Recovery and Possible Round 2

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I've been thinking.. I think I want my butt...

I've been thinking..

I think I want my butt bigger.
I know, I know.. I havent even fully recovered yet. But I've been looking at some of the other RS Dolls pics & my jaw almost hit the ground lol.
I'm just saying, You ladies have got it goin on ! Small waist, booty like a shelf

Idk.. I just want more projection :-/

Quick pics

Excuse my pubs lol
& my scarring :-/

BBL kit for future Dolls..

I know this kit is a bit on the expensive side, but it will be worth it in the end!

You may also need a unrinal..
But garments have a hole in the middle so you can pee. If you have good aim & can pee while standing (like me) lol, you wont really need a urinal.

Good luck Dolls <3

Ugh ..

This is probably TMI..
But I miss sex !
I haven't been able to cuddle up with my boyfriend for awhile. The frustration of not being able to be intimate is REAL. Lastnight I made him help me shower just so he could touch me LOL. This recovery period is hard.

Stage 2 garment suggestions and BBL pillow

Hello dolls <3
As I am approaching 2 weeks post op, I am ready to purchase my stage 2 garment. Also I need a BBL pillow so that I can drive in another week or so.

I am looking for a stage 2 garment that is comfortable because the one ive been wearing is not as snug as it used to be. Around my lower belly area it is very loose and thats where I need the most compression due to swelling and fluid.

If you dolls have any suggestions, please comment below and let me know !


Seroma & Compression

Okay Dolls..
I am starting to get a bit frustrated with recovery. I've been battling seroma fluid and trying to compress as tight as possible so that the fluid doesn't build back up.
I've also been taking arnica tablets for my swelling & they have dramatically reduced my swelling EVERYWHERE lol. I would highly suggest purchasing them for post op healing.


Booty Buddy

Hey dolls <3
Having a BBL seat is a must after having your procedure. We need it to assist us with sitting, driving, & ect. Copy and paste this link to your browser & order up !

Round 2 BBL

Hello again ladies,

Yes, I am getting another BBL soon. I am happy with my results, I just want to go bigger. It appears as though a lot of fat has reabsorbed. (I took all of my other pics down out of respect for my partner...However I need some feedback from you dolls so I'll post some pics back up :) :)

Miami Physician

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