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Sooooo it's getting very close to my surgery date...

Sooooo it's getting very close to my surgery date I chose Dr.Guarani in Miami he actually said I should try losing 10lbs so that's what I'm doing now on a journey to actually lose 15-20 before my surgery date anyone out there have any advice on where to stay and what I will need it will be helpful because right now I am nervous Nancy...


I got the courage to take picks still shooting to lose 15lbs I'm working hard surgery date is the 27th and I'm still fat as hell lol ????

Advice needed

Found a hotel but if anyone knows how I can get massages please share as well as any and all supplies needed so I can start ordering really soon... excited and nervous at the same time my sis is coming my husband and her husband are joining us so it's going to be a family affair lol

9 days til surgery

I am feeling so discouraged about this weight loss I wanted to at least lose 10lbs to show some effort I have been eating right and everything and it looks like I gained 1lb the nerve I am 184 and now I think my results are gonna be mediocre I mean I know I am heavy chested which accounts for a lot of my weight but geesh I really hope I have not wasted all of my money......

2 days before surgery

Soooo the day is approaching so fast I'm here in Miami the apartment I have is beautiful my sister is here with me and everything is going fine so far I think I have all my supplies but I am not going to post again until after surgery because I'm looking on here and getting nervous of the post surgery pain that everyone is talking about so on that note I will talk to you Dolls on the 28th hopefully

Day of surgery

Hey Dolls My Day Has Arrived And I have all these nerves in me I never loss any weight not sure what to expect now just if everyone could say a little prayer for me I would appreciate it talk to you all later

1 day postoperative

Hi Dolls 1st day after surgery I feel okay actually had my first massage to drain out liquids not as bad as I thought so pain wise I can say that there's not a bunch for me more uncomfortable than anything and I have been staying ahead of the pain with the medication however when I met with Ghuarani I told him that I wanted to go more towards the conservative side and not so big and I'm around here looking like niki Minaj hopefully it's just the swelling I really hope so otherwise I'm gonna be pissed off.... we shall see

4 days post op

I had my second massage went better than I thought so glad I wasn't in so much pain but I did drain a lot in the front I am about to post pics the doctor said today he is ready proud of this work because I really needed a tummy tuck and he gave me curves still a little concerned about being so hippie but he tells me that I'm still really swollen so here goes my pics


Hey Dolls I'm heading home tomorrow wanted to know if anyone knew anywhere to receive massages in Chicago if so please let me know

Massages not so easy to find

Question to All my Dolls from Chicago has anyone found a massage therapist I have been having the hardest time and I really need them if anyone knows anybody please leave info thanks...


Question to all the Dolls when are you supposed to switch to the garment with the butt out and why

10 days post op

Omg this itching is driving me crazy I can't deal I have to rub so much Benadryl cream on these hips and this butt it's not even funny I am soooo uncomfortable that's probably the worst part of it all I hope I am not messing anything up in the process but not sure what else to do

28 days post op

Hey Dolls I haven't posted in a min because the recovery process is a duzy if I'm not itching everywhere I'm tired or something all in all I guess it hasn't been tooo bad but I wake up in the middle of the night every night because of the itching, however I do like what I am seeing thus far but I was trying to put on a bra for the first time and it was super tight not sure why if he took fat out shouldn't I be smaller just my thought if anybody knows the answer to why please let me know

29 days post op

Hey Dolls I am now almost 30 days post op and tomorrow Is the first day I can officially sit on my tail but I made it today due to an event I had to attend but I tell u this is uncomfortable my booty hurt when I'm rising from the seat ..... I wasn't ready

2 1/2 months post op

Hi Dolls I know I haven't been active in quite some time but just wanted to touch bases with my recovery I had ran into some uncomfortableness that was just unbearable it was itching to the 10th power and lower back stiffness but I started taking Zyrtec and felt much better but I was taking 1 every other day and even to this day still taking them however I was also concerned about my waist and stomach originally when I would take off my faja my waist and stomach looked snatched but now it's starting to look a Lil flabby is the reason because I haven't been wearing my faja all the time but it itches and is tight around the sides also it's the same one I've had from the doctor after the surgery. I had brought 2 from amazon but they are both 2 small here is some photos of me with clothes on taken recently with my faja
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