Getting Hasanified in August - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies. I'm soon excited about my new body. My...

Hi ladies. I'm soon excited about my new body. My bbl is on the 12th of August. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've been on this page everyday, literally, I'm obsessed. I'm 5'9 weighing 140. I was told to gain about 10 pounds. I only gained 2 pounds so far. I already paid a deposit for housing at home away care. Has anybody stayed there? It was $950 for 5 days including staff I will need after surgery, like the garments etc. I thought it was a good deal. I'll keep you guys posted on my journey


I was told to gain more weight. I've been trying so hard. Do you guys think I can get good results with this weight?

Wish pic

I don't have much fat, so I don't expense a super huge donkey booty but I just want a beautiful shape with a sexy booty. My husband is super excited.

Recovery Home

Hey dolls. It's 12:51am. I just got back from Miami. I found this amazing recovery home, they have a special right now. I had to drive down to see it coz I don't want no surprises when I get there. The house is brand new, with amazing furniture. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Very clean. The lady, her name is Rosemary, ohhh, what a sweetheart. It is $950 for 5 nights, transportation to and from the airport, trips to the vanity before and after surgery, 3 massages and ----wait for it---, it comes with everything on the patient's supply list. I couldn't believe it. When I say everything, I mean everything. I will just bring my clothes and toothbrush, that's it. I'll post pics of the house.


Hi ladies. I have a quick decision to make. I have 2 kids, boy who's 3 and a girl who's 10 months old. My husband works out of town. I need to know how much time do you guys think I would need after the surgery before I can take care of my kids and do my normal daily routine. I have a friend who offered to stay with them for 2 weeks. Will that be enough? Do I need more time to recover? I need to decide if it's going to be 2 weeks or more so that the lady will request time off work.

Can you tell the difference?

Hi Dolls. I've been busy with my final exams, thank God that's over. I have gained just a little bit of weight. Can you guys tell the difference? I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. Everything is set and I'm ready to get my groove back.

I'm in Miami

Hey dolls. Its the day before my surgery. Rosemary picked me up at the airport. We got to the recovery home, which is beautiful. I just had breakfast before I go for my pre op appointment. This recovery home comes with everything you'll. I didn't buy anything. I just brought my clothes and toothbrush. I posted photos. Everything that I would need was ready for me when I arrived.

It is Time

I'm here ladies. I'm about to go in. I'm nervous but o trust God that He will be with me and everything will go well. I'll post pictures later. Cheers!

I made it

Woooo, I made it ladies. I am now Hasanified. When I woke up I was shivering. I was sooo cold for like 15 minutes. I'm doing great. They were really shocked. I thought I was going to be in so much pain but no, I can walk and fine. Rosemary picked me up with the nurse, I got to the house, I had soup than took some painkiller before I could feel any pain. She fed me the soup in bed and some Gatorade. Ladies, I have a bell next to my bed for when I need a nurse to take me to the bathroom since I told her I just wanted to relax by myself. As for Dr Hasan, he is so sweet. He came in, and asked me what I wanted and told me he will Hasanify me, which was funny. We started talking about my country blah blah blah. After the surgery he came back to check up on me and told me that he was proud of how he did my body, I look good. Hmmmm. Pictures coming in later. Let me watch a

Day after pics

I had my first massage today. It was a bit uncomfortable but I feel good now. I haven't been in any pain, thank God, just some stiffness which goes away after walking for 5-10 minutes. Here r the pics you'll.


Here are a few pictures I quickly took after taking a shower. I don't have my garment on.


Hey beautiful ladies. It's been a minute. I'm recovering very well. I don't have any pain or stiffness. I've been getting massages everyday, they help a lot, especially with the fluid. My body is amazing. My husband is going crazy. He follows me everywhere in the house, just looking at me. I feel so sexy and more confident.

2 weeks post op

Hi dolls. I'm still here. Rocking this body. I feel good. The secret to super fast healing is to get as many massages as we can. I know they are expensive but hey, we'll do our best. Oh, I think my left butt cheek is bigger than my right butt cheek. I don't know if it's still early to stress but I'll wait. I hope it's just a minor swelling that will go away. Here are a couple of pictures. I

So depressed

Guys. I can't stop crying. I regret doing this surgery. My butt cheeks are uneven. The left cheek is bigger than the right. Oh my God, you guy, I'm so depressed.

Uneven butt cheeks

1 month

Hey ladies. Ok, so it's been 1 month. The last time I posted, I was worried about my uneven butt cheeks. I posted a couple of pictures, please tell me if you see any difference on my butt. I feel good and thank you for all your comments. I feel so sexxxxxyyyy you'll.


Hello my sisters. I'm still here rocking this amazing body. Here are a few pictures. Cheers to fierceness!!!


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