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Hello. I put a deposit down for my surgery. I'll...


I put a deposit down for my surgery. I'll be seeing Dr. Miami on the Oct 11th 2017
18 months from now. I got a long time to go. I want my boobs done no matter what. But I'm still in question about getting a BBL done or not. I feel pretty fat right now. I'm wondering if I should try to lose all the weight I want first then see if I still want a BBL my BMI is 25.2 im 5'2" and 138 pounds and I feel soooo fat.
I want to lose 20 pounds really bad. I guess I can always gain before my surgery if I need to.

My butt straight on doesn't look so good. But when I'm bent over I LOVE the way my body is shaped. I don't want to lose my hips at all I just want a SUPER TINY WAIST. I almost don't even want my sides liposuctioned.

Plastic Surgery app wish pics

This plastic surgery all is the best! Wow! Really helped me visualize what I want. It's free it's called photo plastic if you want to use it!

Boobs Boobs Boobs

Here's my boobs. They are my biggest insecurity. I've worn the Victoria Bombshell bra my entire life. I just want my boobs to be as big as I fake them to be everyday. I think I will be getting a Peri Areola lift as well. I used to be about 60 pounds heavier, then I got really skinny. Now I'm back up 20 pounds from my smallest. My boobs are deflated at the top and I have those huge side bra buldges I can't stand. I won't wear tank tops because of it. I want that liposuctioned.

Going to wait for the doctors opionions. I want my breast pretty large. So I'm not sure if my skin will just inflate around the implant nicely or if I will need a Peri Areola lift. I've been thinking I would really like those gummy bear implants. Man I can't wait to get my boobs done. Will be nice to not have to fake big boobies anymore.

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No BBL for me?

Conflicted. I was told by a surgeon I respect that I didn't need a BBL and I look fine already. I was also told by two different surgeons I should gain weight for my BBL.
At 5'2" 135 pounds 29% body fat 24.6 BMI
I sincerely don't want to gain weight. I already feel so big. I wonder if my photos just make me look smaller. I wear my weight well I gain weight evenly and I have almost no internal body fat. I'm not in terrible shape. I would love a small waist and a bigger booty, but I'm also scared about lumps, unevenness or complications from a BBL.

Wondering if going through with a BBL would be worth it for me. I'm going to schedule some consultations with some surgeons in my area for their opinion. Maybe being able to see me in person will present a different outcome.

Do you think my photoshopped picture looks better? Would the small changes be worth it? Or do you think I should work out and be happy with what I have?

Met with a Dr in person.

Met with a doctor today. I told her I was surprised that I was told I was too skinny for a BBL. Well... She told me too I was too skinny for a BBL. Bummer. It's crazy to me because I have so much fat and I always see Drs doing BBL's on skinny women!

My surgeon told me I was fine and good to go. I think I'm just going to lose weight and then go in for Boob job and possibly a thigh lift if I need one. I used to be obese so I have a bit of lose skin but it might not be a problem when I lose the weight.
So at the Drs I got to try on some breast implants! These ones were 350 cc's the 400's I thought were too big on me.
I decided to go with round implants instead of teardrop. I'll probably go with some high profile implants too. Although the Dr. Couldn't tell me if the implants I tried on we're moderate profile or high profile.
Trying on the implants made me feel so good! Makes my waist feel super small.

Now I just can't wait for my surgery! :( I want it now!!!! ???????????? I have to wait another year though. It will be worth it but it's been such a long wait already.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Surgery Date For Sale. Anyone want to buy my surgery date October 11th 2017? The wait is usually two years.

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