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OK ladies I've been stalking this site for 3...

OK ladies I've been stalking this site for 3 months. After all the research I've decided on Dr. Ortega, I can't wait..many of Dr. O's girls look wonderful!! My deposit it down and I'm scheduled for March 6th ????yikes!! I'm trying to lose 15 lbs. Now to start getting ready for the big day... Can any of you ladies tell me what I'm going to need as far as (supplies)? I'll post pics soon.

Added a pic of sponge Bob

Yeez here is a pic wow I can't wait. Sponge Bob ain't got nothing on me!!lol well ladies im so ready for these few months to go by quick...

Scheduled with Dr. Ghurani

Finally able to make my deposit! Scheduled for Nov 15th yay I am so excited .... now to finally start losing some serious weight.

53 more days

Uhhh, we're do I begin lol I'm here drinking my herbal life shakes. Trying to lose 15lbs before surgery I really hope I can lose all this fat. Even than I'll still have enough to get my BBL.

Acrylic nails

Can any of you ladies tell me if I would have to take of the acrylic off my nails or would I be ok?
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