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Sooooo it's getting very close to my surgery date...

Sooooo it's getting very close to my surgery date I chose Dr.Guarani in Miami he actually said I should try losing 10lbs so that's what I'm doing now on a journey to actually lose 15-20 before my surgery date anyone out there have any advice on where to stay and what I will need it will be helpful because right now I am nervous Nancy...


I got the courage to take picks still shooting to lose 15lbs I'm working hard surgery date is the 27th and I'm still fat as hell lol ????

Advice needed

Found a hotel but if anyone knows how I can get massages please share as well as any and all supplies needed so I can start ordering really soon... excited and nervous at the same time my sis is coming my husband and her husband are joining us so it's going to be a family affair lol

9 days til surgery

I am feeling so discouraged about this weight loss I wanted to at least lose 10lbs to show some effort I have been eating right and everything and it looks like I gained 1lb the nerve I am 184 and now I think my results are gonna be mediocre I mean I know I am heavy chested which accounts for a lot of my weight but geesh I really hope I have not wasted all of my money......

2 days before surgery

Soooo the day is approaching so fast I'm here in Miami the apartment I have is beautiful my sister is here with me and everything is going fine so far I think I have all my supplies but I am not going to post again until after surgery because I'm looking on here and getting nervous of the post surgery pain that everyone is talking about so on that note I will talk to you Dolls on the 28th hopefully
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