24 Years Old 375cc HP Unders - Miami, FL

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I am currently 4 days post op. I always loved a...

I am currently 4 days post op. I always loved a nice pair of fake boobs but never thought about them for myself until earlier this year. Being who I am, as soon as I decided I want something I obsess until I get it and I make it happen as quickly as possible. I live in Toronto, Canada and the price for a good boob job here is 10k. I knew many girls who had great results going to Miami so I decided to find a dr over there. After much research I decided that Ary Krau was the right surgeon for me. His before and afters were great, and he also performed amazing revisions so I figured if he can fix botched ones he is definitely a skilled surgeon. Dr Krau has a private office where a boob job is more expensive, but he also operates once a week out of CG cosmetics (he is the lead surgeon) where they offer an excellent price. I have heard that you get what you pay for in terms of time spent coddling each patient and that CG is more of a boob factory, but I was interested in a good price and great surgeon without needing the extras.

Because I was coming from Canada I needed to be sure that he was the dr for me, no prior consultation. I could just base this on the reviews of others and before and afters. Luckily dr Krau has something like 250 reviews on here and his average is 5 stars, so I was able to decide on him with confidence. I had my pre op the day before surgery (Friday) and at the apt we just discussed my medical history, forms etc, and picked the size. I was able to meet dr Krau so that was helpful. I wanted a natural look and decided 375 would be the way to go. Dr Krau told me he was going to do high profile, which I was surprised about because I thought that would offer a fake look. He explained to me that profile isn't the determining factor on fake vs natural and that HP was simply what suit my body in terms of width. We also decided on the incision site- through the nipple (which I am so happy with)

The surgery itself was extremely easy for me. I have experienced little pain. Presently I have an extremely odd feeling on my chest and that's about it. It feels like I am wearing a cement bra, like I have two giant boulders on my chest. I am really looking forward to them settling in even a bit, they are currently feeling very foreign and strange. I know this requires patience. I am wearing a compression band most of the time and hopefully that will help them to drop and soften.

I will continue to update my review with photos as my results progress.


One week post op, here are my incisions. So happy I went through the nipple! My nipples have been crazy and constantly hard/facing down but that was expected and will probably conintue another week or so.


Feeling more normal than they were before, but still some numbness and definitely a lot of softening/dropping to do. Wanting this bruise to go away


Almost two weeks in, loving the incision progress.

Before and after two weeks

Here is another before and after. I still have so much dropping to do. I fee like the bottom of my boob has the same amount of volume as it did before and all the fullness is stuck up top. I am wearing the compression band as much as I can while at home but it is inconvenient for when out and about. Hopefully in another two weeks they will have dropped more significantly, based on reviews of others the one month mark seems to be when they start looking normal.


Wearing an underwire bra from vs with no padding. Starting to look normal in clothes with a low neckline.

3 weeks post

Getting better every day ! Inlove and can't wait for them to settle in more. Feeling slightly numb in left breast still but healing overall has been amazing for me. Starting to be slightly squishy and I can move them.


One month

Still a bit weird feeling to the touch but looking great and I'm inlove!

One month

More photos of my results at one month. Wearing a 34D bra. I want to buy more bras so badly but sometimes the size changes so I'm trying to be patient and wait another month. My left is dropping more slowly than my right.

5 weeks

It's been 5 weeks! Still a lot of dropping and settling to do which I know takes forever :( nipples are finally starting to get normal. As anyone can see I have huge nipples and they were even more insane for the first month, pointing downward most of the time and always kinda hard. My friend is actually getting hers done today in Miami and we were originally going together but I had to put mine earlier because of school. I was the one saying 375-400cc and she was saying that's too big and no more than 350cc, now that she is going she's getting 400cc! If they look bigger than mine il be pissed lol.

Forgot to mention

I worked out for the first time yesterday and it was great. I am avoiding anything that uses my chest muscles at all, so I just did elyptical and stretching. Probably the only other exercise I might do is squats. I can't do abs because that definitely hits the chest as well, so avoiding anything like that for another month for sure. As for sleeping I can sleep on my back and sides. I haven't had any doctors orders about how I can and can't sleep since the way my surgery was they kind of just send you off into the world lol no follow up. Although I could e-mail with questions il just do what feels comfy, so I am sleeping on my back and sides. I couldn't imagine sleeping on my stomach but I don't think I ever will again now I'm used to sleeping on back, because every other sleeping position apprently ages your face over time. Anyway here I am in a 34D Calvin Klein bra with no extra padding and underwire.

7 weeks

My 7 week results. Love them!

Almost 3 months

On December 10 I will be 3 months. I still feel there is a ways to go with healing. Incisions are very sensitive, breast is a lot squishier than a few weeks ago but I had very little skin prior and I think full squish and drop will take some time. Very happy with my results so far! I use a mix of shea butter and coconut oil, both raw and organic, on my incisions. Some days they look redder and some days lighter. Hoping for no scars!

4 months

Here are my 4 month old boobs. best decision ever ! if you are thinking about getting boobs, DO IT. just find a great surgeon and you will be fine. If you are in North America and are able to get to Miami and use Ary Krau, DO IT. There are other good surgeons out there of course but I am a huge advocate of his. The price I would have had to pay getting it in Toronto would be 10 grand Canadian, and by going to him I spent 3,500 American on the surgery which is about 5 grand Canadian. What a deal for a fantastic surgeon! Use CG cosmetics because that's where you get him cheap, not his private clinic.

Symastia- 6 months post

Recently I have been worried about developing symastia. This all started because two of my friends were making comments on the close spacing of my boobs (one of which has hers done and her gap is a bit wide). This started freaking me out so I have been thinking about it a lot. I then uploaded a photo to ask a doctor and I got a range of answers. It was a poorly lit photo and majority said no but one DR said I had the beginning of it? I wasn't expecting that so since then I haven't been feeling too great. Besides this I would honestly be thrilled with my results, but this concerns me and I obviously don't want them to change, although one doctor said its almost unheard of to get it after 6 months.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Krau is extremely knowledgable and professional. He is a very skilled plastic surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone. His before and afters speak for themselves.

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