Mother of 2 Wants to Look Good for Her Self and Hubby - Miami, FL

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OK ladies I've been stalking this site for 3...

OK ladies I've been stalking this site for 3 months. After all the research I've decided on Dr. Ortega, I can't wait..many of Dr. O's girls look wonderful!! My deposit it down and I'm scheduled for March 6th ????yikes!! I'm trying to lose 15 lbs. Now to start getting ready for the big day... Can any of you ladies tell me what I'm going to need as far as (supplies)? I'll post pics soon.

Added a pic of sponge Bob

Yeez here is a pic wow I can't wait. Sponge Bob ain't got nothing on me!!lol well ladies im so ready for these few months to go by quick...

Scheduled with Dr. Ghurani

Finally able to make my deposit! Scheduled for Nov 15th yay I am so excited .... now to finally start losing some serious weight.

53 more days

Uhhh, we're do I begin lol I'm here drinking my herbal life shakes. Trying to lose 15lbs before surgery I really hope I can lose all this fat. Even than I'll still have enough to get my BBL.

Acrylic nails

Can any of you ladies tell me if I would have to take of the acrylic off my nails or would I be ok?

Cleared for surgery 10 more days!!

I'm so nerves I rescheduled this once and I'm not this time. I got cleared and in 10 days I'll be getting my surgery.. Here are my dreaded pictures I can't wait for my transformation...I need to know how many CC'S I should get?

Omg got my monthly

Seriously, this sucks I'm so worried my monthly decided to come early uhhhh! I'm so scared,worried,nervous but excited :)

Miami here I come

Heading down now. My nerves are getting the best of me but I pray all goes well. All my fellow dolls you are in my prayers.

Ouch I'm sore but made it through

So dolls today makes 2 days girls it's been rough but I see others dolls there walking around like they never had anything done. I've been sore the first day I leaked so much I started to get worried but had my massage and felt a bit better. Today I had my second massage and saw dr. Rami guhni he said I did great he put 1400 cc in each butt cheek I was like what!! He said I wasn't working with much lol he's cool I go home tomorrow after my last massage. BTW my surgery was scheduled for 10am on the 15th surgery actually took place at 4pm I was pissed but when it was my turn I appreciated he took his time. Recovery was awful the girl was like get up and dressed me while I was still out I shook so much from the aestheticia. Well that's all for now.

Booty pillow

Anyone has a booty pillow or a Mr miami pillow there selling? Please let me know if need one badly.

5days post op

It's been 5 days I'm in pain. I walk like I had back surgery my buns and entire torso burn. I'm not taking any vicodin cause they cause me to sleep and feel sick so tylenol it is. Please someone tell me this pain will go away. BTW my husband made me this chair lol its funny but I feel so good sitting upright even if it's for a few minutes. I go get a massage tomorrow I can't wait. My bruising is bad he must have done some aggressive lipo cause I'm all bruised up but at least I can use my arm now. I'll post pictures soon I'm just in to much pain (sore ( to take off this faja and give u guys a peek. For my soon to be dolls stay positive for some it's a breeze for others like me hell but I can see a difference even with all the swelling.

Pain in back of knees

Anyone experienced pain in the back of the knees? I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op please advise.
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