A Prescription for a Successful Bbl - Miami, FL

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*Treatment results may vary

Ill not write about my experience until i finished...

ill not write about my experience until i finished three month
for a successful bbl :


  1. three month before you must be an active sports such as walking half an hour a day and do the sport for the lower back muscles to support the back while lying down after surgery on the abdomen.
  2. A healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins are good sources. ( 1 & 2 Will help to reduce the likelihood of infection and will stimulate circulation ).
  3. chose the right size of garment before the procedure (tow or three different size (I got stuck shoulders burns because the but me m size and the next day i change it to xxl).
  4. Buying all your needs, medicines, supplies and pillow before surgery (hard bed better lie down on the abdomen).

the important thing in this procedure is the surgeon

  1. Select a surgeon with a highly experienced (the process depends on the experience of more than knowledge and fame)
  2. Do not choose a surgeon just because he is close to you, you travele to the surgeon if you experience convinced ( i traveled more than 13000 miles )
  3. The most expensive does not mean better
  4. Be clear with your surgeon, ask him the largest possible size, even if you do not want the size of a large
  5. Most of the work operation complained of small size and it's not the desired result, so ask Dr the largest possible size and the availability of fat as
  6. Ask your doctor how much fat can transfer according to the preview of the body
  7. If he decides that he can not move more than 500 , For me I will not deal with him
  8. Do not be fooled by the pictures put some of the participants in the forum

Most pictures are taken immediately after the operation or during the surgery, and this result is given a real
Also, some people take pictures of the corners show the size of a large change

Should be compared to the images after more than three months on the procedure for judging the success of

1- The important thing is the untibiotic ,
Don’t take it with full stomach Do not take it on an empty stomach or full stomach , to ask your doctor
Timeliness of assessments for the taking anti-
Avoid certain foods that may reduce the effect of the antibiotic Ask your doctor
This is to ensure there is no inflammation, which is the most dangerous side effect of the process
The first four days will not be able to sleep continuously, so when you woke up from sleep, get up and walk for ten minutes, ( I did it about ten time aday ) starting the first day
You must be an aide to two days of the beginning of the discharge from the clinic
Use topical anti-constipation enema it will help you more of the drug and its effect faster and easier

What I wrote is my personal opinion and I'm not a doctor or a specialist, but I liked that you benefit from my personal experience

The equation is simple Of getting a good result...

The equation is simple
Of getting a good result will say worth it
It gets a bad result will say not worth it
The most important is to choose a good surgeon

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