, sore, no energy) I was so exhausted after work my first few days.

More pics

More pictures- love arnica gel. It helped on my "back to work" days...... I'd joke with my friend " I have to lube my breast" ..... :)

Hi Real self gals

Implant card and update pic


I have to apologize because I feel I haven't shared my journey to the extent that it probably could help quite a few gals. I'll probably begin in short segments because there is so much to share . You go through so many phases and emotions - obsessed boob phase, ups , downs, decisions. I'll have to figure out how to cut the segments down so I don't bore you from reading and reading . Before I begin I just have to say ..... Dr Krau is my go to guy . Trust , communication, knowledge. I literally went into this blind and I'm so glad that I found Dr Krau. He will be doing my tummy tuck and few other areas I want . I trust him fully. So many of the girls know what profile, projection, hp, folds, etc etc . My returning to .work was harder than both the surgery and recovery . Surgery was easy because of Dr Krau expertise . Recovery was nice due to Kayla recovery house . Returning to work was hard for me . I'm not sure if it's my age(50) or that I'm just not used to what Surg does to zapping your strength. I just expect too much and get frustrated when I get tired :)


Every day is getting better. It's funny... My sites on my iPad Are Real self and Pinterest . Love you guys!!!

Shirt pic from few days ago

I like how shirts like this look on me .


My journey seemed to go pretty smooth from surgery through recovery. Only felt like pressure the first night, second day was a little harder . It's strange not being able to use your arms. I couldn't believe how much I actually use my pec muscles for tons and missed those little things . I did have my ups and down emotional days . So if you gain a little weight girls ... It's normal :) you will balance out through the month. The Surg went well, recovery well . My hard part was energy when returning to work . I had that achy workout feeling . Tylenol and arnica gel seemed to help that.

Hello RS , good morning !!!!!

Posting a few pics. I need to go shopping soon. My phone is still full of "boob" pictures!!! The girls are beginning to feel a part of me. I need to go to Miami for my one month post op soon . Then make an appt for Dr Krau to do my TT, arms , or maybe I need a lower body lift , any suggestions?

Pic didn't load

Picture from yesterday


Hi real self gals , I'll try to post pictures later today. I feel like the girls are more part of me now. Yesterday one of my friends said " I don't know what you did or are doing but you look spectacular" . ...sweet :)


I cleaned the bathroom today(tub) and don't like how my pec felt so I'm going to continue being a little princess with my arms. The last week I've actually been loving the girls more and more. Took me long enough!!! I liked how they looked naked but wasn't so sure about in clothes :) I'm so glad Dr Krau is so good at what he does. I feel like my boobs(implants) are now a part of me.
So.... Does anyone have any good advice on how to not bottom out and what support implants need? Is it better to wear athletic bras or ?

Today's pics - comfy 'boyfriend tee' - all pics taken today

Happy Saturday girls!!! I probably need to drop some still but.....

Pics- and prayers

Getting more beautiful .

I think I am getting stretch marks on them though
Also please say a prayer for my kids grandpa. , he is in icu


Loving them more and more everyday !!!!!

Hi girls

I'll update soon . Been crazy few weeks. Kids grandpa in icu and now in hospice . Then to top off the week my fav pendent fell off and is lost and I broke my toe .

Life is so short--- truly these few weeks have opened my eyes even more to just how important friends, family are. Thank you my real self gals for being you and sharing yourself on this site

Almost seven week pics

Hugs to all the real self girls . Xxxxooo

Comparison pic

Love them!!! They change so much daily that I have to look back and remember what I started with. Cuz I start being real hard on myself .... Too big, too small, dropped, not dropped on and on ... Then I look back and see --- dang they doooooo look really sexy :)

Happy Saturday!!

Hi girls. I'm trying to be happy because my kids grandpa passed away. My ex and the boys took him back to Puerto Rico to be buried next to his brother. This man was an angel. He would come summers even though we were divorced so he could watch the boys so I could work. So I'm going to take my boobs to the beach for the first time. I need to buy a new swim suit . :)

Thankful -- Angels and thinking back

I'm really grateful to this site, all the wonderful supportive ladies and amazing doctors. For my surgery no one could go so I jumped on a mega bus and took my stubborn tush to Miami :) . (Four hours away) I truly believe God puts angels in your path at times . Because I was ready to hole myself up in a hotel by myself for few days. (The coordinator recommended keyla and Dr Krau. I'm so glad. On my pre op I met Dr Krau . Knew the minute I met him THAT WAS IT..... My doc. After that, I could relax . ) Back to my story...... A few days ago a very strong woman told me "I'm so proud you got on that bus and went, that took a lot. I wish I could do something like that. I admire your strength for that" . That was literally the second time ever to Miami . Each time God put an angel in my path to make the journey a bit easier. They taught me about uber , encouraged me , I grew each time. What a journey..... I'm going to include Kayla recovery house info . She makes you feel like you have known her for years. Dayomie , Mariella, Roxanne, &'most importantly Dr Krau

Hi real self family!!!

Now to plan tummy:) I'll update with the Tata"s this week . I've decided to get rid of my cable too and just keep Internet .. Ha because I only am on real self , Pinterest and few others . I want to stay with my doc for tummy but some friends say stay close to home. I'll be taking a trip to Miami to talk to my doc , Dr Krau , That will be a good place to start . . I went out of town for four days and it was so refreshing . It help me slow down ....remember to be positive, appreciate myself , others . We went boating . Walking and to see a few islands . Life... Loving yourself, loving your family , being happy and healthy, being kind , positive influence to others, oops better get ready for work !! Have a great day!!

