BBL: Ready for a Life Changing Experience - Miami, FL

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Looking for other success stories with Dr. Blinski...

Looking for other success stories with Dr. Blinski. Currently scheduled for July 26, 2016. Starting my journey on here. Need help from other ladies because I am so scared. I originally wanted to stay close to home in Chicago, however there aren't any doctors who results compare to the doctors in Miami. I want an hour glass shape.


So I officially booked with Dr Blinski for August 19th. Im 5'3 180 and haven't seen many photos with him and larger women. Praying I am making the right choice and that he can deliver. I don't want a second round. Just natural curves

June person visit

Excited as its getting closer to meeting Dr. B in person for a meet n greet. Will keep everyone updated. Hoping there is a way for my surgery to get bumped to the end of July.

Labs done

Labs are in and I'm clear! So excited after seeing all the results on here. I was able to meet the Dr last month when I flew into Miami for 2 days. He is amazing and I know everything is going to be okay. Worried about going by myself but Dani at MiamiEscape assured me everything is going to be okay. Now the countdown until August 19th begins...

Im here at Miami Escape

Omg! Dani and her staff have been amazing. I have met some awesome girls who are amazing. Tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait 6am and Dr. B doesn't want you a minute late. Everyone here has been amazing and there is a girl here who is 3 days post op with him and looks amazing! You can see her on his Instagram.
Her body looks so good!! Welp, I will keep everyone posted with my progress.

Dr. Blinski is amazing!

Just wanted to show you how good Dr. Blinski is with his Patients. No blood and I am up and waking since coming back from
Surgery. I am stiff and sore but pain is at a 3/4. I haven't taken any major pain pill except when I arrived at Miami Escape. I have only been taking Tylenol PM. The little stain is coming from my drain.


I will post pictures later today of how I look.


If your staying at Miami Escape all you need is cash/credit for your massages, robe, slippers, toothbrush, arnica gel (massages) and large tshirts.
Don't bring a lot luggage because they have everything you need here already. I only brought a backpack. I brought some dresses because I will be leaving here Monday but won't go back home till Wednesday.


Hey everyone I have been battling an infection and not doing good health wise.. Still waiting to get my pictures from Dr. B office. Just wanted to update everyone.

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