Two month pics

All is going well , feels part of me . I'll write more tonight , I wanted to add few pics

Hi girls!!

Sorry for the short update yesterday . I can't believe it's two months!! I still am being careful with my upper body until about three months . I'll go shopping soon so I can take bra and bikini pics :) . My twins seem to like the athletic bra up to now . I want to order Anna custom bra. I'll try to get a few more pictures tonight .


I wear two sports bra to work for some reason , guess I feel more supported and less nipple showing , have a great day ladies!! Took few views and how they look with the two sports bras


It is seriously crazy the amount of changes a pair of boobs can go through in this journey. :).

Happy healing to all you ladies who are on the other side and have a great day!!!

Three month pics

Hi girls!! Got a pedicure today and in conversation she was like...... "Oh my god you are 50??!! -I thought you were 35!" . Now back to the girls :) I really need to shop!! For some reason I'm nervous to go bra shopping . Maybe I should start with swim suit shopping . Hmmmmmm

Three months

Awwwwww you guys are so amazing !! I still haven't went bra shopping . I wear two sports bra for work - I'm not sure if it makes me feel the girls are nice and supported or........ They feel very natural and squishy at this point :) . It is unbelievable the changes they go through each month . I'm so glad I took pictures .


Hi real self friends. I'll try to take pictures in the next few days . Miss you all . !!! I adore my doc. . I haven't done an review yet because I haven't found the words to say how magnificent he is . ..........
On another note, do you ladies ever feel your pec muscles lift? Every time I do certain movements my pec muscles kind of pop up. I was just wondering when that stops.
It's amazing all the changes that a ba goes through...... I scroll back through my phone (cuz it's still all boobs) :) and it is amazing the changes each week!!

Ques for new girls

Don't go in blind, take wish pictures, ask a lot of questions, wear rice sizer so you can see the different sizers and projections. Communicate the look you are wanting to achieve- whether it's wanting to look better in clothes, bigger, etc . Make sure you go over if you "like or don't like" side boob, narrow, high profile, wider, Don"t go by "she is 375cc so I am same" Small tool but I've seen many my same size look different . Maybe more tissue???? Also ask of skin stretching , over sunsets....etc.... Pics soon

Four months


So I am four months. I still am on the fence - part of me is still trying to get used to them & the other part wants to go smaller and get a lift when I do the tummy tuck . I'm trying to love them but not fitting in certain clothes is discouraging . Any advise?

Four 1/2 month pics

Finally tried on bikini tops!! What do you think? Now to tan these babies .

Six month update/ reality/ jewelry

Hi girls, it's been awhile. ....hope everyone is good. For the new girls New to BA. Words of advice- ask ques, have more than one consult, make sure your communication is clear . Mine Look beautiful naked (in certain positions) if I lean over, nahhhhhhhh- can I put on ANY shirt like I used to? NO --so for me I need to of communicated differently possibly. Are they heavy? YES , --- bigger is not better!!! So when you read those posts saying "go bigger" .... Stop and think about it and ask smart ques. I'm not a shopper so I don't find it FUN to shop forever for a bra that finally fits or now have to wear certain clothes because it doesn't fit over my boobs when you are used to putting anything on and it falling nicely. That you NOW cannot wear a string bikini because they are so heavy it hurts. So these are a few reality. Do I love my doc? I adore him!!! He did a great job , he is an artist, I will give these babies a year and if I can't get used to them or feel they enhance my life then I am going smaller. We will see- I'm 99.9 sure that my doc will do my tummy tuck and arms(skin from losing 100lb) I trust and believe in him. Krau or Duran .

Another misconception-- you can exchange them out if your not happy--- sure you can but it will cost you another 3,000-5,000.

Now the positive side--- I do have boobs, they look better than flat eggs, they do compliment my shape if I wear the correct clothing . My bra is 32c34c kohls, yes I need to go bra shopping . I actually bought a 34c and my lovely Asian dry cleaner/Taylor made it smaller because I couldn't find a 32c and it was 40$!

Another positive--- they keep changing- my nipples used to be flat and large but now they look normal ????????????

Comparison pic

I'll make a comparison pic soon. I NEED to keep looking at the comparison picture because when I see the seven angles of flat egg like boobs I actually appreciate my boobs more and the "having to shop" and change my wardrobe etc irritates me less. Love you all!!!! Thank you for being encouraging when I'm down on myself. I'll try to see the positive of my BA .

On another note- for the girls needing a BA- I love my doc- KRAU is like no other. , skilled, patient..... Not enough key words to describe this man. Just know-- from the moment he marks you until months later- -you are NEVER alone- he is with you on the journey

Appreciating Beauty

As promised I uploaded a before and after. It seems tiny bit dark but you see a few of the angles. When I look at the differences I am amazed. So I am going to keep this pic in front of my face until I get over the irritation of having bigger. My doc did a beautiful job bless his hands... I'm hoping by the time I have my Tt and arms that it will all pull together and I'll really love it all .

Good eye Dr. Krau

This pic was few years before / then the after. Great job???? For the ladies who are getting under the muscle. It took about five months for my muscle release to begin feeling normal. ???? this journey is such a process but with DR KRAU it def was easier.

Prob go smaller

To be honest- most points to going smaller. I don't like being charged 3k more since its in first year but . I think they are beautiful, beautiful naked but not on me. I cannot get used to shirts and it sucks. I hate how shirts fit. I'll posts pics soon . I thoughts boobs make your clothes look better not worse.


It's been so long!!! I'll update pics soon . Hope everyone has been doing well. ????????????
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